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  1. trentallain

    Legacy GM Help with an inventory that works like this

    I'm struggling to make an inventory that works like the one from Breath of the wild. I also can't find tutorials or anything that works the same way as this one...
  2. P

    GML [Help] Multiple Alarms not Working?

    I'm having trouble with setting up multiple alarms. Once I set up an alarm (Alarm 0) and another alarm ( Alarm 1), only the code in Alarm 0 runs, but the code in Alarm 1 does not run. In the step event: if (alarm[0] = -1) alarm = 100; timer = random_range(50,70); if (alarm[1] = -1) alarm = timer;
  3. D

    Could anyone help with this? it's driving me crazy

    So I have asked twice on here already but none of the answers has really helped at all. Is there a way to change if an objects solid or not and could someone please give me an example on how to, I have had people say yes you can with ___ but i'm not sure how to actually do it code wise so I need...
  4. N

    Newbie just starting(put this post where it needs to be)

    Hello everyone. I'm a newbie and just have started trying to use game maker recently. I completed a basic tutorial a couple days ago, but now I'm having a problem. I'll provide screenshots and detail my progress. This is a screen cap of a tutorial I used for trying to build the basis for a...
  5. M

    Could someone assist me with a Inventory system

  6. D

    How could I switch my custom view to another object??

    So in my game you can use a minion to scout ahead in a level but the trouble is I cant figure out how to make the view follow the other object. The player still exists while you take control of the minion too. Here's the code: if(!instance_exists(obj_minion)) { x+= (obj_player.x-x)/20...
  7. P

    Legacy GM Issues with the shooting in an arena-shooter

    Hey :) GM:S is pretty new to me and therefor I come across a lot of problems during my first little game. I solve most of my problems by searching either this forum or other sources related to GM:S but this time I just can't figure it out. My game is an arena-shooter-like game, you can...
  8. A

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] path_reverse function

    I've spent a couple of hours trying to understand what's wrong with path_reverse function or what's wrong with me ;) I've tested it on GMS1 and GMS2 with the same result. When I use path_reverse I wish only the nodes will change like 0...n -> n...0, but the problem is that the path change its...
  9. A

    phy_fixed_rotation error

    What do I do when this happens? ___________________________________________ ############################################################################################ FATAL ERROR in action number 1 of Create Event for object obj_lifeform_parent: Pop :: Execution Error - Variable set failed...
  10. D

    (Solved) I don't get what's going on with my collision code??

    As far as I can see my code's right (obviously there is an issue tho) it's probably something obvious but I'm like taring my hair out right now XD. The issue is when I try and move the object doesn't it's like it's not reading the x+= hspd part when I have the collision code wrote in. Could...
  11. D

    Don't really understand how to scale the view correctly

    So my room is 1280x720 and I changed the view in room size to 480x270 which is to zoomed, I need it more zoomed out but when I try any other size it just looks all distorted. Is there like any certain sizes that keep the overall image good like 480x270? Or could someone explain how I can work...
  12. D

    [HELP] Compile Errors in GM

    so I was learning todo multiplayer in gamemaker with this tutorial : but at the end of ep2 where it was time to rn the game this error apeared i'm using gm for a while now but this error never appeared, can someone pls help me?
  13. S

    GML Trying to index a variable which is not an array

    I'm still very new to Game Maker Studio, but there's a competition running at my school so I thought I'd give it a go. I'm trying to create a scoreboard for my endless runner; once you run out of lives, you're sent to the scoreboard and told to enter your name. I've had this error whenever I run...
  14. D

    (SOLVED) Anyone know if this is possible to do?

    Just wondering if there is a way to draw the actual distance between two objects when using the "point_distance" function. Is that something you could do in a draw event or something?
  15. E

    GML [SOLVED]Sprite Facing Direction

    I can't find anything to actually help me, I have all the movement sorted out and that but Icant find any code in which will change the player or sprite in the facing direction, so when I move left and right it will face the same direction. HELP This is the code for the step event so far its...
  16. D

    (SOLVED)Anyone have any idea how the hell this is happening???

    So in the game i'm making the player can take control of an enemy and walk around as the enemy it has took control of but I'm having this really weird bug where my enemy is running it's wander_state as it's running the controlled state, like how the hell is that even possible?? you take control...
  17. D

    Don't really wanna talk about this but I could use help

    So I have been learning game maker and GML for a while now and I have improved so much since I started and truly love what i'm doing and the whole learning process but one thing I really really suck at is maths, it's kinda embarrassing saying it, but i'm really bad (like super bad) school...
  18. R

    Legacy GM Trying to make enemy turn around when near ledge but all he does is shake

    if (place_meeting(x,y+vsp,obj_ground)) { while(!place_meeting(x,y+sign(vsp),obj_ground)) { y += sign(vsp) } if(fear) && !position_meeting(x+(sprite_width/2)*dir, y+(sprite_height/2)-18, obj_ground) { dir *= -1 } vsp=0 } vsp is my vertical speed and...
  19. M

    Code fail

    FATAL ERROR in action number 1 of Alarm Event for alarm 0 for object cont_enemy_spawn: Variable obj_enemy.collition(100018, -2147483648) not set before reading it. at gml_Object_cont_enemy_spawn_ObjAlarm0_1 (line 12) - until spawn_id.collition = 0 this is my create spawnRate =...
  20. F

    Nav Mesh for game maker 2

    So i'm using game maker 2 drag and drop and wondering if there is an easy way to make a nav mesh without programing.