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  1. S

    Trouble getting out of loop when creating instances on my Enemies

    So I am trying to make a multi layered shield (randomly set) anywhere from 1 to 3 objects on top of my enemy and each shield chooses a different frame depending on what layer it is. theres 3 different color shields and I want it to choose 1 color per layer but for some reason it continues the...
  2. A

    GML How do I stop my character for 1 second when it collides with an object?

    I wanted to stop my character for 1 second after it crashed into a wall. I've seen several videos of alarms but it's not working. Can someone help me? Sorry ... I'm new here and on Game Maker Studio 2 too xD
  3. S

    Bug that freezes my game

    I've recently changed the move code in my player. The animation code used to work fine, but now it's kinda... broken. I posted a video that shows exactly what's happening, as well as the code. To resume it, if the Player is between two walls, go to the left one, touch it and then look right, he...
  4. TheGames

    How can I make sounds like Gameboy Advance?

    Hello, I really want to create sounds like Gameboy Advance, but I dont know how. Can you please help me? Thank you :)
  5. U

    SOLVED Subtract a specific word from a string

    Since I used enum item{} to make an inventory, the item names in the inventory are prefixed with "item.". I want to reap only this name. Because you have to create an objname for instance_create() so that the character will drop the item you used. I want to create "item_draw" this time, but the...
  6. U

    SOLVED Get/Do not get items

    Hello. I created an inventory that contains up to 4 items, referring to the blog here. Pressing the Enter key on an item removes it from the field and puts it in your inventory. Now, let's assume that four items are filled. This script finds a place where you can put an item and returns true if...
  7. kureoni

    GMS 2 temporary buffs

    so, in my game there is a store and you can buy buffs, such as movement speed increase buff etc. right now, when you buy the buff, you gain extra movement speed, but it needs to end after some seconds, but i'm not being able to program that. so, there is an object in the store and when you...
  8. U

    SOLVED About memory leak

    About memory leak I'm using two ds_grids of about 2 rows and 4 columns to build an inventory. So, just getting four items will slow down the game. Other than ds_grid, I made only that extent that the instance will be erased if you move the character or press the enter key in front of the item...
  9. U

    GML Objects corresponding to camera coordinates move slowly

    Good evening. I keep the location by making the inventory below track the position of the camera. However, when the character moves, it will move slightly because it will be slightly delayed. I filled in each of step, endstep, and beginstep, but it is still late. How can the inventory be...
  10. U

    SOLVED I want to make the enumerator correspond to the item sprite

    Hello. We are making an inventory. The image is a picture of the item used for inventory. I draw a picture every 64 pixels. I want to use draw_sprite(); according to the order of enumerators below. How can I make this sprite an enumerator? enum item{ none, draw_set, mirror, ball_w, ball_b...
  11. U

    SOLVED I don't understand the code argument0

    Hello. I read in the article that general-purpose processing can be called at any time。 引数と呼ばれるコードについて学んでいます。公式のウェブサイトや動画など、このコードについてはたくさん見ましたが、まったくわかりません。このコードは何のためにあり、それは何をしますか?このコードがなければ何が不便でしょうか? thanks
  12. Daniel Westberg

    Android Is it better to learn a new language? Not easy to get help in this forum (in my experience)

    I have tried multiple times to get help in this forum. But don't get any answers on my threads... it seems like it's easier to implement Google Services products etc with other platforms, since GMS2 lack guides that make it possible for me to do so. Also seems like it's easier to get help, using...
  13. U

    How can I use an item?(resorved)

    When you get an item, add a picture of the item to dslist and put the item in your inventory. At the same time, add a variable that determines the usage of the item to another dslist. Clicking on an item to remove it from the dslist will remove the item's picture. At the same time, I decided to...
  14. U

    Processing is too fast and all items are erased(resorved)

    If you click the position of the first slot in the inventory, the 0th item in the ds list will be deleted and the 1st and subsequent ones will be automatically filled to the 0th. Therefore, the code of the image is too fast to process, so the first and subsequent items that are packed to the 0th...
  15. U

    When the room's physical function is turned on, some functions such as coordinate movement cannot be(resorved) used.

    When displaying the effect and moving it to the specified coordinates, move_towers_point(); is sometimes used, but that function does not work as long as the physics function is turned on. What should i do?How can you create a performance in which the player gains experience from the enemy?
  16. U

    GML draw_GUI is not based on camera coordinates(Resorved!)

    Hello. I want to make a scope bar that displays the items that a character has below. Therefore, I would like to make a click decision within the range of the inventory frame. However, even if the click range is set in draw_GUI, it will be based on the room coordinates. what should I do? MOD...
  17. Dane Emark

    SOLVED Smooth grid movement

    Hi, I am totally new to the GameMaker forum:). NOTE: I am still using GameMaker Studio 1.4 so I don't know if Game Maker studio 2 code can work. I was making a test game to improve my programming skills. I wanted the player, the enemies, and the other objects to move on a fixed grid(32x32); here...
  18. flyinian

    SOLVED Parent and first child have same index/id?

    I am having trouble updating data when switching what is being selected(think of items in a store and when you click different items, it gives different data for each item). This is determined by the object's index/id when clicked. I noticed that the parent and first child of said parent has the...
  19. F

    Windows I need help

    Hello, I'm creating a game for a game jam. But, I need help to solve a problem: I created peaceful enemies, you only kill them and get points. I duplicated them by pressing alt in the room editor. But, when I kill only one, I kill all of them. The deadline is short, so, if I need, I'll create...
  20. TomOmNom

    GMS 2.3+ HELP! Looping through arguments and checking them against each other

    New to GM, sorry. I'm trying to make a script that can take all arguments, put them into keyboard_check functions, and see if they are all being pressed. I'm not sure how to check if all of them are being pressed. So far I got for(i = 0; i < argument_count; i++) { if...