help a noob

  1. S

    newbie here

    Guys where should I start? I'm using gml 8.0 (I'm a student btw)
  2. Squirtle Plays

    Check if in air with Tile collision

    In the tutorial for animations the guy is using object collisions and he is checking if he's on the ground I need help figuring out that for tile collisions
  3. S

    GMS 2 Can't get joystick to move player.

    Hello and thank you for taking your time to help me on this one: So long story short. I have created virutal (oJoystick) that changes the direction of my (oPlayersShadow) object. Now depending on the direction that I pull my joystick to, the (oPlayersShadow) will change it's direction equally...
  4. A

    How do I get an object to point the same way as the object that created it?

    I want to create an "Aiming Line" that points at the player's position upon its creation, which then creates a projectile on the line that follows the same direction the line is pointing in, however since the player is obviously moving while the aiming line isn't (it only sets its direction once...
  5. A

    GMS 2 Help on changing a single instance of an object if there are more than one generated

    So I'm trying to make multiple objects(enemies) in my game spawn and when you shoot at them they flash to show that they are hit and fade back to their original state. My code works with one object however when I import two or more of the enemies all of them flash when I only hit one. This leads...
  6. Dropsuitcaptain

    Legacy GM Help with GUI

    So I'm trying to make a GUI where a sprite and a number pops up(with the amount of souls you have) but, I have no idea how I would do this. I thought that if global.souls += 1{ draw_sprite(sSoulGUI,0,1180,55); draw_set_font(fn_pixel); draw_text(1200,50,global.souls); //some kind of alarm to make...
  7. T

    Windows Need help with randomly spawning objects

    Moderator Note: Topic moved here from wrong forum. ****************** Help i need help with my script with spawning trees my script is //spawning // world generation randomize(); for (i=0;i<amount_trees; i++) { xpos = random(room_width); ypos = random(room_height); if...
  8. T

    Text is showing up weird?

    I took a pic of the problem below, theres a bunch of weird squares everywhere. Could someone help me out?
  9. T

    Where's the "Fonts" option???

    I'm using GameMaker Studio 2, and in the tutorial i'm watching, it shows a "fonts" option between scripts and timelines, yet I don't see it. I'm a noob still :p Actually, now that i'm looking at it, there more than one thing missing. I can't find shaders, sounds, or notes. It doesnt look like...
  10. T

    Choosing a random sprite?

    Hi, i've been trying to make it so that a random size asteroid is chosen after being created. Here's my code: however, when I try to play the game, all the asteroids are the same size. I'm a noob and started yesterday...
  11. T

    GMS 2 Starting out with GameMaker. . .

    So, a few years back, I had a slight bit of JavaScript coding experience with a tutorial on a separate program, and completely forgot everything I learned. I started doing drag and drop coding with websites like Scratch which involved no coding and was very appealing at the time. Now, I want to...
  12. Squirtle Plays

    Tile Collision not working

    So I need help with Tile collision I'm using Shaun Spalding's Tile collision code (since I'm not good at coding) and I have physics on for jumping and falling but my character is falling through the floor PS horizontal collision is working and this is my code for step var bbox_side; key_right...
  13. M

    GMS 2 [Please Help] Object Persistence Issues and Overlap Issues

    Hello! I'm fairly new to programming so try to bear with me I'm still learning... and yet I'm the lead programmer of a project in which we have to create an entire video game from scratch... needless to say I need some help. So the game is a top down, pixel rpg, and I have the player object on...
  14. M

    GMS 2 "Variable not set before reading it" error. Me very confused...

    Hello! I'm pretty new to programming, but I have this assignment that requires me to create a game from scratch. It's a top-down, pixel rpg. Anyways I have this warp block that warps the player to another room and then destroys itself when it collides with the player. Before, I had the command...
  15. H

    New and looking for a bit of help.

    Hey, looking for a bit of help with GML, I'm an artist so pretty new to coding and trying to learn. I'm just wondering if someone could either help with what I'm trying to do or point me in the right direction on what to look at on the game maker documentation? player - I need to make the...
  16. A

    GMS 2 (HELP) Movement problems

    I`m trying make a movement script that when your holding the mouse or touching the screen the object move straight towards that point then snap to the grid when released, but snaps to the grid before and does not move till I click another which isnt what i wanted if (global.mouseHeld){ //So...
  17. Dropsuitcaptain

    Legacy GM One way platform help

    I'm trying to make a one way platform but my code kind of prevents it in a weird way and I need help to fix that. I was trying to follow tutorials for this since I've never done it but, since the tutorials had different code than I did I ran into some issues. Player step event...
  18. SkullFantasyFortress!

    Windows Beat em up stack frame error

    So, I've been following a tutorial on how to build a basic beat em up game. I am currently stuck at the steps regarding attacking and movement, where I always receive this message upon testing. ___________________________________________...
  19. FlatulenzaFiamm

    Drag And Drop Lag when Sound Effect plays.

    DISCLAIMER: I'M USING GAME MAKER 8 Hey everyone, It's me, again. I basically finished my tech demo, and of course, even at the end I have problems... As the title says, when I play a sound effect, the entire game freezes for about 1 second and then makes the sound. That's pretty weird...
  20. S

    how do I use Gamemaker 8.1 variables

    so i have an hp variable for a player and in the create event I put relative so it wont reset the variables when I switch rooms but it says Unknown variable when i start the game.