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  1. NotKrixxppi

    GMS 2.3+ Using the position of the mouse to trigger an event.

    Hello everyone, I was looking for some assistance on a rather simple question, I was wondering if you could use the position of the mouse, to trigger an event. For one of my projects I would like to make it so whenever the player's cursor reaches a range of an (x, y,) coordinate that an event...
  2. B

    Initiating a player object animation contingent on the meeting of two other objects.

    I currently have a 'key object' in my room which, if it is in contact with another object, and the enter key is released, the room restarts. When the same conditions are met, but those two objects are not in contact when the enter key is released, the game moves to the next room. My player...
  3. Mishel

    Question - Code How to add video to GMS2?

    Не могу добавить видео в GMS 2. Что делать? Can't add video to GMS 2. What to do ?
  4. TreysterGames

    Graphics Sprite-Sheets

    this is just a question that I have. I've been trying to get into animating sprites, and seems the only way to do so is to upload a sprite sheet; is there a way for me to create one of those, because I don't have much experience with that process.
  5. K

    Help with Weird Bug: Pokemon Style Movement(SOLVED)

    Hey! So I'm new to Game maker and I'm having an issue. I followed a video and took notes as I went along yet, for some odd reason, my walking is really buggy. When I try to walk up, the camera instantly moves up and I can't walk at all. When I go down, I can only go so much until I get stuck...
  6. M

    GMS 2 Need Some help with a unique melee attack

    Im trying to make an attack where a spear move forward then backwards, aiming towards the mouse. the spear is a separate object to the player, it is meant to move towards the mouse then once it has move a set distance return back to the player similar to shaun spaulding's pokey poke melee...
  7. S

    new update problem

    i had GMS2 then i updated it but after i updated it and now it is extremely zoomed in like this \anyone know how to fix this?
  8. M

    GMS 2 Application surface size

    I noticed in the documentation for `surface_create` it is recommended that all surfaces be created with a size that is a power of 2. I am aware that the documentation specifically states all surfaces should follow this recommendation, however, does this apply to the sizing of the application...
  9. D

    Surface Error with Buffer

    So I'm trying to draw a surface, pretty simple really, but the surface does not draw and instead the output gives me the following message "Trying to set texture that is also bound as a depth buffer-bailing". I have not worked with buffers at all so I'm not sure how this is happening. Any...
  10. C

    All the enemies die when I kill one in the room. Pls help

    When I kill one of the enemies, all the enemies in the room die. How do I make the one I'm shooting die and not the others? Pls Help
  11. S

    Won't let me login.... Please Help

    I downloaded the trial version of Game Maker Studio 2, installed just fine. Issue is when I try to login it tells me there is no internet connection when I'm connected. I've tried reinstalling, restarting, etc... If you have have any ideas please help me out. By the way I am very new to...
  12. V

    Windows Asset Compile Issue with debug/run/clean up

    Sorry for making another post like this and I see other people have the same issue with this but when I follow their example and solutions, I still run into the same problem as from before or even worse from before. I tried putting %SystemRoot%\System32; on my system variable in path but it...
  13. A

    My glitchy character

    So, I am an inexperienced coder. My character keeps on moving weirdly. My problem in particular is that it keeps on teleporting whenever I use the arrow keys. Please help, thx :D. Here is the code, I do hope somebody could help me fix it.
  14. S

    A little help with making a point and click adventure

    Hi Everybody. I'm new to GMS2 and this forum and in search of useful guides or tutorials. I can find a lot of information on how to create platformers, but I want to create a point and click adventure game, but don't know how to start. I was wondering if I missed a tutorial on that subject or if...
  15. S

    Windows random background appearing before game starts

    When I start my project a background i had used before but decided to not use appears for roughly 5 seconds then my game starts, i have deleted the picture from my computer, the game maker project file, and all the backups i still i can't figure out whats causing it.
  16. O

    Need Help with my project

    hey i kinda need help with my project as i cant resize my sprites for my combat and make the combat animations go slower i also want to implement music that fades in and out whenever go in and out of battle if you could help please do
  17. T

    I need help on licsense

    I finally installed the first Game Maker Studio but I don't have a license. I've already signed up prior to installing the program, meaning that I never got the license even though I could get a free one by registering. (But I don't want to register again...) What should I do?
  18. H

    I need (A little) help.

    So I know a lot about code, literally more than DnD (Not kidding), but I wanted to know if I can place a global in a global. Here's what I'm trying but if there's a better method then let me know. if position_meeting(mouse_x,mouse_y,self) & mouse_check_button_released(mb_left) {...
  19. M

    Legacy GM Weird Issue

    Ok so here is my code var sh=(room_height/2)-floor(random(room_height/3)); sh=(sh/100)*100; var ah=sh; var dirt_level; var dirt_level2; var stone_level; var bedrock_level; var l; for(xx=0;xx<room_width;xx+=100) { z = floor(random(17)); if(z == 0)...
  20. M

    Could someone assist me with a Inventory system