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help a brother out

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    Help [Solved]

    I am currently making a game where you are a player in a room full of plates, and you click to move, and im trying to make it so whenever you click on a plate you move to that plate, but for some reason whenever i move to one its just sticking to that one and not being able to move to a...
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    Tower Defense

    Im making a Tower Defense game, and I have everything setup, but i wanted to know how to delete a tower, so i click on the tower i want, and then place it, i need to make it so i can click it again after its been placed and place it into a garbage can type thing and have it get destroyed
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    So, i am making a tower defense game and i want to make it so whenever my mouse hovers over any tile that isnt the dirt path, a different tile replaces it. could anybody help me? i have 0 experience with tiles
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    Enemy Problems [SOLVED]

    So, I am trying to make it so everytime my player left clicks the enemy, it does damage, and thats working. except for the fact that everytime i click, it does damage to every enemy spawned, and im not sure how to fix that. if somebody could help please let me know!
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    Displaying Health

    so I am making a tower defense type game, and i have money and rounds displayed, but i cant find a way to display health, as in if the enemy reaches the end of the path it takes off health from the player. if somebody could explain how to make that work i would greatly appreciate it!
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    Enemys Shooting At Me

    So I have a player that can shoot and i have enemys that randomly spawn, but i cant seem to get the enemys to shoot at me no matter what i do, if somebody could help me that would be great!
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    Randomly Spawned Enemys

    I am attempting to get randomly spawned enemys within a 1920x1080 room, but every tutorial/forum i have visited was pretty old and none worked. if somebody has a script, please let me know.
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    Stuck Objects

    so I currently have a enemy moving towards that flying guys x,y, but whenever it gets to a certain distance it just gets stuck in place like showed, please help.
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    okay so, I am making a basic little game idea, and so far i got a flying guy who can shoot fireballs, except i dont know how to make him shoot the fireballs, if somebody has a script for it please let me know
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    Object won't follow path!!! D:

    objMenu CREATE global.begin_path = 0; menu[2] = "New Game"; menu[1] = "Continue"; menu[0] = "Exit Game"; menu_cursor = 2; STEP case 2: SlideTransition(TRANS_MODE.NEXT); global.begin_path = +1 Case 2 brings me to the next room where: objHubPlayer STEP if global.begin_path = 1 {...
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    Need help

    I need GameMaker 7.0 for a school project, does somebody know how to get this version, i can't find it anywhere.
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    Selling function Tower defence Gamemaker 2 *SOLVED*

    Have an issue that when I sell a tower in Gamemaker 2 using instance_destroy it destroys all of that type of tower, not just the one clicked on if place_meeting(x,y,obj_Tower1) instance_destroy(self); instance_destroy(obj_Tower1); if place_meeting(x,y,obj_Tower2)...
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    How do I get an object to point the same way as the object that created it?

    I want to create an "Aiming Line" that points at the player's position upon its creation, which then creates a projectile on the line that follows the same direction the line is pointing in, however since the player is obviously moving while the aiming line isn't (it only sets its direction once...
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    Windows my game wont run

    Hello, my game wont run, i did everything the best i could to review my code, re downloaded the software and even update the runtime, but still my game is having an issue not wanting to run. I've been getting a little annoyed since i wanna test it out to find if they're things i can improve on...
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    Windows Need help programming Player Controls

    I am trying to make a player move around freely on the x and y axis (kinda Undertale style for reference) while also not moving through various objects like walls and platforms. I've got the X axis down but when I test the Y movement It doesn't work. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Here...
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    GameMaker isn't opening :(

    I've tried so many things!! I turned off my firewall, I rebooted my computer, I reinstalled GameMaker, I looked at other people's posts about the same problem, I ran it as an Administrator, and even closed every tab I could in task manager. I double click it and NOTHING happens. It loads and...
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    Windows Need help with randomly spawning objects

    Moderator Note: Topic moved here from wrong forum. ****************** Help i need help with my script with spawning trees my script is //spawning // world generation randomize(); for (i=0;i<amount_trees; i++) { xpos = random(room_width); ypos = random(room_height); if...
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    GMS 2 Sprite Character Changes Size When Moving in Room Editor

    I've been trying to add an enemy named Flygito, a small bug enemy. I decided to shrink her sprite down (Picture above) on the room editor, but when I start the game and her sprite started moving, Flygito's sprite size goes wrong. But her sprite remains the same when I use her default size (By...
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    GMS 2 (HELP) Movement problems

    I`m trying make a movement script that when your holding the mouse or touching the screen the object move straight towards that point then snap to the grid when released, but snaps to the grid before and does not move till I click another which isnt what i wanted if (global.mouseHeld){ //So...
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    how do I use Gamemaker 8.1 variables

    so i have an hp variable for a player and in the create event I put relative so it wont reset the variables when I switch rooms but it says Unknown variable when i start the game.