help appreciated

  1. Null-Z

    Introductory post

    Hello everyone of the forum, I'd like to use this post to ask for directions and initial tips as well as show off some of the sprite work I've done. so first off, I'd greatly appreciate some directions to good videos/pages for a beginner to learn the basics of Game maker. hotkeys and the such...
  2. T

    Get an object to change Sprite when clicked on

    I'm relatively new to game maker studio and I want to know how to get an object to change sprites when clicked on. I really appreciate any help I get :).
  3. D

    How would I do this?? could use some help

    So in the game i'm making the player can possess an enemy which I have manged to do. The only issue is how can I make the player possess just one enemy at a time? Here's the code, it's just if I take control of one it controls all of them. Is there a way to make each enemy react differently to...
  4. A

    Windows Very bizarre problem with arrays

    In a nutshell: My code contains an error that the game does not recognice as an error. (click to zoom)(original) In the first picture, I have the autofill function off. So I can with my left mousebutton write those cells, and change the color with wheel. [0 = none, 1 = black, 2 = gray, 3 =...
  5. A

    Windows Error with filenames

    Error! not allowing save with filename 'E:\Documents\Gamemaker\\datafiles\default.txt' Code that causes the error: var file1; file1 = file_text_open_read("E:\Documents\Gamemaker\\datafiles\default.txt")...
  6. W

    GMS 2 How do I add an enemy death if I have a sprite for it? (drag and drop version, GameMaker 2)

    I want my enemy death so when the enemy itself is destroyed, then my death sprite will replace it, and fade away to transparent (or 0) I also want it so that when the enemy dies, it scales the enemy death to be bigger. Help? Respond ASAP.
  7. L

    Need a little help

    First of all sorry for my english... I get this error whenever I try to push esc ############################################################################################ FATAL ERROR in action number 1 of Step Event0 for object obj_ktblue: Variable obj_ktblue.previous_room(100012...
  8. M

    Urgent help, animation + positioning problem ...

    I have a problem with instance_position, it's returning noone when there are objects in coordinates, please help! :( There are 10 sprites in total and are set by what's next to it, see code below: if x = (obj_sperm.x - 100) - (obj_control.view_wview[0]) or del = true {instance_destroy();} r...
  9. Roachant

    Legacy GM Building sprites in a selection box

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help me. I am doing a tycoon type game where the player Will be able to build a floor using sprites. I would like it so that the floor sprites would be built by using a selection box that the player would create themselves by holding down a mouse button and...
  10. A

    Discussion DX11 Minimum ??

    (sorry for my language i'm french :( ) Hey all, i saw the minimum config requiered for GMS2 and it's write "DX11 compliant graphics card". Does mean i really need a graphic card which DX11 for create a little 2D game ?? or can i run it on my NVIDIA Geforce 9800 GT ??
  11. E

    Windows (SOLVE)Try to do a on/off switch for flash lights help!!

    iwant to have flashlight with on and off switch. so hears my code: turn = false if keyboard_check_released(ord('F')) && turn = false { surface_set_target(surf); <--not important draw_set_color(c_black); <--not important draw_set_alpha(0.92); <--not important draw_rectangle(0, 0, room_width...
  12. T

    Windows I need help with enemy spawning

    I want to make a spawn systems that makes it to where, when a enemy dies, a timer starts ( lets say 10 seconds ) then the enemy will respawn. I couldnt figure it out, all the tutorials I could find on it is when ALL enemies die they respawn. But I want a respawn system sorta like World of...
  13. M

    Touching the object to make another one move

    Hi! I have an object that must be clicked with a touch so that the main object of the game can move, however I am having trouble doing this. Does anyone know the solution?
  14. M

    How make the background change its speed while certain conditions?

    Hi My game is almost done but something appeared to delay it a little. I want to make the background scroll vertically but with different speeds at different score conditions. How can i do that? ^_^ I know i have to use vspeed and if statement but i have no idea how organize this to work =o...
  15. Fabseven

    Legacy GM How to make a random ui ?

    Hello In my game there are some different phase each day like this : - build phase : can build building, repair, etc - event phase : many event - result phase : got ressource and see what was done this day The event phase could trigger somes differents things, i use irandom_range at the...
  16. R

    I'm trying to put multiple songs in my game with each playing at a different point but the music

    keeps stacking (playing at the same time). I'm using a specific object to play the music and here is my code if room=rm_title || room=rm_menu audio_play_sound(snd_titlemusic,0,1) else { audio_stop_sound(snd_titlemusic) } if instance_exists(obj_player) audio_play_sound(snd_music1,0,1) else...
  17. rosegoldphoenix

    3D [SOLVED] Problems drawing SURFACES in 3D

    Hey all, I've been fiddling around with GMS' 3D abilities lately. I've gotten the basics down and can create some neat looking little environments and whatnot. However, all of this is for implementation into a game project which makes heavy use of surface drawing. The problem is that every time...
  18. S

    3D 3D sprite NEED HELP

    Hi. This is my first time posting to the forums. Don't mind the health bar. I fixed that. (This is an early screenshot) anyway. The left torch is supposed to change lighting. it should animate in a way that would make the flame move around a little bit. I used the code from heart beast to get...
  19. S

    Pathfinding error till version 1.6.1657

    Hello everyone! I am struggling with a problem i can not solve on my own. Maybe someone of you with much more programming knowledge can help me out. I am programming a platformer Game. My pathfinding code give me an error. I figured out that all versions below 1.4.1567 does not have this...
  20. Y

    Collision for motion_set movement

    So I'm attempting to create virtual controls for a top-down shooter base engine that I'm working on based on a tutorial series I found, using a virtual "joypad" on my Android tablet screen to control the angle of the player's movement. I am avoiding from using solids as per the advice of several...