hack and slash

  1. Rover

    DarkLand 2d RPG game

    Hi everyone, I’m currently working on the ARPG game, this called DarkLand. The style of game same the game Diablo 2, but my game currently is 2d (not isometric), some the graphic maybe can change when I upgrade it. This project has long time to release but now I want to show some of process this...
  2. yvodlyn

    Feedback Elgor

    Here is a mini project that I am doing. I started it with Heartbeast videos (Hack'n Slash Series) . I can not wait to see what that will give at the end. I added a xp bar, a lifebar and a door for, depending on what I want to do, be able to go to another level.
  3. L

    HTML5 99FLOORS - Hardcore Dungeon Crawling Platformer (NOW FREE)

    99 FLOORS Play Free in Browser: Here (preffered) 99Floors is a hardcore retro-style platformer "hack-n-slash", "beat 'em up" style game. You choose and play as one of 18 unlockable characters each with different stats and abilities, and must fight your way through ninety nine monster and trap...
  4. skeptile

    Windows Sword and Staff - Retro hack-and-slash dungeoncrawling adventure

    EDIT 9/30/2017: Sword and Staff Alpha 0.2 is now available! Grab the free demo here! Changelog: After about 5 years (off and on) of working on my first full game, I'm proud to finally post the first Alpha build of Sword and Staff! The game can be purchased for $5 on itch.io. There's also a...
  5. Kealor

    Alpha Pure Blood: A Metroidvania Hack & Slash

    Welcome Thanks for checking this project out and i hope to pique your interest! To get access to to the most recent version of the demo check out the discord link at the bottom. We appreciate any and all advice or criticism as we have quite a long journey ahead of us! Overview Purity of Blood...
  6. I

    HTML5 The Blade Overlord

    Hello fellow developers; For those who saw it, I've been developing a game, which had its Alpha and Beta testing open here, in the GMC. As the game was published, I've decided to take down the old thread and post a new one. The game's premise is to survive an endless horde of hostile droids...
  7. eltantillo

    Windows Beyond-Human: Metroidvania Sci-Fi Hack&Slash platformer

    Game Info Beyond-Human is a combination of platformer and hack & slash combat inspired by the Megaman and Devil May Cry franchises. The combat may feel similar to people that have enjoyed Devil May Cry and Guacamelee. Combat is all about performing combos that are easy to perform but hard to...
  8. Chungsie

    Graphics Generals And Conquest Sprites

    So I finally decided I would give animated sprites a chance in Gimp2. I don't know how to quite implement what I visualize in my mind, so they are likely awkward, but I think would be fun for a hack and slash. I am using a wireframe to plot out the movements, then layering on mass. I want to...
  9. D

    Idea Some Q to help me develop .

    Hello , I'm a new user here on gmc , i did played with gms for a month and now i feel kinda ready to start and develop a game . But i have some questions for you , to see what others like cause i won't be the only person who will play the game :) The type of game : 2D hack and slash side...
  10. D

    Soul Knight | RPG

    spamming not included, its a demo however be aware. Not sure what causes death crash, but I hope they played it to the Dead Soul. Soul Knight Version 5.0 InGame sounds are missing from video. NEWS: 7/3/15 Working on arena mode to go along with the story mode. Bug fixes. AI...
  11. squarebit

    Steam Chronicon - Hack'n'slash Action RPG [Now with Gifs!]

    Hey guys! So I've been working on this game for some time now.. well, over 2 years actually. I figured I'd start some kind of devlog and show what I'm doing on here. Updates will likely be quite irregular, though! It's out on Steam Early Access if you want to take a closer look. Anyway, here's...
  12. amusudan

    Alpha The Red Knights (Name TBD)

    THE RED KNIGHTS (name to be decided) In The Red Knights you play as one of the 20+ characters to clear dungeons and castles, save fair ladies, destroy evil and make a name for yourself and your group as the best monster hunters in the world. Planned features: -A fully fledged campaign...