help a noob

  1. R

    GMS 2 need help with collisions!

    So I'm totally new to Gamemaker, and I've been having issues with collisions. The code I'm currently using doesn't work because it causes the player to move slowly behind it (like friction) instead of actually colliding with the object. I don't want to use collision events because it makes the...
  2. ohdudehelpme

    SOLVED Help with url_open()

    Hello and sorry for my dumb question.... The thing is that i have a button, and when its clicked, opens a Facebook Page Link, and when I click the link, the browser adress looks like: %22http// Here´s the button code: if (mouse_check_button_pressed(mb_left)) {...
  3. DevilKap

    SOLVED The Game I'm making isn't successfully launching?

    When i press the "play" button on the UI, it compiles the game (at least I think it does) and then it just stops? Output Below:
  4. FlatulenzaFiamm

    How to load and unload resources in GameMaker 8.0

    Greetings people! I wanted to know if there is any way to avoid the default option of GameMaker in which all the game assets are always loaded at startup. This causes performance problems, usually leading to the classic "An error has occured" or sometimes even "Lack of memory". Sadly, I have...
  5. J

    GMS 2.3+ Is my graphics card good enough?

    I'm new to programming/coding, and am unsure whether my laptop's graphics card will handle any of the high-end graphics for GameMaker. My graphics card information is attached to this thread. I would appreciate it if I knew more about this, recommendations for better graphics cards, etc. I would...

    I need help with buffer_seek error

    I have been trying to fix this all day but I can't figure it out! Every time I hit enter on my create a server button on my game I get the following error ___________________________________________ ############################################################################################...
  7. F

    I need help, please.

    I'm making a flappy bird royale (¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ). I need that when i click the play button, it chooses between 2 numbers. If the number is 1, the game will start by day, if it is 2, it will be by night. I searched but found no good commands. I just need one that chooses between 2 numbers
  8. I

    GML How can i change the sprite angle of the enemy when he's falling (<3)

    So, i making a game plataform and my enemies can walk on objects and fall. However, I would like that while they were falling, change their angle (to be more realistic) and when it touches the ground again, stay with the same starting angle. This is the code i was using: //gravity system if...
  9. T

    Name not appearing on leaderboards?

    Hi, First time programmer, definite newbie, trying to make the most out of what little I learned at university :P I started making a game where you avoid things falling from the sky and, when you lose, you submit your score to the leaderboard. And yet, for some reason, my high-score table...
  10. LuisSLS

    GML How to make a transformation sequence? (Transform character into another)

    I want to transform the player character sprite (and object) to another one, like a character transformation sequence. But i dont find any tutorials related, can somebody help me please? Lets say i have a character, and if i press, for example: "Q", the character transformation animation start...
  11. G

    GMS 2 drawing action is not working.. please help!

    Hi guys I'm new to this tool and I'm making a inventory function. Here's my idea: 1. Click an object on screen 2. Destroy clicked object and draw sprite of clicked object at fixed space. My problem is drawing is not working.. I add event left mouse button pressed like this ...
  12. F

    Looking for help detecting specific collisions

    Hello there! I have recently gotten back into coding and have been relearning stuff as I go along. I felt comfortable enough that I started a pet project of mine. I am using gamemaker studio 2 in order to create a platform fighter game (much like Super Smash Bros Ultimate or Rivals of...
  13. JustEnix

    HELP: Create A Physics For My Game

    Hi, I'm new to game programming, so as you can guess, I hardly know how to encode what I want. What I'm looking for is a scarf that is attached to the player and moves with him with (like in Dead Cells). I'll appreciate any help.
  14. H

    SOLVED Screen suddenly shrinks when game restarts or room switches?

    My game is supposed to be in a 16:9 aspect ratio and 1920 by 1080 screen, but everytime I use the game_restart() function or switch to another room, my screen suddenly shrinks to the top left corner of my screen. Why is this and how can I fix this? Btw, I'm using pixelated pope's method for the...
  15. H

    SOLVED How do I create a simple random room generator?

    Currently in a 48 hour game jam, so I'm a bit in a rush to create a quick and simple room generator. I just need a 1920 by 1080 room generated, then random patches of collidable objects are littered over the room. I need there to be much more space then there is walls because the it's a bullet...
  16. I

    I want to create a Turn Based RPG game in Gamemaker 2

    Hello! I'm kind of new on this programming stuff. I started with GameMaker Studio 1, I did learn a lot of stuff but I got stuck because of my lack of knowledge in GML, so I gave up there. Some time later, I got kinda hyped up with GameMaker Studio 2 and this time, I had learnt much more than...
  17. R

    camera help

    hello, I have an interesting idea when it comes to the camera following the player, but I have no idea how to implement it. so, basically the player will be on one side of the screen such as this. and note the camera follows the player in this positions already. and what I would like to do is...
  18. A

    GML Can I use the same font with 2 different sizes in the draw gui?

    I searched on google and found no way to change the font size Help me pls, i'm noob xd
  19. A

    GML How do I stop my character for 1 second when it collides with an object?

    I wanted to stop my character for 1 second after it crashed into a wall. I've seen several videos of alarms but it's not working. Can someone help me? Sorry ... I'm new here and on Game Maker Studio 2 too xD
  20. S

    Bug that freezes my game

    I've recently changed the move code in my player. The animation code used to work fine, but now it's kinda... broken. I posted a video that shows exactly what's happening, as well as the code. To resume it, if the Player is between two walls, go to the left one, touch it and then look right, he...