1. flyinian

    SOLVED Pause all but one room?

    I am trying to implement a pause system into my game. The only time I want the game to pause is when the player is on the main menu room. I have numerous persistent objects that are initialized on game start. Could I use instance_deactivate_all(true) and pick and choose which instances don't...
  2. kureoni

    help with colision code?

    thats the basic movement code for the obj_enemies if(instance_exists(obj_player)){ mp_potential_step(obj_player.x, obj_player.y, spd, obj_colision) image_angle = point_direction(x, y, obj_player.x, obj_player.y); what i want to do is: when the obj_enemies touch a obj_colision (that...
  3. Kori

    Steam problem in sprites's collision mask (tech problem in the engine)

    I really need help. I have a problem with the collision mask in automatic mode, it is simply 1x1 pixel, regardless of the shape, I tried to reset preferences, reinstall gamemaker, uninstall clean, and nothing ... I will put a picture of how this. I don't remember doing anything wrong, I just did...
  4. Kori

    Windows problem in sprites's collision mask

    I really need help. I have a problem with the collision mask in automatic mode, it is simply 1x1 pixel, regardless of the shape, I tried to reset preferences, reinstall gamemaker, uninstall clean, and nothing ... I will put a picture of how this. I don't remember doing anything wrong, I just did...
  5. Yellowhite

    SOLVED Ah... Why crash of that way?

    Hoi guys, i am creating the "Yellow Battle" project and... May i need a help guys, explaning... * I create a object and put in a room. * I save the room and RUN the game test. * In some time oft game, by example: "I am playing in the 2 minutes of games of NOTHING the game stop the fps (Keeping...
  6. Wendell

    Problem with surface drawing for lighting effect

    Hello. So, I have the follwing code on my light_controller object: if surface_exists(surf) { var cw = camera_get_view_width(view_camera[0]); var ch = camera_get_view_height(view_camera[0]); var cx = camera_get_view_x(view_camera[0]); var cy = camera_get_view_y(view_camera[0])...
  7. Z

    Sprite spawns in the top right when i turn left

    Sorry if this is the wrong thread... here is my code: // Get player input if (hascontrol) { key_left = keyboard_check(ord("A")); key_right = keyboard_check(ord("D")); key_jump = keyboard_check_pressed(vk_space); key_nade = keyboard_check(ord("G")); } else { key_left = 0; key_right =...
  8. T

    why won't my character move in this script.

    // get players input jump_key = keyboard_check_pressed (vk_space); dkey = keyboard_check(vk_right); akey = keyboard_check(vk_left); // d key = right movement { if (place_free(x+4, y)) && keyboard_check(ord('d')) x += 4 } // a key = left movement { if (place_free(x-4, y)) &&...
  9. L

    Windows Stuck at building - (F5)

    Hello im new with this software and making games in general. My experience is with RPG Maker and there building a game was easy and fast. As context im following the "make your first game" tutorial Here is what happens: As i press F5 building starts. I have tried several times, each time never...
  10. kureoni

    room unlock

    I want to make sure that the player can only go to the next room if he killed all the obj_monsters instances of in the previous room the only way to do that is through global variables and etc? can someone show me how? (if I do that, my game is basically finished) (situation: i have some...
  11. kureoni

    help to make room stop restarting pls

    In the game I'm developing, when you enter a room, there are monsters there, then you kill them and then you leave the room, but if you enter the room again, the room restarts and the monsters are still there, etc. Is there any way to make the room empty forever after killing the instances of...
  12. flyinian

    How to deal with lots of true/false arguments

    Example: I have a job in my game and lets say it requires over 1000 requirements. In order for the player to apply for this job, they must meet or exceed all of the requirements. How should I go about doing this? The below code is how I would be doing it. if (requirement1 >= 1 && requiremnt2...
  13. F

    GMS 2 Game freezing when changing rooms

    Hi I'm having trouble figuring out what's causing my game to freeze when I hit my o_transition object. My o_transition object only has a create event with "targetRoom = -1;" and each instance in a room of the object sets the room name as the value in the creation code. Here's my player code...
  14. flyinian

    SOLVED Getting a sprite to switch between three sub images

    I am trying to get a sprite to switch through three sub images. If the player doesn't have the requirements to activate the button, display sub image 2. If the player has the requirements, Turn the sprite to sub image 1. if the player has the requirements and clicks on the sprite/instance, turn...
  15. flyinian

    What are the ways to resize sprites

    I would like to give an instance a specific width and height while keeping it intact. I currently know of image x/y scale and 9 slice. scaling a sprite up will cause unevenness within the sprite. I am currently using 9 slice for the width and height of the sprite. This works fine as far as I...
  16. flyinian

    SOLVED Help with adjusting sprite size to fit text

    I am trying to have the sprite adjust itself so that the text fits within the sprite. Along the x and y axis. I am also trying to have the sprite adjust itself no matter the width or height of the text. The issue I am having is the sprite is stretching and certain parts of it is larger than it...
  17. kureoni

    animation before instance_destroy (help)

    i have this code for the enemy IA but when it dies the instance is destroyed without running the animation before how do i change that? mp_potential_step(obj_player.x, obj_player.y, spd, obj_colision) if (life <= 0){ sprite_index=spr_enemy1_death instance_destroy() }
  18. K

    New to GM studio: What should I do next?🤔

    Hey! I'm relatively new to Game Maker Studio and I wanna talk about my "game" I'm making. In reality it's just a test so I can get my bearings. I was wonder what direction I should take it in. I wanna make a super simple JRPG to start and then continue making small projects from there. I've...
  19. kureoni

    custom mouse object being overlaped by other objects (except player sprite)

    did a custom mouse for my game but i would like to set it on the first game layer so it would not be overlaped by anything any ideas?
  20. B

    GML how to make the character get items from the scenario

    I'm creating a platform game, and I don't know how to make the character take an item and capture it permanently or even for a certain time, can someone help me?