help appreciated

  1. A

    [SOLVED] - Scr showing as Orange (not blue) and won't execute in event

    Hello. Thanks kindly in advance for anyone reading this, and especially if you can help. I did try searching forums for "script not executing" or "script won't work" etc... but couldn't find a previous thread that helped. So I decided I'd ask. Problem: Attempting to execute script in a...
  2. darijs1

    Major surface problem...

    basically my game is a top down 2d shooter. first i had made a simple room (map) from tiles. then later i added a day night cycle, which contains something related to drawing a surface (copy pased from tutorial). And finally i decided to add some blood and gore...aaand...see the picture for...
  3. S

    Specific Objects

    I am doing a project with raycasting, and I need to find a unique id of the object hit by a collision line is that possible? And, if so how?
  4. M

    A new problem XD, Help =(

    Yeah i know, i'm having a lot of problems lately but i'm assure you it's because i'm new at this scene so please help me. I got another error while building to android and i don't know how solve this one, i fixed the last error i already asked here but now this one i dont have any idea what to...
  5. A

    Very weird and interesting (X,Y) problem

    (click to get the bigger version or press here) (number in the left-up corner is the target location, middle one is X,Y of the red square, and the last one is the X,Y of the green square) So, the red square has a code which moves it towards a random location (which is constant 4,7 because I...
  6. I

    Text with sound

    how do you put sound with text, for example if I want to have a sound that played with each letter?
  7. Gamerev147

    Graphics Top Down Wall Sprite

    I've been needing to re-do my wall sprites in my top down shooter video game called Warcraze. I'm not very good at art (i have someone doing my art for me). Does anyone have an example of a top down wall sprite or even one that I can use? I need something to match my graphics now, so I've...
  8. M

    I need help with two things =D

    Hi First of all i wanna thank everybody that helped me in my first post here about use the alerts to creat a loop by time, helped me a lot and made the whole game making more easy. Now i want to ask two new questions and i hope you guys can help me. 1- I need to create only one line of...
  9. S

    Idea is it possible to make a RPG without the rpg yoyo engine?

    hello, im new to GameMaker and saw the RPG engine thing. was wondering is it possible to make a rpg without it, or is it a must need to make one. i have an idea for one but im new everything so may take time beforehand, [if im in wrong forum forgive me, also sorry about the prefix.... i got...
  10. P

    Need some help on sprite collision and animation.

    I was recently working and understanding on how to code movement and collision in GameMaker when I ran into an issue with one of my sprite/images being activated. Basically, if the players vertical speed is decreasing, it would activate a image of falling, but the problem is, when the player...
  11. C

    Game Maker Studio wont run game to play test

    After programming a few hit boxes and animations into my game, wanted to test to see if it worked. Went to run game, to see it not pop up but the compiler says it compiles fine. Bellow is what the compiler gives me when i "run" the game... wont pop up in the debugger mode either just gives me a...
  12. E

    Legacy GM Custom Fonts

    Hello! I was wondering I just downloaded and installed a new font to my computer. So I used it in my game. My question is will that font come with the game or will others have to fined it on the internet and install to play my game?
  13. R

    Legacy GM Switching between Idle and Walking

    Hello! I just joined and beggining to program my first game in GM! I'm a total noob soo... I need some help on switching between Idle and Walking animations for my player. I have seperate animations for when my character is walking up, down, left and right, and same goes for idle. I have...
  14. K

    Unable to set phy_bullet to true, please help!

    I keep getting these errors and I just don't know whats causing them. I'm new here to the forum and I hope I'm posting this in the correct location... thank you very much in advance! _________________________________________...
  15. A

    Legacy GM Adding hearts/ lifes in a game

    Inside of obj.player, step event: if global.current_score>49 { global.hearts+=1; global.current_score=0 } EXPLANATION This says that if my current score (coins) happens to be more than 49, then add 1 more life. The score will be reset to 0. And you will have to pick up 50 coins again to add...
  16. A

    Variables not working?

    Okay, I have one object with only Create and step event (it has also speed declared in create after the "testvar = 2;") Create event: testvar = 2; Step event: image_angle += testvar; "Variable not set before reading it" I redo step event: show_message(testvar); "2" after 5-7 times of pressing...
  17. JoltJab

    [solved] Help with object following mouse and collision

    Hey everyone! I'm a bit new here, hope this is the right spot for this (if not let me know and I'll fix it). In this 2D side scroller type of game, you have a crystal that's attached to your mouse. So here's what I'm trying to make: I want the crystal to follow the mouse, but when the mouse...