1. Powerset

    GML Help making Enemy Knockback/Script

    Hello! So I got some Enemy knockback working for my game. The only problem is im trying to transfer the logic into a script and im hitting major roadblocks. I cant seem to figure out whichever part of it im doing wrong. Inside the enemy hurt state I have this: case ENEMYSTATES.HURT: {...
  2. A

    Legacy GM Shop Ui problem

    so im triying to make an shop UI but the "Buy button" always come wrong like i put my mouse where it should be but it only checks half of the button it only checks the up corner of the button this is the code: if fala=2 || fala=4{if mouse_x>view_xview+576 && mouse_x<view_xview+896...
  3. A

    SOLVED "healthbar" problem

    hey so im creating an "travel like" game and im having a problem and i want to show how far the player has come(like where he is and how much it is remaining) i want to the second image to going foward as you progress until it reaches the end of this image and i really dont know how to do that...
  4. N

    Collision problems (DnD)

    So, I'm making a Top-Down game, and I'm trying to program walls in, but when the player touches them, they are unable to move in the other axis. For example, if they touch a block on the left side, they can't move up or down. Is there any solution for this? I'm using Drag and Drop for this...
  5. R

    Draw GUI scaling

    Hi all, I have experienced a number of issues when it comes to drawing graphics to the HUD. The current issue I am facing is a simple sprite scaling issue. For example when I collect a gem I would like my HUD gem to scale up slightly and then back down. I seem to be having problems with it. Am I...
  6. J

    I'm facing a problem with subtractive blendmode on surfaces

    I'm trying to draw a surface to simulate a day and night cycle. I've tried a few different tutorials but for some reason the same problem always comes up. I'm trying to basically punch out a light ring around certain objects using gpu_set_blendmode(bm_subtract) but I can't actually get it to...
  7. O

    Mac OSX Game won't build (GMS2 Mac)

    I have a completed game ready to be build and uploaded but Gamemaker won't build it. I went through Apple's convoluted developer thing and got my Team Identifier so I don't think it's that. I'd really appreciate help with this!!
  8. A

    SOLVED object running away from another

    so i want to make an object to ran away of an enemy. like if it was afraid of it and i dont know how to start. like the villager from minecraft running away from the zombie (sry couldnt find a better example)
  9. S

    Help with programming

    Hello everyone! I'm kinda new to programming and was following this tutorial: when I ran into a problem. when I try and run the program I get this error message: ___________________________________________...
  10. L

    GMS 2 Tile collisions - help needed

    i fixed it
  11. L

    Legacy GM [SOLVED]Help with camera views GMS 1.4

    Using GameMakerStudio 1.4 Hey! Currently making a 2D side scroller and I'm having a little bit of trouble with the camera. I'm using a custom camera that I followed from a tutorial. It's supposed to make it smooth and things like that. Here's the tutorial if anyone wants it. Anyways here's my...
  12. DroidGames Studio

    iOS HELP! Cocoapods is not working!

    Hello GMS community! I want to ask about something that is in my head for a couple of days. I tried to install and set up the cocoapods for my project but for some reason is not working, when I test or build the game it only throws an error like this: "Pod install result: /bin/bash: pod...
  13. L

    need help with one click change of sprites

    so im trying to make a light turn on and off - but it always seems like im doing 1 - 1 or 1 / 2 cause i only know how to make like out match each other here's the code: if keyboard_check_pressed(vk_up) and sprite_index = scandle_on { sprite_index = scandle_off; } if...
  14. L

    i have a question about global variables

    hello im kinda new in this game maker thing and i have a problem with either understanding the global variables or making it work so if i set up a global i should be able to use that variable everywhere right? like if i set a variable like this- and also is it possible to do this? (im not very...
  15. Z

    Draw sprite by grid

    Hey! I have been wanting how do something like a grid based drawing sprite that draws one pixel, gives a 1 pixel space and draw another. Im needing some help out here. I wanted a similar effect to this
  16. phillipPbor

    GMS 2.3+ Changing pallets

    I wonder if there was a cheaters code for changing palette of the screen of the game? Because I discovered the retro palettes swapper is pricey, so I wonder if there is an alternate way to make the shader that works like pixelated popes. I wanted help making a replica of the pallet swap code...
  17. L

    Legacy GM [RESOLVED!]Problems with multiple movement inputs

    Let me get straight to the point. In my 2D side scroller my player doesn't react properly when I do certain inputs. For example, let's say I'm holding the right arrow so my player goes right. While holding right I push the left arrow as well. So I'm holding left AND right. Then I released right...
  18. R

    Help plz

    hello, I want to make a code that makes the system automatically decide one of those objects that I put in the parentheses of choose when the animation ends, but the system always chooses the same sequence of numbers. if I close and open the game, it gives 5, if I just reset the room it gives...
  19. M

    Why are my gamemaker's icons all white?

    I was using GameMaker Studio 1, and now I decided to install studio 2, but when I start it, all the icons are white, can someone help me?
  20. André Luiz

    GML i Need help with menu

    Okay..., I’m Brazilian and I’m just typing in English thanks to the Google translator, so don’t be surprised if there’s something weird written, continuing, I was following a tutorial to make a menu, it seemed very simple and functional, (I'll leave the link at the end), but when I finally...