1. R

    GMS 2 Need help preventing enemies from getting stuck on eachother

    I am using the built-in grid pathfinding for my enemies to be able to move around walls to chase the player and all that and its working fine but for some reason, if the enemies touch each other they get stuck. I have tried putting move_bounce_solid(other); into a collision with another enemy...
  2. D

    GML Advanced Dialogue / Object Interaction Issues

    So, currently I am using an dialogue system asset made by FriendlyCosmonaut ( ) and I have it working currently. However, I am facing difficulty because it is intended for use with NPCs whereas I'd also like to use it with interacting with...
  3. R

    GMS 2.3+ [Question] Is it possible to mirror/flip a Sequence?

    Hello all, I'm current experimenting with Sequences, and I'm trying to figure out how I can have a Sequence mirrored or flipped during run-time for an Object (similar to a sprite flipped using image_xscale = -1). Doing so, the same movements would occur but in the opposite direction and sprites...
  4. Plisken

    Checking sprites stored in variables?

    Hello. So I have a variable which stores a sprite inside it. How do I check/change the image index of said sprite? I'm using a text engine with face portraits for the characters and what I'm trying to do is make a variable that can check/change the sprite's frame via image_index (I have all the...
  5. Elfiawesome23

    Listening out for servers Networking

    Hello! I wanted to ask if there is a way to code so that the client can listen for any available servers. The networking demos I found in Gamemaker 1.4 does not really work because only one client can listen for servers.
  6. Claspo Jones

    GMS 2.3+ 2.3 Sprites Not Drawing

    Whenever I run my game none of the sprites or text draws, at first I thought the camera wasn't in the current room, so I used camera_get_view() and show_debug_message() to check, and it told me the camera was in the middle of the room. I tried adding draw_self() to my player object, but still no...
  7. D

    Need help with extensions

    Hello, i need help. What i have to do for export resources of a project in a extension and import it to another project in game maker studio 2? Similar to this:
  8. CK Scores

    Mac OSX Gamemaker Studio 2 v.2.3.0 cannot load projects

    Hi guys, I recently got the new update for GMS 2. However, I cannot load my projects and when I click play, the output only runs for less than a second before it stops. There are no compile errors or any other type of error to show. I've restarted the app multiple times. I'm not very...
  9. J

    Is Background Padding possible? [Solved with 2 solutions to 1 problem]

    Hey all I'm sorting out some parallax backgrounds. I wish to place individual images in my background and select repeat horizontally but need some padding. I am trying to avoid setting the texture page size higher so is it possible to repeat an image but space them out without altering the...
  10. Claspo Jones

    SOLVED Will I lose my license if I change my email?

    I (stupidly) bought the Desktop License on an account linked to a throwaway email that I nearly lost the password for multiple times, so I'm planning on changing the email linked to this account to my main email, but I'm scared I'll lose my license and have to pay another $110 just to keep using...
  11. 0TastyPie0

    GMS 2.3+ Re-appearing asset folders and "no root view detected"

    I've got these two issues since I updated my project to 2.3. Issue #1: For some reason, even if I move the content out of the "Sounds" folder and delete it, the folder reappears once I save and quit GameMaker and re-open the project. Sometimes the folder appears twice, with multiple of the same...
  12. Bokkie2988

    GMS 2 How to get a variable from multiple objects in a room?

    Does anyone know how to get a variable from multiple objects in a room? for context: Im trying to make a turn based system where the player with the highest speed starts first. So I want to get the current speed of the player and multiple other enemies. (If someone has a good tutorial on turn...
  13. Dev_Sats

    Guys i need help ASAP please

    Guys i am not able to find a way to export my game to a .exe file and i rly dont wat people to access it only through game maker so as to keep it private
  14. N

    If statements

    I'm trying to make a puzzle where you have to hit these signs in a specific order using variables hits and last_hit. As you can see by the numbers in the game screen both conditionals are true but it doesnt actually spawn the health object, only the sword?
  15. C

    Legacy GM [Solved] Attack Animation Help

    [Originally posted in wrong thread, sorry] I am having trouble with animating my player's attacks. The attack animations happens but only displays on screen for a fraction of a second before returning to the idle animation. I have tried many different things and looked up several tutorials...
  16. E

    GMS 2.3+ Basic Bounce-Back code

    hello! Sorry if this sounds demanding but I can't seem to figure out how to write a basic few lines of code to make an enemy bounce back when either hit or bumped into, like you would see in games like The Binding Of Isaac! I want the code to be basic enough that I can add in some extra little...
  17. Elfiawesome23

    Legacy GM Physics Engine plane physics

    hello, just wanted to ask if there is any way to program 2d side view airplane physics. I'm using Gamemaker's build in physics engine to do this. My current project only has a movable object that can only move left and right by applying force to it. I want it so that the object can fly upwards...
  18. E

    SOLVED Direction-Sprite Change

    Basically, I just need some basic coding help. I can't figure out how to change the sprite based on what direction the enemy is facing. Side Notes: This is an RPG Dungeon-like game, the coding i need is basic and no overly complicated as I'm fairly new at this. This is my enemy code: if...
  19. R

    SOLVED Help with Drawing a grid using a sprite...

    Hello, I have been trying to make a tactical Rpg game similar to Final Fantasy tactics or Devil Survivor. But drawing a grid using a sprite is providing me troubles. In context, I have a sprite that I made to resemble the grid. The code I have should draw the sprite-like a grid when it hits the...