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  1. S

    [Solved] Help. I need help with a script.

    Help! I need to get a script done by tonight. I'm in a school club where I have to make a video game. Well, anyway. I have to have 3 levels on my game. It's a game where to click on objects that fall from the sky and you get points. (Stored in a variable name your_score) So, I tried to make a...
  2. E

    Enemies when chasing player jitter and shake.

    When i make an enemy code that follows the player the enemy jitters for some reason. Nothing fixes the problem. Here's my code: spd = (point_distance(x,y,obj_player.x,obj_player.y)/100); move_towards_point(obj_player.x,obj_player.y,spd);
  3. J

    Windows Gamemaker studio 2 isn't working

    Hello, I need some help with trying to fix my gamemaker studio 2. I got the free trial version of gamemaker and have been making a game for a school project but I tried to go into my project in gamemaker yesterday and all it did was load for a bit (about three seconds) then nothing else would...
  4. S

    Windows How do i add movement easing?

    by movement easing i mean easing character movement, when i let go of the movement key, i want the character to slowly come to a halt, not just stop immediately. What I've been trying to do is putting a loop on the speed of the character multiplied by 0.8, slowly decreasing their speed...
  5. NimNom1234

    Trouble with attack animation (AGAIN!)

    Okay So another member of this forum helped me with my problem a day or two ago. I feel his instructions were helpful but i did something wrong. Im trying to get my character to play through his attack animation once at the press of the space bar. However, every time i press the space bar, he...
  6. John Bailey

    Variables Within Variables in GMS2

    Hello, I'm setting up some code in a parent event to permanently despawn objects in non-persistent rooms with. What i need to do in order for this to work is set the variable "counter" to whatever variable i input from instance creation code, but not what that variable is actually equal to...
  7. L

    Windows Create an object on click

    Hello, i'm kinda new to game maker and i wonder how you could create an object when you click and where your mouse is. thanks for your help
  8. G

    Having a problem with attacking code

    Hello ! first of all i want to just tell my problem and what it is . it's not really something i'm too familiar with but it's something i did just today and it works fine if you don't take into account the massive bug that happens . the bug is that when you attack , the character stops to attack...
  9. L

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Footstep Sound Help

    Hello People Of The Internet I Cant Figure Out How To Put A Walking Sound In My Game Without Sounding Like A Machine Gun On Steroids Can You Help Here Is My Movement Code. //Camera Movement With Mouse window_mouse_set(window_get_width() / 2, window_get_height() / 2); if (mouse_x < 640) {...
  10. L

    Help Please

    Hi I have created this "fake 3d" crawler " HERE " and would like to know how to make enemys like from doom, how would i go about doing this?, also because this version of a 3d crawler has no "mouse camera" movement and uses arrow keys to rotate 90 degrees, how do i make the enemy face me when at...
  11. B

    Trying to spawn and object, and then making it move to a certain point, and then move to an object.

    This is the code i've written now. { while (obj_LETTERS.x <= 800); { move_towards_point(800, obj_LETTERS.y, 5); } while (obj_LETTERS.x >=800); { move_towards_point(obj_doggo.x, obj_doggo.y, 5); } } where obj_LETTERS is the object that is moving from the left side of the screen, and obj_doggo...
  12. S

    How to make player sprite move? (GM2)

    I have the sprite, but when I run the game I can't move it around. I've seen people use a code page, but for the life of me I can't find it.
  13. K

    GML Can Someone Explain ds_lists To Me?

    Can Someone Explain ds_lists To Me? I Just Dont Understand Them
  14. T

    GML Help me please

    I have movement fully coded except for jump, I fly when I hold the button down can someone tell me coding to stop that please People are asking for code, it's in multiple parts. I'll separate the sections with bullets /// Initiate Variable if place_free(x,y+1) { gravity = 0.7...
  15. Just a game programmer

    GML Sprite subimage relating to text

    In my game I have a speech box, and the speech is controlled by a sprite (eg. the first sentence is sub-image 0 in the sprite, the 2nd is sub-image 1 etc...). When the player presses enter, the sprite moves on to the next sub-image. There is also a headBox object that shows the head of the...
  16. M

    Discussion GMS2 Wont let me do anything

    on Gamemaker studio 2 IDE v2.0.6.136 Runtime v2.0.6.93 I can't do anything after opening. The start page is blank none of the buttons from file to source control do anything but make a drop down. I can't click new project or anything. I tried reinstalling/deleting the files it doesn't...
  17. T

    I need help on licsense

    I finally installed the first Game Maker Studio but I don't have a license. I've already signed up prior to installing the program, meaning that I never got the license even though I could get a free one by registering. (But I don't want to register again...) What should I do?
  18. D

    Question - IDE Background all messed up when placing thru the sprite/object/stuff menu!

    Hopefully this is not a duplicate, but I could not find anything related to messed up backgrounds in this forum! Also, I had no idea what prefix to put... there was no "possible bug" one... Anyways, when I place a background thru the tab with all the sprites and stuff, it places PERFECTLY fine...
  19. D

    Question - IDE Unable to open ANY config file; pre-created (such as the "default") config or ones I made myself.

    Before anyone gets mad at me: I don't know how forums work! ALSO I know GMS2 is still pretty new (beta and release). ANOTHER ALSO I didn't know what prefix to choose, so don't get mad at me. Anyways, back to what I was posting for... When I TRY to open a config file in the configurations...
  20. A

    Testing parts of your game

    Hello all, This is my first post so please feel free to shame if I'm posting in the wrong section, but these ideas of a very story driven game have entered my mind and I got Game Maker Studio in the Humble bundle a couple months back and I want to make the game but have no idea how I'd go about...