1. FlatulenzaFiamm

    GMS 2 Help with collision

    Hey there comrades. Now that I got into GML coding it feels like I'm back to 2018 (spamming threads because I don't understand jacksh*t). Anyway, got another thing for y'all: STEP EVENT - anim sinistra = keyboard_check(ord("A")) destra = keyboard_check(ord("D")) su = keyboard_check(ord("W"))...
  2. Marquitos3000


    Hi, I´m making a plataformer game and I have this script for the player step event: var hor = keyboard_check(vk_right) - keyboard_check(vk_left); if (hor != 0) { if place_free (x + hor*2.5, y ){ x += hor * 4 } image_xscale = hor } if (keyboard_check_pressed(vk_up) &&...
  3. D

    SOLVED Stack Overflow

    Hello i have a little platformer game with leaderboards i made myself a funtion to sort the scores in the leader boards and in my test room all works fine (to activate i have to enter the goal and click submit score) my array were i store all: global.array_levels =...
  4. 1tsmey0sh1

    GMS 2.3+ GMS2 crashes when i try to export my game

    well idk why this happens but i am trying to upload my game to and because of that crash it doesnt let me
  5. S

    Help me pls

    Hello, I just started on gms and every time I want to try to launch my project to try it puts me a black screen I don't know how to fix the beug if someone knows how thank you for answering ^^
  6. T

    I cant download my game maker studio 2

    its says "game maker studio 2 has already installed" but HOW I even delete my game maker studio 2 1 year ago WHY JUST HOW
  7. D

    SOLVED Saving files (i need to save a grid)

    hey so i have leaderboards in my game and i surly sucks if you get a good time close the game and then you open it again the leaderboards are blank. so i wanted to save the grid i store everything in i watched a bit around and so but i dont think i understand it. i found this saveStruct = {...
  8. U

    Object that bounces Player in 2 directions

    Hello, I want to create an object that bounces the player in two directions. The direction depends on where the player touches the object. If he touches it by jumping on it he goes upwards. (like a bonus jump) and if he touches it from the bottom he gets kicked downwards. My code looks like...
  9. A

    GMS 2 Need Help Again

    this is the code //Set up motion direction = point_direction(x,y,mouse_x,mouse_y); direction = direction = random_range(-4,4); speed = 10; image_angle = direction; this the video at 9.44 my bullets are not coming from the player rather they are coming where i click and they are going right...
  10. A

    GMS 2 Help Dont Know Wats Wrong

    Keep getting this error Object: obj_player Event: Step at line 13 : unexpected EOF encountered Object: obj_player Event: Step at line 9 : malformed if statement This is the code 1.//Move Around 2.if (keyboard_check(vk_right)) x = x + 4; 3.if (keyboard_check(vk_left)) x = x - 4; 4.if...
  11. 1tsmey0sh1

    GMS 2.3+ Item falls after breaking an object

    So I have an object for example a tree i want it to drop a fruit after breaking it but i dont want every single tree to drop a fruit i want it to have a 50% chance of dropping a fruit and a 50% chance of it not dropping a fruit. But idk how to code this and i cant find a tutorial showing me how...
  12. Z

    GML Elliptic Direction

    Hello there! how was your day? Ok so, I am having problems with the GREEN CIRCLE following the direction of the BLUE LINE The BLUE LINE point to the direction of the mouse and have manage to make the GREEN CIRCLE follow Elliptical trail of WHITE CIRCLES The WHITE ELLIPSE mimics the direction...
  13. S

    Windows My game maker doesn't want to create an executable

    I don't know why but when I go to create an executable my game maker doesn't accept its creation, somebody help me
  14. D

    How do i address a grid inside a grid ?

    i want to make a leaderboard for each of my levels so i made a grid stat stores leader boards ``` global.grid_levels = ds_grid_create(100,2); for(i=0;i<ds_grid_width(global.grid_levels);i++;) { ds_grid_set(global.grid_levels,i,0,ds_grid_create(4,11)); //how to address 2nd...
  15. AsAboveSoBelow


    After I press spacebar I want the following to happen: Sprite A goes to Sprite B and runs its animation, once its animation is complete I want it to change into Sprite C. What is happening is on pushing spacebar it instead goes from Sprite A, directly to Sprite C. Any suggestions as always code...
  16. AsAboveSoBelow

    SOLVED GMS 2.3 Change sprite with press of Space

    So I want my sprite to basically "transform" into a different one after pressing space bar, I have set up my sprite index and defined the sprites. I am super new to this and not the brightest to GML or a lot of coding. Thanks in advance! -ABSB /////////////////////////Player Movement and...
  17. GONE

    GMS 2 I always take damage even when I jump on top of the enemies

    Hello everyone, I am making a platformer and wanted the main way to kill enemies is by jumping on top of them. I added this code to my game and discovered that no matter where I jump on them I take damage. here are my codes Oplayer // attacking if(instance_exists(Oenemy)) {...
  18. L

    Pls help !

    I made a button to turn off and on the sound in my game, but when I press the button to turn off the music the picture changed to the speaker with no sound. But if I am turning off the music and move into another room, the music is still off but the image of the button becomes the image of a...
  19. M

    Drag And Drop help a beginner, Fire Jump Game

    I was following the tutorial and I came across this error and I don't know what to do. As I was programming following the tutorial on the website, the programming is like this This is my first attempt at game maker, I really wanted to make it work
  20. K

    Windows I lost my gmail account and game maker studio 2 interacted from steam before, i can't access my account in any way please help

    I lost my gmail account and game maker studio 2 interacted from steam before, i can't access my account in any way please help