help a noob

  1. M

    Legacy GM Problem that i can't solve

    Hi, im trying to make one thing on my game. I need that the user click on the button, after the button is pressed it will check if the global variable is higher than another one then will give an error if its true, if its false it will change room. I don't know what happen because it always go...

    HTML5 Posting my games on my own website

    Hi, i bought the WEB edition of GMM2. i would like to buy a domain and hopfully be able to post my games to friends etc, im not trying to become big, just an easy way for my friends to acces my games. i have basicly 0 skils in web development, but is there an easy way to post the games as HTML5...
  3. V

    Is this Game Design possible with GameMaker?

    Hello, I´m new here and I am looking for a possibility to develop an easy hands on prototype for my game idea. It´s a football manager and as I have no experience in coding I thought visual scripting would be nice. The thing is, a football manager consist basically of interaction with UI...
  4. Y


    i am new to game maker and i copied a youtube video about adding dialogue and text boxes but it keeps saying error. I dont know what it means or what to do. my code: //scr_text("Text",speed,x,y); txt = instance_create(argument2,argument3,obj_text); with (txt){ padding = 16; maxlength =...
  5. D

    How i make tranformations by clicking an specific key

    I want to do a transformation on my character with an animation in gamemaker 1
  6. U

    Resource load failure and resource are malformed

    Hello so the issue is one day i was working on my game and didn't save the latest object yet suddenly the power was off for a second (i don't know why the power was off) and when the power comeback my computer open window by itself and when i come and check back all of my resource is fine and...
  7. FlatulenzaFiamm

    Drag And Drop How does this resolution work?

    Hey everyone! It's been a while since I haven't created a thread on the site! :D This means, maybe, I became a better programmer... maybe... By the way, I have a little problem with the resolution of my game. For some reasons when I test my 1920x1080 resolution game, it shows itself cut and...
  8. T

    Having trouble with door objects

    Okay, I'm relatively new to programming so bare with me here. I was following heartbeast's tutorial on making a simple rpg, and am currently on ep.24(i think..?) I decided I wanted a grid system of rooms Link's Awakening DX style so I got to work trying to figure it out. I figured I could use...
  9. A

    Please Help!

    So Im making it to when my player is killed its supposed to destroy the instance, and then go to the next room, but im watching the hp reach 0 viewing the healthbar, and nothing is happening am i doing something wrong? if hp = 0 instance_destroy() room_goto(Death)
  10. A


    So, I have a game and I have the Healthbar of the player in the player object, and whenever the player gets killed, I dont want the healthbar to disappear, is there any way I can put the healthbar anywhere else? or just make it so it doesnt disappear in the player object?
  11. A

    Help [Solved]

    I am currently making a game where you are a player in a room full of plates, and you click to move, and im trying to make it so whenever you click on a plate you move to that plate, but for some reason whenever i move to one its just sticking to that one and not being able to move to a...
  12. K

    Windows Game doesn't run when I add a new object.

    Hello! This is my first GMS2 project, so be patient with me please! I have a problem when I add a new object to my room. It doesn't have any code, this is the only code I have in my program: It creates these tiles on a grid, and without the extra object everything works fine. Here's the...
  13. Z

    Help with Sliding collision

    Hi, can someone help me with a very basic sliding collision? I'm not a programmer so I'm having a lot of dificulties. I'm trying to create a collision code that I can put in the object that should be the collisor instead of the character object, in order to not have a piece of code for every...
  14. Legofootmassage

    Newbie Needs Help

    Greetings. I just downloaded GMS trial last night. I'm trying to create a digital version of a board game that I enjoy playing with my family, and I figured this would be a nice program to run it with. For some context, it's going to be a board game with up to 6 players, where piece movement is...
  15. A

    Tower Defense

    Im making a Tower Defense game, and I have everything setup, but i wanted to know how to delete a tower, so i click on the tower i want, and then place it, i need to make it so i can click it again after its been placed and place it into a garbage can type thing and have it get destroyed
  16. A


    So, i am making a tower defense game and i want to make it so whenever my mouse hovers over any tile that isnt the dirt path, a different tile replaces it. could anybody help me? i have 0 experience with tiles
  17. A

    Enemy Problems [SOLVED]

    So, I am trying to make it so everytime my player left clicks the enemy, it does damage, and thats working. except for the fact that everytime i click, it does damage to every enemy spawned, and im not sure how to fix that. if somebody could help please let me know!
  18. A

    Displaying Health

    so I am making a tower defense type game, and i have money and rounds displayed, but i cant find a way to display health, as in if the enemy reaches the end of the path it takes off health from the player. if somebody could explain how to make that work i would greatly appreciate it!
  19. P

    Can't open device manager

    I enabled developer mode and device portal, and have visual studio v14 installed, but somehow I can't even open up device manager, please help!
  20. P

    Need help finding problem in my code

    Hi, I'm trying to make a very simple game in which you pick up an object and deliver it to a NPC. My plan is to set a variable which is set to a specific number upon colliding with the pickup. Then when the player touches the NPC it checks for that number and gives a score if it matches...