1. tobi_matchup

    Windows Siam Twinstick

    Hey GameMaker Community, finally I have released my game on itch.io! It took me about 2 years to complete... much longer than I have planed. So here it is Siam Twinstick Pilots, wake up! You are awakened by a strange, godlike creature and your mission is to save the world from evil with...
  2. J

    Windows CLOSURE - Arcade Hardcore Game

    https://ladyluck.itch.io/closure CLOSURE is a minimalistic hardcore experience based on Pong. Use the mouse position on the screen to control four pads and keep the virtual ball from going off-screen for 10 minutes. You either can do it or you can't. I tried to keep it as simple and well...
  3. P

    Free Potrotype Casual Edition & Hardcore Edition!

    This is my first ever game I have made in Gamemaker and in general. A retrospect 2D single screen local multiplayer platformer game. Play as Bob and Marley and unlock paths that lead to the next room and reach the end to clear the game. You will encounter many cute enemies that will require...
  4. D

    Android Master Mind || Feedback is most welcome

    Hello, I want to introduce you Master Mind, its Hardcore Memory Game, where you must find 2 same pieces of cards, but there are mods available, what makes game "little" more harder. for choose there are 2 main mods: -Moving lines (after you do NOT make good pair, whole line will...
  5. Xitilon

    Steam Castle of no Escape 2 - free promo keys!

    Hi, everyone! We've released the full version of our game on Steam and would like to share some keys for those who dare to try it! 6HBPY-0HV66-A4MZX L3HCM-6PJ7V-90Q7L JB0D7-6T7F4-QTIM6 http://store.steampowered.com/app/542350/ Of course if you decide the game's worth its price (it's also...
  6. G

    Free Hyperflex (gameplay included)

    Ever wanted to play VVVVVV, Pivvot, Super Hexagon and Impossible Game at the same time? No? Anyway, it doesn't matter, because now you can! Change gravity, dodge obstacles and reach 1000 meters on each level to reveal The Mystery! You have to know what's hiding behind those question marks...