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    Shaders Problem with shader not applying to GUI layer

    I am having an issue where I've managed to get this CRT filtered shader to work but it won't apply itself over my GUI layer. When I don't set its depth low it draws over the GUI layer and the GUI layer is gone. When I do set the depth low it appears behind the GUI layer and in front of...
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    How do I change an objects depth in GameMaker 2?

    I'm making an isometric game and I can't seem to figure out how to change the depth so the player can not be see behind an object but can be seen when standing in front of it. I use to do this in GameMaker 1 by just changing the depth of the player to -10 but I figure out where to even change...
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    Game Mechanics How to have a character pick up a weapon and use it?

    Hi, I've recently started working on games again. I wanted to make a 2D Platform shooter (sorta like Megaman.) I was wondering how I could make a weapon pickup object and then have it equip on the character to where they could wield it.
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    Could anyone help with this? running out of ideas here

    So basically I have a door system set up (code below) and I'm trying to make my player open and shut doors by pressing my "Interact key" but I cant seem to come up with a way to shut the door that actually works I have tried using a switch statement so the image_index only changes when the...
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    I'm not sure if this is possible but could someone help

    So I'm trying to make my enemy open and shut my door object, so basically as the enemy walks through the door open and once is has walked through, the door closes. This is pretty easy to do but I have multi pal doors in my levels so I'm using instance_place to get the id of the door the enemy is...
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    Need Some Good AI

    So I'm making a prison escape game that will be based around stealth. Right now im on the AI part, i need help to make it so the (officers)AI randomly move around the map and that they don't walk into walls, then I could just do the rest with the AI chasing the player myself.
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    I'm a beginner at programming, so how do I make enemies react to certain sprites (player attack spr)

    I'm a beginner at programming, so how do I make enemies react to certain sprites? (player attack sprites) Enemies react to the regular non-attacking character obj/sprite but I only want them to react to the attack sprites. Please help me by telling me the necessary and explaining what each...
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    I'm a Beginner At Programming, What Is Wrong With the Code?

    I'm a beginner at programming. What is wrong with the 4th line of code for an enemy shooting at my player, and how do I make the enemy stay still? (if it's moving, I have not been able to test my code) Please help a beginner, and in advance thank you. (I'm in version 1.4) Code: if...
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    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Help with enemy AI in a platformer

    Hi all, Currently using GMS2 to create a 2d platformer. I have found a way for the enemies to follow the player based on the players direction compared to the enemy using: var dir if (obj_player.x = x) dir = 0 if (obj_player.x < x) dir = -1 if (obj_player.x > x) dir = 1 if...
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     File won't load after update

    hey, so I signed up for the beta and got gm2. I was working on a file and then it updated, afterwards gm2 won't let me load the file but it will let me load other files that I was messing around with. right before the update I had accidentally moved the file to another location(I moved it back)...
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    (SOLVED)My screen goes black when I run any project in fullscreen

    I recently had to reinstall windows 10 and set up my computer again because I had a dying hardrive I managed to save the game i'm working on but for some reason now, when I run my game full screen my screen just goes black and I have no idea why. Everything is how it should be and it worked...
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    GMS 2 Platformer Help

    so I'm trying to make a platformer game and so far I got basic sprites and objects. the character doesn't go through the walls I can move left and right I have the animations down (but not in the game yet). I would just like to figure how to create gravity and have it work. if someone could help...
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    Why won't this instane create?

    So I've been messing around with random generation. And therefore I need a player spawning system that ensures the player is inside map boundaries.This is what I came up with. The game doesn't crash but the player is never created. Help?! if (instance_exists(obj_floor)) {...
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    Need Help with my project

    hey i kinda need help with my project as i cant resize my sprites for my combat and make the combat animations go slower i also want to implement music that fades in and out whenever go in and out of battle if you could help please do
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    How to get music to play after one ends? :SOLVED

    For a boss fight room I have the music in 2 parts, the intro and the actual song, and Im having trouble getting the actual song to play after the intro. Using the Drag and drop method.
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    Question - D&D Help with weapon

    I'm using D&D I've been trying to figure out how to make a sword for my player, I've watched all the YouTube videos and I just can't seem to figure it out. I've created the sprite created the animation (it is a separate object from my player) but how exactly would I get the sword into the game...
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    Legacy GM Help! How Can I show Item Progression??

    I am creating a 2D platform with GM v1.4. I want to be able to show that the obj_Character as picked up 1 out of 4 items within the game and changed this progression of how many items the player needs within the levels as they progress. I also want it so when the enemies collide with player that...
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    Animating Movement Problems

    Hey, I have some issues animating my characters movement, works fine when I press a key in whichever direction, my character animates as if he is running, and stops if no keys are pressed. Though when pressing A + D or W + S he keeps animating as if he is running. I will post my code in the...
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    Tile-based Lighting with Multiple Sources?

    Okay, so I put together a simple tile-based light system, using the mouse as a light source. My only problem is, I can't figure out how to create a second light source. The lighting is done with two code actions, one in the 'obj_controller' object's step event: var i,t...
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    (SOLVED)How can I make a bullet appear from the end of a gun when the gun can change angle??

    I have a system set up where you aim with the mouse but I can't figure out how to make the bullet spawn from what ever angle my gun is at. I need a way to some how check the angle the gun is so I can update the x and y potions for the bullet creation.