hack & slash

  1. BulleTech Studios

    Asset - Project RunNGun and HackNSlash Engines

    Here are two engines for beginners I've put up on the YoYo Marketplace that I'd like to share: RunNGun Platformer Engine A complete side-scrolling platformer shooter engine for you to build your own game off. GMS 2 only. * Completely configure all character sprites and stats as you need *...
  2. Wafi Hussain

    How to make a character move up and down?

    Hello! I am using the code from a skeleton hack n slash game on YouTube as a source and I am trying to figure out how to make the character go up. Here is the code given: switch(state) { case "move": #region Move State if input.up { move_and_collide(run_speed, 0)...
  3. I

    Welcome To Hell - my free game is up now

    Hi guys, this is a short version made in 1 month for IGMC2018. If you like crazy combos, Norse Myth, hack & slash then you should try it. STORY: "What happen after people die? Could you.. ever see them again? The story is about Mei, an ordinary teenage girl. She is living a peaceful life with...