1. V

    How do I get rid of the gamepad stats in the top corner?

    I have tried the code in a new project and it doesn't show up. No matter how I alter the code in the current project it just doesn't go away. Is there a setting or something to turn this off?
  2. V

    Jump not working right and run speed gets progressively faster

    The controls respond but the output is not right. You can see that it tries to jump but never leaves the platform. When I run, the speed does not cap, so it gets increasingly faster. Any ways to go about this? Create Event /// @description Init Vars // Global array to store gamepad info in...
  3. André Luiz

    SOLVED Help with camera!

    Hi, I'm Brazilian so I apologize for any English mistakes, okay let's start, I was playing with the game maker studio 2 and there came a time when I had to make a camera for my character, but I couldn't, I saw several codes and videos and I got this flawed result: #region Camera halfViewwidth...
  4. O

    Enemies are not working

    I'm watching Heartbeast's tutorial on eme,y states and I type in the code he typed, but the game keeps crashing every time I get near an enemy Code for the enemy wander state ///scr_enemy_wander_state() scr_check_for_player(); phy_position_x += sign(targetx - x) * spd; phy_position_y +=...
  5. B

    Idle Sprite Disappearing?

    Hello, so I am very new to GameMaker Studio 2. I was following along with Shaun Spaldings beginner platformer tutorials and everything was going well. Last night I played what I had and it all worked fine. I also played it again this morning and it worked. But then I tried to continue the...
  6. Daniel Mallett

    Sanity check

    I spend a lot of time coding alone. I always feel as though I am in an echo chamber. Is there anyone (Preferably someone with more experience than me) that would be willing to take a look at a sample of my code just to offer some advice. Just to check I haven't got any bad habits or doing...
  7. DevilKap

    SOLVED My animations are jumping frames and when I "fix" it, it crashes the game.

    I have an 8-directional animation system for my RPG, when I set the frames of the animation like this: It works fine, but jumps/skips frames. However, when I set it up like this: It doesn't skip frames, but it crashes the game when I walk to the right (and only to the right) for an extended...
  8. DevilKap

    SOLVED The Game I'm making isn't successfully launching?

    When i press the "play" button on the UI, it compiles the game (at least I think it does) and then it just stops? Output Below:
  9. Coffeli

    GMS 2.3+ Brainstorming: How would i make a custom bullet hell??

    I want to make a rhythm game and customize bullet patterns to the sound of the music and ive been stumped for a while on how to approach it. Only way I can think of is timers but thatd get way too tedious to time to a 5 minute song. i really want to make something like this but in game maker...
  10. Coffeli

    SOLVED I cant get the choose function to work?

    When i press the mouse button it uses both of my choose values and not just one. I am trying to call scripts step event: if mouse_check_button_pressed(mb_left) { choose(scrattack1(),scrattack2()); }
  11. V

    Windows Game is deleting my sprites and is saying they're variables

    I open my game in the project editing window. It says "The variable sprite_index = sPlayerA (name of sprite) has not been set." Obviously, not a variable. It's a built-in command designed to interact with a sprite. A sprite which I have made in the game. It does this with another sprite called...
  12. Elfiawesome23

    Implementing openstreetmap into gamemaker

    I've heard that Openstreetmap ( has an api. I wonder if I could use it to implement it into my game. I want to make some kind of rts like game using the map api from openstreetmap but I do not know how I could do it. I don't really have an exact idea on how I want...
  13. N

    [help] how to create the same object in different directions

    hi i'm new to game maker programming and sometimes i get stuck in trouble like this. Well, I want to create two spawners to create 1 object in 2 directions for a platform game I have 2 obj_spawn and 1 obj_char. to obj_spawn_A I make an instance_create of obj_char as long as I press Q to...
  14. Claspo Jones

    GML Grabbing Variable Values From Object IDs In DS Lists

    I'm trying to set up a system where once a teleporter object (obj_teleporter) collides with the player, it looks through a DS list "global.tele_list" which stores the ids of any teleport stops (obj_teleportstop) in the current room, then when it finds one with a matching tele_id value (ex: both...
  15. A

    GMS 2.3+ Need Help Using Sequences for Character Animations

    I am working on a RPG that has various armor and animations using different sprites to piece together the characters. The new sequences pretty much does that and it will make it a lot easier to make new animations. All I need to do is figure out how to change the sprites within the sequence...
  16. Acid Reflvx

    GML How do I find the precise number for when I set my track's position in GameMaker 1.4?

    I am making a game with a level editor, sort of like Geometry Dash. I've been trying to add a Geometry Dash feature to the game; being able to play music at certain points instead of having to play music and wait until it gets to the part you want to test. Here is my problem: I don't know what...
  17. B

    GML Resetting Score

    When my game sends you back to start menu the score stays the same flying thought levels. What command do i reset it with?
  18. A

    /// @arg x /// @arg y return place_meeting(argument0, argument1, oCollision); not working

    Hello I have oCollision and everything prepared but it just gives me this error when I try to run it and Idk what to do please help I did everything properly and the red signal error doesn't show up it shows as it works but then it gives me this error telling me it's wrong please help...
  19. saioren

    Windows Room transition help.

    So everything mostly works in this game i'm making. Im just following the friendlycosmonaut's farming game tutorial but I have this issue. When I switch room with the transition object, which works perfect, I can't move after the transition. My sprite animation works when I press up down left...
  20. K

    GML i need help to code some things

    I'm trying to create my first videogame with the intention of publishing it. But I'm realizing that I can't do some things by myself. I hope someone can help me. List of things I need help creating. 1.The possibility of choosing a language. 2.Save and load the game. By the way, I'm Spanish...