1. A Random Creator

    Legacy GM Inventory Problems

    Hi everyone! I'm having issues with my inventory that I absolutely can not find an answer to. I rewritten the code at least four times before and there is just no fix. So it works fine till I get to here in the code: if(mouse_check_button_pressed(mb_left)) { if(tempitemselected = -1) {...
  2. The Reverend

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] GUI buttons - need ideas

    I would very much like to get some insight on how you guys create interactive elements like buttons on the GUI layer. Especially I'd like to get some ideas on easy ways to implement buttons and how to make sure nothing beneath the button get's clicked as well. So if i.e. a clickable object in...
  3. D

    [ RESOLVED ] GUI Button - Help

    Please help if you can offer some advice. I can't figure out a way to do this. Maybe using the (switch) command ?? The display_mouse_get commands work fine, I tested them with some hover code. So there's no issue in using the point_in_rectangle code. I have 4 buttons in total. Each button...
  4. C

    3D Impossible to use effects on GUI?

    Is it impossible to use gamemaker's effects like smoke on Draw GUI event? If its possible, please tell me how :)
  5. Dagoba

    GUI Scrollbar View

    Hello! There's a problem or more like lack of creativity to create a working scrollbar's view. I bought a scrollbar example from YoYoGames market and the scrollbar works fine (after I slightly modified it because it didn't work instantly). There wasn't an example of scrollbar how it works...
  6. Dagoba

    Move GUI with mouse

    Hello again! I have a GUI that looks like a new window but is actually made by a sprite. It has different sections and whenever I drag the top section where there are minimize button, maximize button and close button, it will move the GUI. These buttons are no new objects, but are within the...
  7. ph101

    GUI scripts

    Hi there, I had a quick look on the market place but didn't really find what I was looking for. I'm hoping to find some simple user interface scripts - like a collection of different types of toggled buttons, scroll bars, tabs that I can learn from or adapt. Does anyone have any pointers? Thanks.
  8. Tonydaderp

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Gui not following view!

    Hi. So I've been making a game, and I recently made a hud. The problem is, however, that the hud is drawn as a gui. It is drawn as a gui because my game uses surfaces for screen transitions, but the gui does not follow view. Even thought it is drawn at view_xview[0] and view_yview[0]. It works...
  9. Heavybrush

    how to move horizontally and vertically in a map, using array2d

    I have to make a navigable map the starting point is in the center there are three worlds + the final stage pressing up I have to navigate from the base to the first level of the first world and go next level in second and third pressing down I have do go from the third to the second and from...
  10. Luke Pierson

    Timer for flashlight battery

    Hey everyone! Here again with another question :) So I have a flashlight item in my game that creates a timer that draws a battery sprite in the GUI. It should draw a different sprite as the timer goes down. It currently draws the full battery and then disappears as the timer goes to the...
  11. Luke Pierson

    [SOLVED] Compass Pointing Towards Exit

    Hey everyone! So I have yet another question. I'm prepping for a game jam by trying to figure out how to do things before actually making the game. I'm trying to implement a compass item that points towards the level exit. When you pick up the item, it draws the compass in the GUI. The compass...
  12. G

    Legacy GM How to properly create GUIs on Game Maker?

    Hello everyone! I'm quite new to Game Maker and I still didn't find the best way of creating GUIs. Does Game Maker have game objects for buttons, toggle buttons, drop down menus, scrollable text fields, sliders, etc? I'll start developing a turn based RPG, so I need all those GUI elements...
  13. L

    Windows Gui Scaling Help

    How could i scale the gui layer surface? if my monitor resolution is 1920x1080 and my gui sprite is only about 100x100 it will show up really small, so how could i scale the surface of the gui layer? to be 2x as big and etc. ?
  14. K

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] GUI Updating Trouble

    Hello, I'm trying to beat my head on this problem but can't seem to figure out what's wrong. So I have an object called "GUI" that handles the GUI in the game, but I can't seem to get it to update/display properly. It's code so far is: Information about object: GUI Sprite: Solid: false Visible...
  15. M

    Legacy GM [Solved] GUI/View scaling interference

    Alright, here's the problem. I like pixel art, and I wish to make a top-down pixel art styled game. However, I would like the GUI and User Interfaces to remain 1920x1080 (high-res). I have a room, which is set up to be 5,000 x 5,000 (it's a map, basically). I have enabled View 0, and it is set...
  16. D

    Interface Buttons with zooming [SOLVED]

    Hello, there! I'm trying to create an interface with buttons, while allowing zooming in the room, but having the buttons stay on the same position on screen. The drawing part is easy, using the GUI function. The collision (for clicking), however, doesn't work, because the object stays in the...
  17. N

    GUI scaling

    So my game is running at 1280x720 resolution. I set display_set_gui_size(1280, 720) but i get pixel problems where some pixels are missing or is added when i go to fullscreen or change resolution. I assume its because its not perfect increase/decrease (x2,x0.5) and there is no such thing as a...
  18. trentallain

    Shaders Help: Converting the shader objects draw GUI event to normal draw event

    Hi, I need help converting the shader object's draw GUI event into a normal draw event, due to depth issues and the fact that it would take too long to re-code all the HUD to enable the mouse clicking on it. Here is the code for the object: //Create Event: //execute code...
  19. Bukmand

    Graphics Polishing your game (tips) according to big companies!

    As I learned though all these years of gaming I could say that. I would be talking about big companies how they are using their stuff. IMPROVING: SPRITE(IMAGE). (16% Important) - Don't use scaling, use cutting: If you using (scaling the image), it will be blurred and buggy, but if you want to...
  20. Dragon47

    Asset - Extension Text Inputs - GM Studio 1

    Demo: https://www.mediafir...qpb1o0g0uaztqrs Poor input boxes make your game look and feel unprofessional, and can ruin the important first impression of a player. But they're a pain to program properly. With this text input extension you can avoid dozens of hours of UI programming, and get...