help a newcomer

  1. T

    If statement causing errors

    Hello, I am very new to Game Maker and I need some help understanding why this line isn't working and thought this forum could help me resolve the problem I'm pretty sure its saying there's a problem with line 14, but I'm still not sure.
  2. L

    Unsure of what I am doing wrong

    so I am trying to make an RTS and am trying to create a function for movement I have a controller for my mouse and variables for both the x and y of the unit and all of the parameters of the function which i pass into the function I have written a code which I thought would work but now I am...
  3. hitch55

    SOLVED Help with selecting objects for a minigame

    Hi, I'm trying to make a minigame within my game and am wondering how to get starting with selecting things. Below you'll see my coffee machine. It has a milk jug, steam nob, espresso buttons, mugs etc. What I'd like to do is have a box that surrounds the object that is currently selected...
  4. IceTray

    GMS 2 Bar fills when mashing button but when you stop it slowly decreases

    I don't have much coding experience besides a bit of drag and drop but I was wondering how I would go about making this happen. Basically, the player character is asleep and to wake up I want them to have to mash a button repeatedly to fill up some sort of bar and when the bar is full they wake...
  5. IceTray

    GMS 2 Asteroids in my space shooter are sticking together.

    I have been following a youtube tutorial called "My First Game" to make a space shooter in drag and drop. I decided it would be cool to have the asteroids bounce off each other when they come in contact so I made a collision event on the obj_asteroid with a set direction variable that changes...
  6. FrostyTBB

    GML How to get a sprite to play it's full animation before switching

    Hello! For a few days now I've trying to set up an animation to play when I press the space bar, and I want it to go through the full animation. However, It usually only plays for one or two frames before being overwritten by the idle or movement sprites, when I'd like for it to stay there for...
  7. Q

    How To Add Timed Attack (Friday Night Funkin Gameplay)

    Trying to set up a game like Friday Night Funkin where the main gameplay is the arrow keys to the music. How do I set up in the game maker studio where you earn a certain amount of points when you time the correct arrow? Also how to have it decrease points if missed. I would appreciate the...
  8. FeliX Games

    I'm super confused about this and really need help!

    I have an object oController with: -> Create Event: /// @description player stats global.level = 1; global.exp = 0; global.exp_till_next_level = global.level * 10; global.player_hp = global.level + 100; global.player_dmg = global.level + 10; -> Step Event: /// @description control player stats...
  9. TechBoy397

    GMS 2.3+ Confused on what to do next - Variable Index [3] out of range [3]

    I've been wanting to make a splitscreen game with controllers for a while so I finally took it up with gms2. This is my first legitimate game I've wanted to make and I've been watching tutorials on what to do. I've come into a roadblock though trying to do my own thing.. here's the error...
  10. B

    DND Platformer Tutorial Bug

    Hi, I'm new here so bear with me. I'm doing the DND platformer tutorial and on the first video i get a bug that doesn't allow the game to run. In the description of the video on youtube he mentions stuff has changed with 2.3, so now you have to add a new "declare new function code block" but i'm...
  11. V

    How to make a Rocket League 2D

    I wanted to make a drive ahead sport style game but for PC to play with friends and I could not do the physics of the jump that when it falls, it is rotated to 0 degrees (initial position) I am new to this. Can you help me with the code?
  12. R

    Help plz!!!

    i want to make a game that restarts the pc, there is any code that can do it?
  13. W

    SOLVED GMS2 doesn't show objects when placed in a room and tested

    Just like the title says, for whatever reason, I can't get my objects to be visible like they are, in the tutorial. I've followed every step, made the sprites, assigned them to objects, and then dropped them into the default room. The "Visible" box is ticked in the Object settings, and the...