1. BiTrunade

    Discussion How To Diet When Game Devving

    I haven't posted here in three years, way to go! Hello everyone, old GM user here. One issue I faced when programming (especially the one that requires staying up late, lack of exercise, and lots of unhealthy food, mostly junk food.) is weight gain. After I stopped programming (for good) in...
  2. JustEnix

    SOLVED HELP, PLEASE! - Increase Max Health With Sprite

    I'm new to game programming, I don't have enough knowledge to do everything I want to do on my own, that's why I need your help, guys. I created a sprite for the player's health, but then I ran into a problem: how am I going to show that player health is growing as he level up and increases his...
  3. MartinK12

    GML [SOLVED] Where should I put hit, knockback, immunity and health - state machine or?

    I have basic working state machine for player in platformer game and it’s working fine. Currently I have player states: on_ground, in_air, idle. I want to add hit – for starter it will be basic collision event but later I want to create my own collision code in end step. Whenever player gets...
  4. rogonow

    Health and score not updating [solved]

    I always had problems with the build in variables health and score. Now, I can finally show clearly why. See GMS2 Why does the health stay the same when getting hit by the red bullet? Why does the score stays the same when hitting the...
  5. animated_ginger

    enemy health not subtracting properly

    Hello! this is my first ever post on this form and I am also very new to this community! I have a problem with my game that has been bugging me. I have this black hole bullet that's supposed to subtract the enemies (they are all connected to a parent object) health While the enemy is...
  6. Divinik

    GML Make status bar stay the same size?

    I'm a bit of a math dummy, I was wondering if it was possible to make a, for example, health meter stay the same size, even if the character's max health went up?
  7. A

    Displaying Health

    so I am making a tower defense type game, and i have money and rounds displayed, but i cant find a way to display health, as in if the enemy reaches the end of the path it takes off health from the player. if somebody could explain how to make that work i would greatly appreciate it!
  8. P

    GMS 2 2 Sided Healthbar

    How would I do 2 sided healthbars, like when both of the sides decrease instead of one side.
  9. CrackedGamer§

    Game Mechanics Any ideas for a balancing system for enemies?

    So I need a multiplier for hp & damage dealt by enemies so that the game will always be a challenge. At the moment I feel like I want it to be skill based, so maybe "DmgDealt / DmgTaken"? I could use the levels of the player's weapons (swordlvl & knifelvl)? I ain't very good at balancing...

    Legacy GM quick question about removing health from healthbar...

    hey yall, its been a while but i have picked up my project again, and i had a question for anyone, lets say i had a script (below) and when you press enter it will do 10 damage to the enemy (code below) was wondering how to write that as i have forgotten and cant seem to find a video online for...
  11. KyleRansford

    GMS 2 How to Create Quarter Hearts with For Loop [SOLVED]

    I've been looking for a way to have a heath system of quarter hearts and every post I've currently looked at either doesn't work as intended or the code is not explained in detail. The way I would like it to work is, let's say the player has 12 HP so, I would like 3 Hearts shown. Each quarter...
  12. Tayoyo

    Design Different Health and Stamina Bars

    There are many different ways to express the player's health and stamina. What I currently have is a simple health and staminabar at the left top corner of the screen. It's boring, but it works. I recently messed up the GUI layers for my game, and instead of fixing them I was thinking of just...
  13. J

    Alarms and health (GMS 1.4)

    In my game there is water which is deadly to the player, the player has 3 hearts. What I'm trying to achieve but cannot figure out is how to minus a heart after 1 second of the player being in the same x/y position of the water. I will post my code to show what I tried to do. If more code is...
  14. P

    GMS 2 Scaling the interface

    I'm trying to scale the interface like in the code of score, where text is scaled when window changes its resolution. I have a example code where this works but I can't make this in the health system where are sprites. Can you guys help? Here is the good code of the draw event from the score...
  15. P

    GMS 2 health disappeared after adding menu

    After adding menu, pretty much same as here: health of my character doesn't show anymore. By what is it caused and how to fix this? Do you have got any ideas? O_HEALTH DRAW GUI EVENT ///draw hearth depth= -1000 var zwidth = (display_get_gui_width()) - (display_get_gui_width()/1.65) var zxx =...
  16. P

    GMS 2 Player can't die

    I made a health system like in Zelda, where player have hearts that have two parts. After implementing this code I constantly get a crash after player gets to 0 health. Here is the code, can you guys help? PLAYER BEGIN STEP EVENT HEALTH DRAW GUI EVENT
  17. M

    Health and Damage?

    I've been looking into health bars and I am VERY new to the gamemaking community. I have a deadline in 4 weeks and I'm trying to figure out how to implement damage and healthbars. I aimed to have the enemies and main character have health bars. None of the characters shoot projectiles. I have...
  18. G

    Asset - Scripts Health system with hearts!

    Marketplace link. Easily add a heart based health system to your game! Includes: - Health system with hearts. - Health system with health bar. - Health system with text. Features: - Easy to use and modify. - No thousands of scripts! Only three different scripts and objects for each...
  19. A

    Legacy GM Need help with drawing changing variables (SOLVED]

    I don't know how to explain it, so I got two pictures here: As the variables get larger, the numbers start to go into eachother. I want it so the MAXHP will draw in front of the HP, like this...
  20. P

    Health not working, bullets pass through player[top down shooter]

    i was making a top down shooter, and in a draw gui event i have this code: global.hp = 10 global.max_hp = 10 health = global.hp/global.max_hp*100 draw_healthbar(608, 0, 640, 96, health, c_black, c_red, c_green, 3, true, false) and in the collision with enemy bullet i had this: global.hp =...