1. saltwaterwinter

    GMS 2 Does anyone have problems with sprites disappearing/phasing through things?

    I'm trying to make an RPG-type game, and whenever I turn my character upwards, his sprite disappears and he phases through walls. Only when he's facing upwards, though-- left, right, and downwards work fine, but when he's turned upwards, everything is skewed. I can't figure out what I'm doing...
  2. king_frnk

    How do you rotate a Game Object around a specified point?

    I was working on a small game to get my experience up and I wanted to remake a game called "Pick the Lock". Fast forward>> I wanted to know how to rotate the player object around a specific point in the room; So it would look like it's going in circles? Any help? This is the code I have so far...
  3. HerosRychu

    GMS 2 sorry but i have next problem

    thx for help me with the last problem nut there is a new one so... my window spawn too high what did i do wrong? edit: i repair it by my self
  4. HerosRychu

    Windows hey guys i need help

    i'm new in game developing and i was trying to do game with tutorial and i've been doing everything just like in tutorial but my game doesn't spawn randomly windows ;-; (tutorial name: Fire Jump)
  5. N

    I need some help on how to do networking on gamemaker for a game i'm planning to do

    I wanted to make an online game where you would recieve a phrase card with a space to fill in the blank with your answer. Then the cards would be collected, mixed and re-distribuited, so the players would have to guess who wrote wich answer. The problem is that I don't know how to mess with...
  6. G

    Character is stuck in wall

    Hi. New to Gamemaker Studio 2. So I've followed instructions from a YouTube video by Slyddar on how to create movement but when I try to run it, my character is just stuck in the wall. No amount of pushing left or right or adjusting the size of the room will fix it. Poor dude's just stuck there...
  7. M

    Drag And Drop Lives GameMaker

    Hey guys! So I recently started making this game, its very easy to play but my game keep stuffing up on the lives part. Anyways i made the lives to be deducted every time the player collides with a bomb and here's how it looks, the "draw the lives as image" block draws the remaining lives It'd...
  8. Yellowhite

    Windows Somebody know that?

    Que eu tenho um problema de lançamento de pf posterior no Windows: versão VM. Configurando o compilador de ativos C: \ ProgramData \ GameMakerStudio2 \ Cache \ runtimes \ runtime- / bin / GMAssetCompiler.exe / c / mv = 1 / zpex / iv = 0 / rv = 0 / bv = 0 / j = 8 / gn = " Importar GM2...
  9. V

    Windows FATAL ERROR

    I get this when trying to reference my sound file ANYWHERE I put it. I get this and I have no idea why, it doesn't do it in any of my other games. Wtf is going on? ___________________________________________...
  10. E

    Mac OSX Help for build not working

    Hey everyone, i'm on a MacBook Air 13 inch 2017 model and have got GameMaker studio 2 installed on it. When i try to run it says to check compile errors there is nothing. I am on version Any help would be awesome :)
  11. A

    Discussion I need to export a game for the final school project but I only have the free version! Help pls

    I am a Portuguese student and I am taking a programming course. In my final project I created a game and now I need to send it to show that it works but I only have the free version of the game maker and I can't export the game ... The jury will not let me send the complete game file .... 😭...
  12. DNgames

    This loop keeps setting objects to same x coordinate or it does not even create them all expect the first one pls help.

    -I want to make save system for my buildings but it wont work so here are the codes. name = obj_const_wall; for(var i = 0; i < obj_stats.maxstructures; i++) { if(obj_stats.structure[i, 0] == -1 and obj_stats.structure[i, 1] == -1) { obj_stats.structure[i, 0] = name...
  13. conman06

    GMS 2 Floating character

    Okay, so I'm trying to program the player's vertical collision. My problem is that the player hovers over the ground, yet it says that it is on the floor. I can assure you that it is not a hitbox problem. Below is the code for vertical collision. //Gravity if (!place_meeting(x,bbox_bottom +...
  14. BlueCat6123

    Switch : if nothing meets condition do this?

    I've searched around for a bit, but I could not find anything about checking if a switch() statement has no met conditions. I know that this switch(var{ case 0: break: case 1: break: case 2: break: case 3: break: } else { } doesn't work, specifically the 'else' part. Should I just resort to if...
  15. BlueCat6123

    GML how does "is_undefined" work?

    trying to use is_undefined to test if I've set a variable, but i get this error message: Variable o_soli.active(100039, -2147483648) not set before reading it. at gml_Object_o_soli_Create_0 (line 15) - if (is_undefined(active)) game_end() I find it kinda funny because that seems to take away...
  16. Z

    GMS 2 Simple yet complex

    So, I have a basic scoring system, in the space shooter I'm making, when the bullet hits the enemy, if the hp is = or less than 0, the score is adjusted for the player, based on the score_value Var I set. I set a script for this, in the script is the following. The script is for Collision event...
  17. Mr Giff

    GMS 2 Can't change shape sizes? Strange behaviour

    So I have a problem that just started occurring when I was developing a button for a new UI system I'm working on. The button is supposed to be 156px by 45px and have text in the middle describing the state; pretty simple. But instead it looks like this: Strange.... So here's my code stack...
  18. D

    GMS 2 How to add a Blur effect in Gamemaker Sudio 2?

    Is there any way to achieve a blur effect and if yes, how?
  19. D

    GML [SOLVED] Does debug mode read the code differently?

    For some reason, my code only works in debug mode. So I have put a link to a video showcasing how I wanted the code to run. Sadly the code only works like that if I run it in debug mode, and if I place breakpoints in 2 specific locations (picture below) I am an absolute beginner in gml and...
  20. A

    Sprite Running animation, disappears forward when moving.

    Hey, I'm brand new to game maker. And I am in the middle of learning the basics. I currently have programmed move forward and back as well as jump with animations. But when I move forward the sprite disappears. At first, when I jumped once he landed it would stay in the falling animation, even...