help appreciated

  1. Plisken

    Question - Code Collision of stretched objects from room editor

    Hello. So there's this wierd glitch that seems to happen when I stretch objects (specifically walls/floors) horizontally within the room editor. Basically the collision seems to work fine, except for the part of the wall furthest to the right, where it seems like the collision mask falls short...
  2. FeliX Games

    I'm super confused about this and really need help!

    I have an object oController with: -> Create Event: /// @description player stats global.level = 1; global.exp = 0; global.exp_till_next_level = global.level * 10; global.player_hp = global.level + 100; global.player_dmg = global.level + 10; -> Step Event: /// @description control player stats...
  3. MasterOfTheYeetz

    Windows Black screen error

    so basically when I try to play my game, it doesn't give me any errors, it just opens to a black screen and doesn't do anything else. I have a deadline of today to finish and I don't know how 2 fix. HELP!!!
  4. B

    Initiating a player object animation contingent on the meeting of two other objects.

    I currently have a 'key object' in my room which, if it is in contact with another object, and the enter key is released, the room restarts. When the same conditions are met, but those two objects are not in contact when the enter key is released, the game moves to the next room. My player...
  5. T

    GMS 2.3+ Trying to copy RPG-stats from one array to another... help?

    Hello! I'm not always the best at wording things, so I apologize if this gets confusing. I've been reworking the battle system for my turn-based RPG, so that I can easily change the stats and appearance of different types of enemies. The way I've been trying to implement this is by storing all...
  6. ParkesCradly

    GMS 2.3+ Solved! :)

  7. I

    how to make a Agar By GMS2

    well, I try a lot of methods But the effect is poor。。。 The biggest problem is the impact of multiple balls I use the motion_add() , but there's going to be a crazy bounce between the balls Even though I've adjusted the details In the official game, the ball to ball is handled smoothly...
  8. kadinshino

    Windows What's actually happening behind the "background"

    So I'm 15 days into learning GML and I'm getting the hang of most things and reasons why things break. Until now. So I'm going through as much as my project as I can to clean up my code. I discovered that if I turn off the 'background layer' that is created with a basic room, something odd...
  9. TreysterGames

    GMS 2 PowerPoint Resolution Scenario

    So, when I was working my project I realized that one of my rooms rendered into the project at a very low resolution level, despite the fact that outside of GMS2, it has higher quality. I was kinda confused by this, I wasn't sure if it was because my friend made it in PowerPoint or if it has to...
  10. P

    GMS 2 Jump-through platforms

    Is there a simple way to code Jump-through platfroms? I followed this video: With no success. My code is completely different to his, I got it from this video: If someone could atleast point me in the right direction that would be great.
  11. Elfiawesome23

    Question - Code Trying to understand Gamemaker's Lan Project example

    Hello there, I was recently looking at Gamemaker's 1.4 Lan project demo and I wasn't really able to understand fully the purpose of this chunk of code This one is located at the async event /// Server network control var eventid = ds_map_find_value(async_load, "id"); if( server == eventid ){...
  12. mentalredux

    GML Assigning A Variable To Custom Speed

    Hello there. I currently have a bit of code that controls the playable character's speed and I like how it works. If the cursor is far away the object speeds up and gradually slows down as it reaches the cursor to simulate a running speed and walking speed. It is in a step event but I would like...
  13. T

    GML Is it possible to interpret midi-sequences as code?

    Hello, everybody. First time poster here, I apologize if I'm posting this on the wrong board, or something of the sort. I'm gonna try not to make this too complicated. I'm currently working on a project with rhythm game mechanics similar to the ones found in games like Guitar Hero. (Basically...
  14. K

    Help with Weird Bug: Pokemon Style Movement(SOLVED)

    Hey! So I'm new to Game maker and I'm having an issue. I followed a video and took notes as I went along yet, for some odd reason, my walking is really buggy. When I try to walk up, the camera instantly moves up and I can't walk at all. When I go down, I can only go so much until I get stuck...
  15. M

    Can't login to My YoYo Games account.

    So I am a GMS 1.4 user and unfortunately I Cannot get into the studio app or the yoyogames website. A couple of hours ago I tried to login through the app and received the message "User not Found". I tried different email addresses and different passwords that I may have used until I assumed I...
  16. C

    Simple Text Problem

    Hiya! <3 Still bit new to game maker, little slow. Followed Shaun Spaldings platformer video on Signposts. Everything is working just as it should. I'm using the string variable trick to make it easier to change later on. The only question I have is I am unsure how to make multiple pages...
  17. M

    Nearest Instance in Player Input Direction

    Howdy. I'm attempting to find the nearest instance of a spring object—from the current spring object that the player object is colliding with—in the direction of the player's input, and then move in that direction. I have statements to handle different player states (the code for the ascending...
  18. Rizlad

    Shader is out of bounds.

    The areas on screen outside the port view are having the shader be visible in them. Although it is sorta pretty I would like it to not. I thought about drawing a black surface outside of the ported view but thought I would ask my elders how best to proceed before chasing any rabbits down any...
  19. tibbycat

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Problem using ds map to save game.

    Hi, I'm still a newbie with programming but I'm trying to understand how to use data structures (ds maps specifically) to save where my player is in the platform game I'm making. I've been using @Pixelated_Pope's code from his DS Map Based Save System video which works perfectly for saving to...
  20. J

    GMS 2 Coupon codes system

    Does anyone know how I can set up a coupon codes system? Are there any good tutorials out there on this subject? What I intend to do is have codes that unlock certain skins / get free gems / etc. The code can only be used once (main importance). But if the code can also be used for a period of...