1. William Garrison

    GMS 2 Cleaning up my Dialog to a script

    I have the dialog system working. I couldnt be more excited. I know its trivial to most, but I am awful at this. Anyways... In my step event I have this... (next is a variable that is defining what txt[] I am currently on) sc_cs_dialogStart(); txt[0] = "Im the Player"; txt[1] = "Im the second...
  2. William Garrison

    GMS 2 Change image_index based on array position

    So I have a basic dialog system. set like... string[0] = "Hi world"; string[1] = "How are you?"; string[2] = "I am well"; How do I check when "string" is at the position of "string[2]" so I can change a specific sprite index? I've tried array_equals and that just keeps telling me its not an...
  3. U

    SOLVED Distorted screen on actual machine

    Hello. I'm Japanese so I rely on Google translation. sorry. When I started the game made with EXPERIA5, the left side of the screen was distorted, and the right side of the screen had some objects visible. It is said that android puts garbage on the data outside the description, and it seems...
  4. kureoni

    spacing between damage area spawning - help me

    I'm programming a boss that spawns areas of damage across the map, but right now some areas spawn in the same place or too close to each other, thats the code for the spawning in an alarm event, it uses random ranges to define the y and x of the damage areas, of course that there is nothing in...
  5. F

    I need help, please.

    I'm making a flappy bird royale (¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ). I need that when i click the play button, it chooses between 2 numbers. If the number is 1, the game will start by day, if it is 2, it will be by night. I searched but found no good commands. I just need one that chooses between 2 numbers
  6. N

    Need Sprite to follow mouse at one point, but rotate on another

    I have an object (attached) that I want to point at the mouse. Essentially, the player character draws the arm on top of it, and I want it to aim at the mouse, while rotating around the orange ball "shoulder." I have it's angle as a variable "dir," which is simply the point direction of the...
  7. U

    GMS 2 Only AVD does not work properly.

    Good evening. I have a question for those who are familiar with Android Studio. In the Windows test, the game was able to play normally without any bugs. However, when I compile it to AVD and test it, it doesn't work normally like it did on Windows. An instance is created without writing the...
  8. U

    SOLVED Bug occurs only in the emulator

    Hello. Until now, the game worked fine even if I used AVD to run it, but when I try to make another turn today, it doesn't work properly, and the game doesn't work properly because of bugs. .. .. It works fine when tested on windows, but is still buggy with AVD. .. .. I have no idea what the...
  9. U

    Android How to release a game on the Googleplay store.

    Hello. Thanks to everyone, the game is finally complete, and we have reached the stage of releasing the app. I have a question. I've heard that you need a digitally signed APK when putting a game on the Google Play store. How to make a signed APK with GMS2?
  10. U

    SOLVED Move the room as an argument

    Hello. I want to place an advertisement when moving from room 2 to room 0, so I want to use the if statement as an argument to move from room 2 to room 0. How should I write?
  11. U

    GML About advertising programming

    Good evening. I am developing an android game app. I want to use Intermotional Ads with Admob. I tried programming based on the following URL, but nothing happens. .. .. There is no error. The id...
  12. Y

    need help with room Transitions

    i watched a some tutorials about room transitions a video of the issue: the guides: , , . but my character always disappears after the room changes this is my code: ui_obj: create: player_spawn_x=0; player_spawn_y=0; spawn_room_var=-1; room start: if(spawn_room_var!=-1) {...
  13. U

    GML Character button operation

    Good evening. I'm Japanese so I use Google Translate. For some reason, you have to change the character from keyboard operation to on-screen button operation. I used the keyboard to move and change the sprite, but I have to display the move button on the screen to make it for the sootphone. I...
  14. A

    GMS 2 SOLVED Alarm resetting before taking effect.

    I’m somewhat familiar with alarms, but this issue has stumped me. For every alarm I use, I always make sure that it only resets if it has run it’s code, using if (alarm[x] < 1) alarm[x]= y but for some reason, this specific alarm resets once it hits 0 without running the code. here’s the...
  15. ShadowLenz

    Windows Making an RPG [PROBLEM FIXED ]

    hi! i'm currently making an RPG and when i established the movement, and solids collision, the firs room map and else, was the time for a new room, so i created a second room, and when i created: the obj_next and obj_last (for tracking back to the previous room) and go to the "step event" of...
  16. J

    Enemy sprite jitter when following player (SOLVED)

    (this is a video example of my problem) The enemy object seems to jitter up and down on the yaxis when following the player from the direct left or right. here is his movement code: dir1 = sign(obj_player.x - x); dir2 = sign(obj_player.y - y); hspd = rspd * dir1; vspd = rspd * dir2; x =...
  17. T

    Windows Crash on sprite editor

    I literally cant do anything to my sprite, heres how it normally goes: start gms2 go into project edit sprite click ANYTHING crash windows 7 gms2 latest version for windows. help please
  18. L

    Movement bug help needed

    I've scripted movement but when i tap the left key and right key really fast with my player it bugs trough the collision i've made in the game I've checked hit box, and im really new to scripting so - i cant wrap my head around the issue so! (learned scripting yesterday) here is what i've come...
  19. JustEnix

    GML Physics for a scarf that follows the player

    Hello, I'm new on programming games, so as you can guess a barely know how to do code what I want. I searched for tutorials of how to code the physic that is mentioned on the title but couldn't find anything. What I'm aiming for is a scarf that is attached to the player and moves with him with...
  20. Gasil

    GMS 2 device_mouse_x_to_gui question

    Hello, I'm using: xTouch = device_mouse_x_to_gui(0); yTouch = device_mouse_y_to_gui(0); //And also tried: xTouch = device_mouse_x(0); yTouch = device_mouse_y(0); I'm drawing them in draw gui. I then create an APK of the test project. In my cellphone, I put my finger on the screen and the...