1. jb skaggs

    Portfolio - General I can help out on small projects-gui, gml, inventory, design, dialog etc

    Hi Ive been using GM since ver 6 off and on (2004). Im an intermediate gml person with a smattering of python, basic, visual basic, and GAMBAS thrown in. Im not looking for full time work, I actually own a carpentry furniture making shop and I program for fun. Currently Im messing around...
  2. A

    GML GUI Scaling Not Working with sprites

    SO... Here is the issue, I would love to scale my video games for full screen, but the GUI elements will not scale. So say for example, I am drawing a spirit to the screen at a certain position. And the game is scaled to full screen mode. Also if the game is just opened full screen. The GUI...
  3. N

    screen_save just take some part. not full screen.

    Hello, help me. I want to take screenshot. And i use screen_save("screen.png") or bmp. But it works like a foolish. It cuts it self. I can take only some part of screen. I did not use screen_save_part. I think problem is my phone's resoulution is diffrent with my room size. But i don't...
  4. A Random Creator

    Legacy GM [Solved] Get an object's coordinates on the GUI layer

    I have a chest object in my game that shows what is in it when you click on it. The problem is that I want the inventory to be drawn on the GUI layer but still next to the chest. The issue is, I don't know how to find out where on the GUI layer the chest would be. Any help is appreciated! ;)
  5. A

    GML Want text drawn when button pressed and destroyed when pressed again (GUI)

    Ok so what I want is walk up to an object (collision) press vk_up to draw text (and keep it there) and the text destroyed when vk_up is pressed again. At the moment the text only appears if the vk_up is held down and disappears again when I release it. I've been searching web for while now but...
  6. T

    GML Constant for Room Scaling?

    I'm trying to create a little text box engine but I've run into a problem. When the game gets resized, everything remains small, and the gui is off centered. How can I scale everything so the game appears precisely as I want it to for any screen size. There must be a setting to make everything...
  7. Xer0botXer0

    GML Objects are resizing as view is zoomed out

    Hi fellow game devs, Hope everyone's making some good progress in their game projects! So I recently implemented the use of a view in my game and the idea is that when when I zoom out my GUI objects should still retain their sizes and not move. The moving part I got right, but when it comes to...
  8. N

    Question - Code Why is my GUI text bugged?

    I believe I made a mistake posting it on this forum. My problem appears to be similar to the one here. Top: Draw Event (Normal) Bottom: Draw GUI Event (Artifacted) It happens even in a blank room with only an object to draw the text. I've tried messing with fonts and anti aliasing, but it...
  9. D

    Legacy GM Help Changing Image index in Draw Event

    Hey quick question, I'm trying to change the index of a UI sprite. I put it in the draw event, and tried changing it in the step event but I'm not sure if GameMaker allows you to change sprites like this. //Draw GUI Event draw_sprite(spr_slayerlevel,0,58,52); // Step Event with...
  10. W

    Problem addressing obj inside another obj

    Guys im making a cut-scene with 3 characters in it. I have a script that creates an obj_text with a text box and some animation. The problem now is that i want to fast forward the animation of only the textBox that is appearing on the screen. For that i´m doing another script that will receive...
  11. Tthecreator

    Asset - Scripts uiZ - ultimate ui framework

    CLICK HERE to go to the marketplace! Click here to got to GitHub! It feels good to finally up this tread on my latest ui asset which I have been working on for years now (I think i started in 2016 somewhere). I've now made uiZ FREE and OPEN SOURCE for any non-commercial usage! Please checkout...
  12. psyke

    Question - IDE What is this?

    Sorry for the newbie question, but these numbers just appeared on my draw event window. What is this? How do I remove it? Thanks.
  13. E

    Legacy GM Draw GUI and Text

    I am making a very pixelated game with room/view sizes being around 200 x 81 and the port size being 1632x918. I figured the best way to do text would be using GUI. So far it looks but I am having trouble placing the text in the room. No matter what value I put in for display_set_gui_size it...
  14. G

    Legacy GM A way to bypass a shader.

    Is there anyway to bypass a shader other than using a GUI (to clarify I mean a draw_sprite function in a Draw GUI). Why don't I want to use a GUI. It's sticking to the screen, and I don't know anyway to stop doing this, or remove it without removing the object it's made from. Thank you for...
  15. M

    Android Scaling?

    Hi! ^^ I have a Puzzle Game I'm working on, all fine except for this annoying "scaling".. Here's the matter: Every room in the game has the same size, 1334x768. If I run the game on my phone, wich is 480x854, everything's ok. But I tried to run it on another phone, with a much bigger display...
  16. MagnumVulcanos

    (SOLVED) Heart and brain that act as if they were "filled" vertical bars.

    So I have two sprites, one transparent outline of a heart and a red blob in the shape o the heart, when the first is put over the second and both get shown, what you get is a pretty nice effect of a red heart. Now comes the part I don't know how to do: When the health attribute is at 50% the...
  17. David Richard

     Not attracted to GMS2 anymore

    I decided to go back and try GMS2 and I just can't help it but say that GMS2 is dead for me. YYG, you lost a customer with GMS2. Oh, and I am ONLY going to talk about the IDE and GUI here. I am not talking about anything else. So nothing to say about new and improved functions, this is just...
  18. Dragon47

    Asset - Extension Interactive Books - Now with GMS 2 support!

    Download demo: Marketplace link: This asset lets you add highly flexible and interactive books to your game. Flipping from one page to another is animated and you can flip multiple pages at once. Lighting and...
  19. Posh Indie

     Image Editor - Palette Editor

    The image editor is pretty decent now, but there is one thing that always pushes me away from image tools; palette editing. Without proper palette creation and editing it is hard to choose colors and adjust them to the piece you are making (This is pretty much a given, but I thought I would...
  20. D

    Legacy GM HELP Putting GUI in the bottom right of the View/Screen

    Hey, I'm trying to put a GUI on the bottom right of my screen, that will stay at the bottom right even when the camera moves. I cannot get it to work. It either hovers somewhere around the center of the screen, or doesn't show up at all. HELP PLEASE!!!! Here is the code for the camera...