help a noob

  1. conman06

    Doors to next level not working

    So, I'm working on a platformer. Each level has a door that leads to another room, and sometimes there are locked doors. The problem I'm confused about is why the door won't take me to the next room after the door has been unlocked. There is the object for a locked door (oDoorLocked), the key...
  2. A

    GMS 2.3+ how do i get my character to go to different rooms using instances?

    how do i get my character to go to different rooms using instances? or is it necessary to create 2 objects? I can't understand how instances work! Can someone help me? image: I want my character to touch the blue square with a cross and go to another room, but the object is the same. I'm new...
  3. not_the_fbi

    Question - Code help with "while"

    hi! i'm new to gamemaker and i might just have been an idiot here but in line 5 position 6 it says there is and unexpected symbol please help! if (place_meeting(x+hspd, y, obj_wall)) ( while (place_meeting(x+sign(hspd), y, obj_wall)) ( x+=sign(hspd); ) hspd = 0; ) x+=hspd;
  4. conman06

    Problems with Player colliding with more than one block.

    Ok, so I know that when the Player collides with oWall, it works. But, when I try to collide with oBlock, it does not work. My game just freezes up and I have to end task. :( very disappointing Here is the code for oPlayer (player) in Step: (btw vsp stands for vertical speed) //Vertical...
  5. mentalredux

    GML Assigning A Variable To Custom Speed

    Hello there. I currently have a bit of code that controls the playable character's speed and I like how it works. If the cursor is far away the object speeds up and gradually slows down as it reaches the cursor to simulate a running speed and walking speed. It is in a step event but I would like...
  6. mentalredux

    GML Move Towards Point and Collision

    Hello there, I'm working on making my first game and I need a little help. I have the playable character's movement working perfectly and now I am working on adding walls and other objects for the player to interact with. I am using a step function for movement and I'm not sure where to add the...
  7. M

    GMS 2 i need help (new user)

    Hi, I started using gamemaker just this night and I started watching the tutorial on making space rocks in DnD on the YoYo channel. I got to the third part called "Attacking & Collisions" and I had to make my ship fire bullets. here's the problem the bullets fire from one side only, and it's the...
  8. F

    GMS 2 Game freezing when changing rooms

    Hi I'm having trouble figuring out what's causing my game to freeze when I hit my o_transition object. My o_transition object only has a create event with "targetRoom = -1;" and each instance in a room of the object sets the room name as the value in the creation code. Here's my player code...
  9. K

    Help with Weird Bug: Pokemon Style Movement(SOLVED)

    Hey! So I'm new to Game maker and I'm having an issue. I followed a video and took notes as I went along yet, for some odd reason, my walking is really buggy. When I try to walk up, the camera instantly moves up and I can't walk at all. When I go down, I can only go so much until I get stuck...
  10. C

    Simple Text Problem

    Hiya! <3 Still bit new to game maker, little slow. Followed Shaun Spaldings platformer video on Signposts. Everything is working just as it should. I'm using the string variable trick to make it easier to change later on. The only question I have is I am unsure how to make multiple pages...
  11. ryan821

    SOLVED Problem when making a battle system.

    Hi, I am a new GameMaker user and I am trying to make a project that simulates battle system like undertake. The concept is when I hit enter, the battle begins. Three circles will pop up and fly up. This is the code for the circle: Create: flight_speed = 5; dir = undefined; alarm[0] =...
  12. M

    Shooting a chain

    This will be hard to explain but ill do my best. I am trying to make my character shoot 3 chain projectiles. They dont need to stick they just need to do damage and disappear after a set amount of distance. Explanation: (The image order is not right so i numbered them) I already have a code...
  13. FlatulenzaFiamm

    Drag And Drop How to make my sprites and animations less impactful as possible on my games performance?

    Hello everybody! It's been a long time since my last "OMG PLEASE H4LP MEEE" thread, just because during the past years I gained more experience using this program. Sadly, I'm not even close from being an average programmer, so I came here to ask for some help, again. My main problem has always...
  14. C

    GMS 2 The bullet with particles needs to be destroyed to appear particles in another one

    I have a little problem, when i shoot it appears the particles, then i shoot again and it doesn't do with the another bullet, apparently it requires to the other bullet be destroyed to appear in the next bullet This is what i did in the creation code part_system = part_system_create()...
  15. J

    SOLVED Need help with current ladder code - all assistance appreciated

    I'm trying to do some basic ladder code without state (since I'm not very good writing them) and below is what I have (scroll to the end of second code posted). While the current ladder code works my problem is the player 1) keeps bouncing on top of the ladder once they reach the top----bouncing...
  16. S

    Fake 3D world any help?

    So, my goal is it to make a game that looks kind of like octopath traveler or papermario. Is there a way to use a 3d World with 2d tiles and 2d objects like the one on the picture? Also i want the camera position to be the same. Any help?
  17. S

    Code keeps saying nested functions are not allowed

    Hey, I'm very new to coding and as of right now I am following a tutorial on game making to get started. I copied the same exact same code that the person in the tutorial wrote, but for some reason it keeps saying there is something wrong. I tried to change it a few times and write it in a...
  18. DDgolem

    Unable to find any instance for object index '0' name 'Rover_BODY

    This is the full error ___________________________________________ ############################################################################################ FATAL ERROR in action number 1 of Step Event0 for object Fuel: Unable to find any instance for object index '0' name 'Rover_BODY'...
  19. B

    Windows [Edit I solvd my problem]I need a to put a animation and cancel?

    How I sey i need this and the solidblock isa box.Normely when the Player hit this block he becam the wappon and the box explod and disappear, put I hit the box he give me the gun and he make the sound and he disappear but the animation dont com PLEAS HELP!
  20. BenSunhoof

    SOLVED Spawning an endless line of objects moving outside the room borders

    I'd like to create an endless line of rock objects that create an illusion of a moving floor. This is what it's supposed to look like, only the rocks should stretch throughout the duration of the run. I have two separate objects: obj_rocks for the rock itself and obj_rocks_create for the...