healthbar stretch to much

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    draw_sprite_stretched problem

    Hello! I'm trying to make a custom healthbar for my rpg character but when the energy or health drops down, it stretches outside the border. I use this script for both: draw_sprite(sBarEmpty,0,view_xport[0]+32,view_yport[0]+12)...
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    Legacy GM Problem with health bar, really need help.

    So, I'm making a RPG and I have a problem with the health bar. The more health you have, the longer the bar. But I have a background for the health, but when it increases the background gets slightly longer than the health bar, all the way up to the point where the health is as long as half of...
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    Legacy GM [SOLVED]custom healthbartoo much

    im try to have a custom healthbar in the centre top of my games gui but for some strange reason it stretches out of the game view when it shouldnt. HERES MY CODE any help would be awesome. / all/ in obj hbar //create event global.hp =100//max of healthbar // for gui layer view var...