1. D

    Why does GameMaker think that _totalFrames is a global variable?

    I was watching this tutorial but realized GameMaker was giving me an error with the local variables. This is my code: function PlayerAnimateSprite(){ var _cardinalDirection = round(direction/90); var _totalFrames = sprite_get_number(sprite_index) / 4; image_index = localFrame +...
  2. Cartoon Nickname

    GMS 2.3+ Trying to have player go to different rooms while deleting room they've already been in.

    What I'm trying to do is create a rouge-like game without the procedural generated levels. Instead I have a bunch of set levels that I'm trying to shove into an array, then put that array into a ds list, then randomize said list so it's random when you enter a new room. The issue is that I...
  3. A

    SOLVED Variable jump's max jump height is inconsistent.

    Hello, Folks. So I've implemented a variable jump and I've got it feeling pretty good but the max jump height is inconsistent. I tap the jump button and get a small hop, and hold it for a much larger one, but that is where the inconsistencies are, if I was to hold for a max jump 5 times in a...
  4. H

    GML stuttering in grid-based character movement.

    Hi, needed some help regarding character movement. I followed tutorial from @GMWolf I'm an amateur and I'm learning GMS. Right now I'm trying to create movement similar to older Pokémon titles, but I'm running into a problem. When my character goes from "Running/Sprinting" to the standard...
  5. H

    Help saving on ios

    Hello. I am working on a game which is to run on ios. It is nearing completion, but I am having a small issue. I wrote some code to save and load values including highscores, coins, and items purchased using .txt and .ini files. I tested them on windows and on android virtual devices, and it...
  6. R

    GMS 2.3+ tiny town tutorial missing info?

    I'm following the tiny town tutorial to help develop learn the language but Sometimes it seems like in missing information, I'm in the sequences section and ive used all the code it provides in the proper places but when i press the S key i get an error that curSeqLayer is not set before the...
  7. PotatoSnail64

    GMS 2.3+ Help I accidentally deleted my .yyp file and now I can't import my project

    Does anyone know if I can generate a new .yyp file from resources that I have In my project's file folder? I have everything I need to import it into gamemaker, but I just need the .yyp. (I deleted it because for some reason I tried converting it to .yyz, and it got corrupted.
  8. Philip Wallin

    GMS 2 Save & Load Arrays Problem

    I'm having issues with the save & load system in Shaun Spalding's RPG series... Shauns video. Code: Save Script: function save_game() { var _map = ds_map_create(); //Inventory _map[? "Inventory"] = global.Inventory; _map[? "bombs"] = global.bombs; _map[? "arrows"] =...
  9. JelleB

    audio_play_sound stops working after few plays

    im trying to make footstep sounds and the footstep sounds play a few times then stop playing until i stop the animation and start it again. if image_index = 2 or image_index = 6 then audio_play_sound(snd_footstep,100,false) Please help.
  10. V

    GML Question about strings, and if string separators are possible.

    Hi, i've been wondering if i could sepparate strings using sutff like "," or "/" or any possible symbol. like "rock,chair,food" then i pick an index like 2 and set the sepparator to ",", and it gives me the word "chair". What i'm doing is basically a button changing system, but it's not rly...
  11. T

    GMS 2 Help, im trying to add sound to my dialog!

    ive been following this video and ive reached a road block...i want it to play a sound as it goes down the line. similar to Undertale or Other RPGs! I just made all of my characters voices i just dont know how to implement it. ive been trying for a while. if someone can help me find a easy...
  12. NoDev

    SOLVED Wall climb help?

    Hello there, I have been trying to implement a Strider style wall climb feature in my game as of right now and everything has been going well except for when the play reach the top of the wall. As you may know, when the player reaches the top of the wall he is supposed to sort of teleport a few...
  13. A

    SOLVED Bullet not firing from correct image angle

    Hello Everyone, I'm having issues with my simple shooting script. in this script, I used the Gamemaker Astroid script as a reference for the shooting, the rest is just Shaun Spalding's movement and wall jump with variable jump implementation. How it's supposed to work; The projectile shoots out...
  14. L

    GMS 2.3+ So uh, I can't run my game

    Hello there somebody! So I was trying to run my game(it's not really a game, it's just a room with objects to test if they are there) and I can't launch it, it always crashes and I get this message in the output: "/Library/Frameworks/Mono.framework/Versions/Current/Commands/mono"...
  15. R

    Android Problem With Player Movement

    Hello, I didn't know the proper phraseology to use in the title because the problem is pretty specific. I'm am creating a android game where you move with joysticks. The problem I am having is I can only use one joystick at a time. This is because the only way I could figure out how to interact...
  16. ThePlayerEden

    GMS 2 Rotating an Object to Follow the Mouse - HELP

    So I have this object that I plan to have "stick" to another object. Anyways, I want it to point in the direction of the cursor, I kind of have it down from following instructions from another post. The only thing is that it just points in the four directions rather than staying and following...
  17. S

    GML calender system, not making sense to me...

    using 2.3+ time[time_n.minutes] = current_time div 6000 % 60 //this works time[time_n.hours] = time[time_n.mintes] div 60 % 24 //doesn't... I don't want to use an if statement atm ;) any math way, I haven't been really working on it that long.
  18. O

    GMS 2.3+ I cant make my player do an animation without moving

    The thing is that my game doesn't need my character to move, but i can't make it do the dodge animation or any other without it to be moving movespeed is 4, and i use dodgeSide to decide wich side is the player dodging (true for left, false for right) and inside of estados_jugador.DODGE is a...
  19. L

    Coding a delay for player's turn

    As the title says I need help coding a delay for the players turn. First let me describe the problem. So I've set up a combat system for my turn-based RPG, and managed to add some sounds for the players attacks. The big problem is that currently the game moves to the enemy turn immediately upon...
  20. ThePlayerEden

    SOLVED Inventory Following

    So I have this simple inventory code that I tweaked a bit from a Youtube tutorial, anyways, the inventory mechanics works fine in my starting room. The problem is when I leave the room, the items in my inventory go off-camera in the corner of said room, instead of the corner of the player's...