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  1. J

    GMS 2 Particles issue [SOLVED]

    So, I am pretty new with Game Maker, and I have been struggling with particle system recently. I did some bunch of code, and it seems to be working, but, for some reason, there are some issues with particles - first, they are not drawn on any light colors and second, they are being overlapped by...
  2. P

    Windows [HELP] Sprite index isn't working

    Hi i'm new to GameMaker and I don't understand why this code isn't working. I have sprites sPlayerPunchRight and sPlayerPunchLeft and an object oPlayer. In oPlayer there's a left pressed event that has this code in it. // Punching WhichPunch = random_range(1,2); if (WhichPunch == 1) {...
  3. Wahib Yousaf

    Help (looking for a decent RPG Tutorial)

    Hi, I’m Wahib. Like the heading of this thread says, I need help finding a decent RPG tutorial. The problem I’m finding is that there are several videos on ‘bits and bobs’, individual parts for making RPG games, on YouTube. But there are no full (complete-with all resources & no-bugs) Tutorial...
  4. J

    Need Help with Attacking Animation

    Hello everyone, I'm not totally sure if this belongs here, so please be gentle. I'm working on a metroidvania currently, but I am god awful at making sprites and animations. I've gotten around this like a lot of devs I've seen on Game Maker by using small resolutions for sprites. I'm currently...
  5. R

    I need help

    I'm currently very new to game maker on Mac and whenever i go to run my game in order to test it the yo yo program is unresponsive and i cannot test what I have so far for my game, I'm finding this to be very frustrating and I'm unable to find a solution that works for me so any and all help or...
  6. A

    Windows Need help programming Player Controls

    I am trying to make a player move around freely on the x and y axis (kinda Undertale style for reference) while also not moving through various objects like walls and platforms. I've got the X axis down but when I test the Y movement It doesn't work. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Here...
  7. T

    Windows Need help with randomly spawning objects

    Moderator Note: Topic moved here from wrong forum. ****************** Help i need help with my script with spawning trees my script is //spawning // world generation randomize(); for (i=0;i<amount_trees; i++) { xpos = random(room_width); ypos = random(room_height); if...
  8. B

    GMS 2 Sprite Character Changes Size When Moving in Room Editor

    I've been trying to add an enemy named Flygito, a small bug enemy. I decided to shrink her sprite down (Picture above) on the room editor, but when I start the game and her sprite started moving, Flygito's sprite size goes wrong. But her sprite remains the same when I use her default size (By...
  9. Gamerev147

    GMS 2 working_directory returns the wrong path?

    File saving has always been a pain for me in gms2... The other day I noticed that Game Maker Studio 2 creates temporary Z, Y, and X hard drives when I run my project. When I use "working_directory" to return where my game is being run, it returns a path from one of these temporary hard drives...
  10. T

    Windows Error in game maker studio 2 with particles!! (not code problem)

    Hi all, so I have been working on a project and added different particles systems, emmiters, etc. everything worked perfectly. But at some point particles stop showing up. I tough it would be a random error, restart GMS2 and particles came back. But the next time I open GMS2 I couldnt see them...
  11. E

    GMS 2 Small problem on the Space Rocks Tutorial GML for GMS2

    I just finished the game and it works perfectly but I have a little problem, when I start the game there is small squares inbetween and at the left of the text (, how do I fix that?
  12. S

    Trying to have a sprite change dependent on real time clock [Solved]

    I think I should preface this with the fact that I'm an artist by trade, and coding isn't a thing I do remotely often, so if I made a real dumb mistake, that's why. I have a sprite with 2 sub images, and I want it to show image 0 from 6am to 6pm, and then image 1 from 6pm to 6am. I couldn't...
  13. S

    GMS 2 [SOLVED]Async event not firing after loading audio group.

    Hi, I am new to the forums and I come here because I have a problem. No matter what I do, I cannot get the audio to work for my game. If it matters, I am on a Mac OS X. Here is my code: obj_mus > create event > audio_group_load(audiogroup_default); obj_mus > async Save/Load event >...
  14. L

    How to prevent an object from rotating after changing rooms?

    Hello! I have an issue with my project, i have an object that moves using physics, i made an event in "create" with the code "phy_fixed_rotation = true;" to avoid the object to rotate, but when the object warp into a different room the rotation is back. What should i do?
  15. R

    Windows Megaman X Game code help

    I'm trying to make a Megaman X Fan game, but i have no idea about how the code works. Can anybody help me figure out the secret, so i can make my game?
  16. Q

    Odd aiming

    Hello, GameMaker Community. I've come across an issue in my attempts to create something. I've been following a series of videos describing how to make a platformer game, (Here's the link to the video of interest for this post: ) Anyways, a large error is occurring with my code. Oddly enough, it...
  17. B

    GML Problems loading from ini file

    I'm not entirely sure why it doesn't work. So I've got a script that is supposed to load an ini file and then transfer some variables over to an object I have but it never seems to open the file. I want to use a variable name (since its a script for multiple different events) but that seems to...
  18. 7

    GMS 2 Enemy movement?

    We've already gotten some help but we can't figure out what is messing up our enemy movement. If someone would be willing to try and re-create our problem that would be so helpful Enemy Step event: //Movement from another forum user if (instance_exists(player_obj)) { var dis =...
  19. S

    GMS 2 How do I make my Object face the opposite way of my player

    Hey noob programmer here self teaching and I cant figure out how do you make an object face the opposite way of my player I don't know if I need to post any code here or not so if I do please say so! Thank you : ^)!
  20. S

    GMS 2 My script is not persistant

    So my script is attached to my player object and it changes sprite animations. for example my player runs unarmed and picks up a gun that gun has different animations with it and of course the player can not fire. But when I leave the room the animation is back to unarmed animations. Any advice...