1. FoxyOfJungle

    GMS 2 I have found a way to HACK HMAC hash Encryption

    I was recently looking at a safe way to be able to save the file without a regular user being able to modify the gamedata. So I made a system that works as follows to save the game safely: 1 - Save variables in a "ds_map" 2 - Save ds_map as JSON 3 - Save the JSON string to a buffer with byte...
  2. Kabcorp

    Legacy GM delta_time / fps / date_current_datetime() issue

    Hello, i want to make an anti speed hack system using one of these 3 ways (delta_time, fps, date_current_datetime()) The game is at 60fps using room_speed=60; The problem is, when i hack the speed at 0.5 (for example) with CheatEngine, these values dont change. -delta_time is always at 16666...
  3. andev

    GML String functions that start at 0 instead of 1

    GM Version: Studio Target Platform: All Download: Download Links: <N/A> It bothers me that the string functions start at id 1 and not 0, because it means you have to add offsets sometimes. So I wrote some pass-through scripts that fix it. Further reading. All scripts are ready to drag straight...
  4. zbox

    Asset - Extension LuckyPatcher Blocker

    LuckyPatcher Blocker - Android Marketplace: https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/5280/lucky-patcher-blocker Category: Extensions Price: $4.99 Modules: Android Description: Allows you to check: If Lucky Patcher is installed If your app has been modified (I.e, In-app purchase hacks...