1. EvanSki

    SOLVED Need help with Resizing Swap chain, V-sync error, maybe an issue with .DLL?

    Alright so This is what im doing, I have a .dll that allows me to access and call windows OS functions, displaying popups, opening and closing the cd tray, ect.. When I call the cd tray to open or close, Game maker hangs and pauses until the cd tray is ready for a command. notice how the...
  2. A

    Mac OSX Game maker studio 2 crashing on High Sierra?

    One thing is, the mouse glitches out on the buttons and sprite creation, but the main reason is that I cant run any game. Here is what it shows when I try to run a game in test (This is a game with 2 objects, 1 sprite, 1 room and no code at all) Saving project to...
  3. Y

    Legacy GM game hangs

    So i'm trying to get my wave system to work. but when I start my game it will just hang whenever I press the start button the code for the wave is as followed as I think it's related to the spawning of instances which has caused me same kind of problems before. anyway here is the code maybe...