hack n slash

  1. S

    Alpha Vandeity - Hack n Slash

    Name: Vandeity Genre: Action-Adventure, Hack n Slash Platform: Windows Current State: Alpha To translate a certain 3D series into 2D is the objective. Developer Notes This is my first large scale game and I don't consider myself a programmer, I've just used Game Maker since I was in my...
  2. C

     The Legend of the Knight Templar (Hack n slash/Fast Paced Action Platformer) [DEMO]

    Hello GM community, This was my first game I ever started working on a few years back as a hobby. ========================================================================== DOWNLOAD ITCH.IO GAMEJOLT In this game is you will experience a complex Hack n Slash combat with abilities and...
  3. T

    Windows ProJect -Y- (Action RPG, side scroller)

    >Project -Y-, wth is it? Project -Y- is a semi-open world, story driven 2d action rpg (there isn't any exp mechanic, however.) >Sounds more like a metroidvania platformer then an rpg, what are you rambling about? It has these elements, but there are ways of progressing your character...
  4. T

    The 8-bit's [Hack'n'slash adventure game]

    This is a project I have been working on for a while now. I actually had a lot finished but wasn't really happy about the result and canceled it. Later on I started from scratch with the same idea but with a new art style and better system. The game has 3 stages for now but a lot more are coming...
  5. Cpaz

     ARANA (V0.9: The "Wow" Factor)- A Top-Down Hack 'N Slash Shooter

    (V0.9 Pre-Alpha) ARANA is a top-down, hack 'n slash attempting to recreate the addictive-ness that I experience with many games today. Each character has their own Primary and Secondary attacks, as well as stats. You have two meters, an hp meter, and stamana meter. The stamina meter acts as a...