1. L

    how to make a animation play once

    yes hello idk if im plain stupid ive been looking around for hours for this answer and its really simple i want to press a button like E when i press the button my objects sprite play the animation once and then stop and go back to normal just once anyone can help?
  2. M

    GMS 2.3+ Help Please! New to GameMaker & Struggling With Sprite Direction!

    Hi all! I recently downloaded GameMaker and started doing some tutorials on Youtube to teach myself the basics. I'm happy to be part of the GameMaker family and have always had a passion for gaming, with only recently having the idea of trying to create my own game from scratch. I have a...
  3. D

    GMS 2 I need a wait command!

    We are new to GMS2 with my friend. We are making a project together and we cannot find a timer command. We used Scratch earlier on and there was a "Wait _ Second" command. Now our character is going to jump but the 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th sprites are preparing to jump sprites so when we hit jump...
  4. S

    Nine-slice collision doesn't work.

    I tried to make a box object that has nineslice with precise collision, the object shows up fine but the collision doesn't, does anyone have any idea? B.T.W I am using image_xscale and image_yscale to scale the object.
  5. S

    i need help destroying other(without using event collision)

    if(place_meeting(x,y,obj_enemy1)){ instance_destroy(other) } The code above is the one that isn't working. I'm sure you have the idea of what I was trying to do. I'm guessing its because its giving true or false output, but I'm not sure how to make any alternatives without using event...
  6. G

    HTTP Request Issue

    Hello, I have written an API for submitting highscores to a database using Node.js and I have deployed it to the Google App Engine. The API recieves commands through HTTP requests and acts accordingly based on the information contained in the request. When testing the API locally on my machine...
  7. H

    Using Primitives to make a Lighting System which shows the first visible wall--

    I followed that one tutorial ( to achieve a dynamic lighting system in my top-down game (which was a pain, because the article refuses to load, and I had to find an archive of it. Do y'all know why they took...
  8. D

    GMS 2 Alarm Problems

    Hello all. I have been coding for a few months but have just discovered alarms. I started simple with a "if space bar clicked, set alarm 0 countdown 5 seconds." then in the alarm 0 tab, go to next room. But what happened was that when i clicked spaced it instantly went to the next room. I tried...
  9. A

    SOLVED setting a enemies scale according to distance

    hello so i am making a game and i need to make enemies scale according to their Y cord (like higher Ycord less scale and moreYcord less scale) and they spawn in random y positions so i cant just use if vspeed>0{vspeed+=0.10} if vspeed<0{vspeed-=0.10} please help
  10. Minerkey

    Shaders causing ghosting on transparency

    I'm working on a game with a friend (Shadows and Sickles) and I've been implementing a few visual things including an image-rounding shader. Issue is (and this is a problem I've encountered with other shaders too) that when dealing with transparent objects using image_alpha or any alpha thats...
  11. ManOfHoops

    How to make it so if you click sprite, it enlarges then return to normal size.

    Hello, I am using DND (Drag and Drop) for this project, I am making cookie-alike clicker game but I can't figure out how to make sprite enlarge and return to original size. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Here's screenshot, and honestly it should work, I don't...
  12. Marquitos3000


    Hi, I´m making a plataformer game and in my character I put this in the Step event: var hor = keyboard_check (vk_right) - keyboard_check (vk_left) if (hor != 0) { if (place_free(x + hor * 2,y)) { x += hor * 4; } image_xscale = hor * 2; sprite_index = sPersonajeWalk; } else {...
  13. GonerBits

    SOLVED Is it possible to set the blend mode of a tile layer?

    In my game, I'd like to have an effect where there's a forest and there are gaps in the canopy that lets light fall through the leaves. It would help immensely if I could just create a tile layer that uses the "add" blend mode to light up the floor. Here is an example using a tileset that I...
  14. IceTray

    GMS 2 Lives drop to 0 but game over never happens

    Hello, I am very new to game making. I started following a youtube tutorial called "My First Game" to learn how to make a basic space shooter game in drag and drop. I have a ship and when it crashes into the asteroids it loses a life but when my lives are at zero the game over screen never pops...
  15. TheXKing360

    how do I get my license from steam

    I bought gamemaker 2 from steam before 3 months and I looked up in the internet and still I don't know how set it up for the first time . the account is not really a problem I can set it up a lot of times but how do I get my license that thing that I can not reach ?
  16. H

    GMS 2.3+ Using sequence editor for RPG cutscenes

    Hi all, I'm working with a team on what is essentially a JRPG and we've decided to rebuild our cutscene engine using the sequence editor because of the great visual feedback while developing instructions to all of your NPCs and environment objects - we have people working on it that work much...
  17. Memoh

    Game Maker Studio 2 - Building Forever

    Hello, I have also had, like many others, the problem that when compiling the project, it stays in "Building" forever and my games do not run, even if it is just an empty room. Here I leave a picture of how it looks and what the compiler shows As you can see, the compiler gets stuck...
  18. Joifad

    Animation of my character doesn't work properly

    The code I wrote is exactly like this //Update Sprite function PlayerAnimateSprite(){var _cardinalDirection = round(direction/90); var _totalFrames = sprite_get_number(sprite_index) / 4; image_index = localFrame + (_cardinalDirection * _totalFrames); localFrame +=...
  19. MoriMori

    SOLVED How to make text temporarily appear after damaging an enemy?

    For my game, I wish to have it so when you hit the enemy with a bullet, a text temporarily appears saying "-1" I have created an obj for this text aswell with a sprite assigned and just after it hit the enemy I want it to say "-1" and disappear really quickly Any ideas on how to do this?
  20. DTheChemist

    Sprite distortion issue need help

    Ok heres my first error code issue after following a Yoyo games youtube video tutorial. /// @desc Core Player Logic //Get Player Inputs key_left= keyboard_check(vk_left); key_right = keyboard_check(vk_right); //key_down = keyboard_check(vk_down); key_jump = keyboard_check_pressed(vk_space)...