help a noob

  1. Mr. SadGhost

    GML can't figure out this if statement

    Hey guys I'm a real beginner when it goes to coding, so this is pretty difficult for me, and I do need some help. SO the idea is: that I want to make a panel that when it's clicked that it pops open(goes to the other sprite) and when clicked again that it becomes small again(goes back to the...
  2. S

    Auto Calculated Combat how to?

    Hi dear community, I'm trying to find or create my self but without success a Auto Battle System. where player have 1320 Unity's and enemy 1180. To calculate who is winner in this battle? Or trying to make Battle in 3 waves lets say, with 900 Unity's, but slashed on 3 Army's every wave...
  3. C

    Programming noob needs small help

    I am currently going through the Yoyo Games Little Town tutorial and I'm stuck on a video of Little Town Session 02 on the fifth episode (Keeping the Player in Bounds) I follow the directions exactly but the magenta barrier isn't transparent when I launch the game. I can clearly see them. Can...
  4. A

    How do I change sprite animations after picking up a weapon?

    Hello everyone, I have imported a sprite sheet featuring my character running with a weapon. I was hoping to use this animation after the player picks up the weapon object. However, I'm unsure about how to insert the animation into the code. I know it has to take the form of an if statement...
  5. UEG_Productions

    Help with parallax clouds

    I have set up a simple parallax system with the following: if (layer_exists("Mountains_BG_1")) { layer_x("Mountains_BG_1",cam_x * 0.8); } I do this for multiple layers. I have clouds that are a background layer that uses horizontal speed (in the room editor) to move. I wanted to have the...
  6. R

    Help plz

    hello, I want to make a code that makes the system automatically decide one of those objects that I put in the parentheses of choose when the animation ends, but the system always chooses the same sequence of numbers. if I close and open the game, it gives 5, if I just reset the room it gives...
  7. André Luiz

    GML i Need help with menu

    Okay..., I’m Brazilian and I’m just typing in English thanks to the Google translator, so don’t be surprised if there’s something weird written, continuing, I was following a tutorial to make a menu, it seemed very simple and functional, (I'll leave the link at the end), but when I finally...
  8. R

    Help plz!!!

    i want to make a game that restarts the pc, there is any code that can do it?
  9. A

    SOLVED I need assistance with Save File Directory

    I want to be able to save my game's files in a custom location instead of placing it in the default: Local App Data So far, I learned to create a directory using this code, though I have not tested it yet. I assume this would create a folder in the same location where the executable file is...
  10. R


    I want to make a system for buttons that when you press them you have 5 seconds until it returns to normal //create event timerpressed = false //alarm0 event timerpressed = false //step event if place_meeting (x,y,obj_player){ timerpressed = true alarm[0] = 300; } if timerpressed =...
  11. R

    help plz

    I want to make a system for buttons that when you press them you have 5 seconds until it returns to normal //create event timerpressed = false //alarm0 event timerpressed = false //step event if place_meeting (x,y,obj_player){ timerpressed = true } if timerpressed = false{...
  12. R

    please help

    well, I was trying to make a system that when you're colliding with the obj_mosca{ eat = true } ,and when it's not{ eat = false } and when eat = true and the keyboard_check (vk_space) { instance_destroy (); } but even if the player is not colliding, when pressing space the obj_mosca is...
  13. C

    Help with collision system

    Ok, so this is a bit of an advanced request for me, but I feel like I'm on the verge of a solution. I'm trying to make a collision system for my game, but I don't want a basic "if player were to move into collision, don't" type system because it doesn't fully work with what I'm trying to do. At...
  14. itarkytec

    Windows Need help making a string

    Hola comunidad, estoy necesitando un poco de ayuda, agradecería que las respuestas a este post estén preferiblemente en español, aunque si es de ayuda no me molestaría en recibirla de todas maneras. Contexto: estoy intentando hacer un cuadro de texto que solo acepte números como entrada...
  15. P

    GMS 2.3+ [SOLVED] Audio not playing in Breakthrough tutorial Game (please help)

    Hello, I'm relatively new to game development and Game maker studio 2. I was recently following the tutorial of FriendlyCosmonaut for the game called "Breakthrough" in GML. I got my sound assets from downloading it from the tutorial. The game should play a sound when a collision is detected or...
  16. T

    Giving a colliding object your variable value.

    I have a game which has the main character (a light bulb boy) interacting with several intractable electric objects. The electric objects have two main "states" (though no real state system has been implemented yet), where they are either turned on or off as indicated by sprites. I have a system...
  17. F

    GML Board Game Movement System

    Hi, I recently got GMS2 on Christmas and have been following a couple of tutorials (probably not enough) and now I want to try making something on my own. My problem is with anything I've coded I always have trouble knowing where to start. I really want to make a board game like Mario Party/100%...
  18. MasterOfTheYeetz

    GML my jump doesnt work

    so basically when I jump my character never comes down ): no hate plz , and don't bully me for being a noob. code: (all in a google doc) plz helpful comments.
  19. MasterOfTheYeetz

    Windows Black screen error

    so basically when I try to play my game, it doesn't give me any errors, it just opens to a black screen and doesn't do anything else. I have a deadline of today to finish and I don't know how 2 fix. HELP!!!
  20. x79514_lol

    Windows Errors happen when I try and play my game.

    so basically when I run my game I get an error message and I don't know how to fix it. HELP PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a deadline of tomorrow for my game! (BTW i was using a youtube guide by gravityshift games for making the chrome dinosaur game.) V v...