1. H

    Legacy GM How to fix the bugged Gamepad controls in Hello Mario Engine

    Hello! I'm currently making a small Mario fan game using the Hello Mario Engine (a neat GMS project / game builder that has a lot of the features present in most Mario games and it's free to use!). It has worked like a charm, until I found about about the horrendous game pad controls! What...
  2. John Andrews

    Opinion HeYYo! gimme some game ideas, what do you like in games?, I wanna make something...

    I am ready to do anything, but no ideas come to my mind! PLEASE, tell me what makes a game be FUNNY and Enjoyable, what would you like in a new gamE! :D
  3. D

    Legacy GM Help Enemy Not Shoot If There's a Wall

    Hey, Is there a code that will only let the enemy do something to the player if there isn't any solids in between the enemy and player? I'm trying to make it so the enemy can only shoot at me if there is no wall that separates us... Can't find the code for it. Thanks a lot!
  4. D

    Legacy GM HELP Putting GUI in the bottom right of the View/Screen

    Hey, I'm trying to put a GUI on the bottom right of my screen, that will stay at the bottom right even when the camera moves. I cannot get it to work. It either hovers somewhere around the center of the screen, or doesn't show up at all. HELP PLEASE!!!! Here is the code for the camera...
  5. D

    Legacy GM HELP! Changing Sprite Index based on Mouse Location

    Hey everyone! I'm trying to use the switch statement right now to change the direction my player is looking. This is what I have right now. Create Event: /// Variables move = 0 // 0 for stop and 1 for running attack = 0 // 0 for no attack 1 for attack floorValue =...
  6. Lord-Xanthor

    Just saying hello, and a lot more =)

    Been in the gaming business for years. Did work for Stratics and EA then when my first child was on the way, ended up leaving, I thought for good, 12 years ago. Everything I ever did I saved on a hard drive that I ended up pulling and throwing into storage and forgetting about. Then about a...
  7. B

    Tilting (Android)

    Hello, I have some problems with moving my player sprite with tilting. The app I made if for phones that stand up (not landscape mode). I want when they tilt to the left my player rotates to the left and when you tilt to the right my player rotates to the right. I tried several things but none...