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  1. S

    Help me pls

    Hello, I just started on gms and every time I want to try to launch my project to try it puts me a black screen I don't know how to fix the beug if someone knows how thank you for answering ^^
  2. S

    HTML5 Issues with HTML5 platform

    Hi there! I have been working on my project for a few weeks now, and only just got access to the HTML5 platform. When I went to test my game, which has previously worked on the "test" platform, it functioned perfectly, but when attempting to test it on HTML5 it becomes distorted/corrupted. Any...
  3. M

    Projectile moving with player and other questions.

    hello, im fairly new to game maker. and learning slowly through crating a megaman/cavestory inspired platform shooter. currently, I'm struggling with directional shooting controls. most movement controls seem to be working ok but ill provide all the code for the player and bullet(called...
  4. G

    Help With Fire Jump

    Hello Game maker community. I'm farely new to the program and while most has been going smoothly I've encountered a problem with the fire jump demo. It outputs this when launching: ___________________________________________...
  5. R

    Turn based rpg

    Hi New to game making and decided to make a turn based RPG. I managed to get the hero moving in the room and now I was wondering that what would be the best way to make an encounter, put stats and so on.(Hero's will be on the left mobs on the right). Any tips and advice I'm grateful for.
  6. L

    how to make a animation play once

    yes hello idk if im plain stupid ive been looking around for hours for this answer and its really simple i want to press a button like E when i press the button my objects sprite play the animation once and then stop and go back to normal just once anyone can help?
  7. C

    Need help in creating a "element mixing" system

    I am creating a game where player have two "slots" for 2 different elements (e.g Fire, Air, Water,..) Then, depending on which elements, are in these slots, player can use a mix of the elements. For example if player have fire and water elements in slots, he can use steam element. (By use I mean...
  8. Y

    i don't know how to fix this plz help me

    when i try to run any project it gives me this Eror i don't know how to fix it this is the the eror it comes from the output " "cmd" /c subst Z: "C:\Users\Yussif\AppData\Roaming\GameMakerStudio2\Cache\GMS2CACHE" elapsed time 00:00:00.2851125s for command "cmd" /c subst Z...
  9. R

    Help plz!!!

    i want to make a game that restarts the pc, there is any code that can do it?
  10. R


    I want to make a system for buttons that when you press them you have 5 seconds until it returns to normal //create event timerpressed = false //alarm0 event timerpressed = false //step event if place_meeting (x,y,obj_player){ timerpressed = true alarm[0] = 300; } if timerpressed =...
  11. R

    help plz

    I want to make a system for buttons that when you press them you have 5 seconds until it returns to normal //create event timerpressed = false //alarm0 event timerpressed = false //step event if place_meeting (x,y,obj_player){ timerpressed = true } if timerpressed = false{...
  12. J

    Need some Help (Map Based Game)

    Hey! I need some help with a project I'm working on. To clarify, I am not one hundred percent a beginner, I know what variables and if-then statements are and I'm alright at pixel art, but I'll consider myself a beginner. I've made platformers before, but now I want to make something both unique...
  13. MoriMori

    Beginner help needed rock,paper,scissors

    sprite_index = choose( spr_card_paper,spr_card_rock, spr_card_scissors); This was made in the create event with obj_cards, which is a parent to the objects; obj_paper, obj_rock, obj_scissors Now if you've played rock, paper, scissors then you understand how the game works, now I need help on...
  14. P

    GMS 2.3+ [SOLVED] Audio not playing in Breakthrough tutorial Game (please help)

    Hello, I'm relatively new to game development and Game maker studio 2. I was recently following the tutorial of FriendlyCosmonaut for the game called "Breakthrough" in GML. I got my sound assets from downloading it from the tutorial. The game should play a sound when a collision is detected or...
  15. F

    Windows Im new to game maker(less than 1 day) but nothing appears on my screen, i just put random sprites on a room, but for some reason, nothing appears

    actually my plan is a 240x240 resolution screen, but that not important now, whatever i do, my running screen appears as full black, how do i solve this?
  16. B

    Windows Help me with my blackscreen

    Now yes im extremely new to this and im running into a problem i havent yet before and nothing im doing seems to be fixing the issue. now this a simple little 2d game consistent of one room with a small snail that has to dodge cars and grab leafs nothing too intersesting, now it was working...
  17. N

    GMS 2.3+ Functions and Events not Running

    I'm fairly new to GML2 so I was following Shaun Spalding's Action RPG tutorial. When I got to Eps 24 Enemy Basics, I wrote down all the code word for word and double-checked my code many times but the "slimes" don't move at all. They just stay stationary and run their sprite sheet (bobbing up...
  18. Cande3

     Graphic Adventure/Turn-based RPG?

    Hello! I'm new to this forum, but I wanted to know what people might think of an idea, who have more experience than I do. I won't get too into the details, but I've been toying with the idea of a Graphic Adventure style game where you go around talking to people and interacting with shops...
  19. G

    GMS 2.3+ Tutorials for daily rewards or offline (away) earnings?

    Hello, i tried to find tutorials for daily rewards or offline earnings but i didn't find anything for gamemaker, have you? Where? Can you share a link? Thanks!!