1. M

    Legacy GM GUI alarm issue

    I am trying to draw "Speed Up!" for 3 seconds after o_player collides with obj_powerup_speed I know how to draw "Speed Up!" to the screen but I do not know how to make it last for only 3 seconds. Currently "Speed Up!" will draw but it will never disappear Help would be appreciated Code in...
  2. L

    Dynamic Text Scaling

    I have a project that is using the resolution scaling by "Pixelated Pope" It is a great tutorial and up to this point, it has worked well to help me make my game. The biggest problem is the GUI text layer get stretched out to the point of looking horrible. There is the text compared to a...
  3. M

    Graphics Flat GUI Design Choice

    I'm creating a GUI for something I'm working on, but I'm kind of skeptical about which design I should go with: Please tell me which design you think is better, or if I should go with something completely different. Thanks!
  4. G

    GMS 2 [Solved?] Maddening! New title: I'm confused by Display, GUI, Surface sizes

    I've read the manual for rooms, viewports, cameras, windows, displays, surfaces, the application surface, and the gui layer. I've watched Pixelated Pope's scaling tutorials. I read this thread that asked a very similar question but kind of devolved. So, I'm not lazy, just slow. My game is a...
  5. NicoFIDI

    Android Geting strings with phone [solved]

    Hi, the tittle gives enought information i think. I know about get_string, but the UI it's fixed. So i was wondering if theres a way to do some kind of "text panel" where you can get strings with the game UI.
  6. C

    [SOLVED] Translate GUI to Game View Coordinates

    Hello, I'm having trouble drawing a screen over the player object in my game. The end result would be a screen for each individual character, similar to the image below. The problem is that I would like to draw to the GUI layer, not the game view. Because of that, it's hard for me to figure...
  7. Blaize

    GMS 2 Clickable GUI Icons

    Hey guys, I haven't been working with GUI in GMS for very long, so bear with me here. I have an icon object (which pretty much behaves like a button really) with dimensions 64x64. There's no base sprite (since I plan to make it a parent) but the Collision Mask is a 64x64 sprite. In the GUI it...
  8. Fabseven

    GUI bigger than room ?

    Hello, In my current project , something like this : You can see a gui part top left, for this the code is : draw_sprite(spr_topleft,0,global.gui_x1,global.gui_y1) draw_set_font(font_ressource) draw_set_halign(fa_left) draw_set_valign(fa_top) //gold...
  9. A

    GML [SOLVED]Problem drawing sprites in the gui layer.

    I drew a gui button which is drawn just fine. But when i try to draw another sprite in the gui it draws it in a strange way. I added the spr_gui_gold later and thats the sprite thats bugging out. Heres the code: draw_sprite(spr_gui_gold1,0,1700,0); // This is the sprite thats not being drawn...
  10. H

    GML [SOLVED] Copy sprite to buffer?

    Is there a convenient way to copy a sprite to a buffer? Not real-time, I realize sprites are stored in managed/static memory, but I need access to a sprite subimage to do precise collision testing. I'm not using built-in variables because of using custom matrix transforms. This is for a custom...
  11. M

    Image loses its transparency

    Hey guys im having an issue with image transparency. I created a gui with transparent back ground and then used it as a sprite. I used the code draw_sprite(spr_GUI,-1,0,0) to draw this sprite on the GUI view. But when i run the game the transparent background becomes black. Kindly help me solve...
  12. A

    GML Help with aspect ratio

    Recently I've realized that when testing my game on screens with different aspect ratios, words (or whatever is being drawn on Draw GUI layer) tend to go off screen. Now I've been experimenting with "display_get_gui_width" and "display_get_gui_height", which keeps the text within the window but...
  13. A

    Windows Blurred unpleasant text (GUI and Code Editor)

    I don't know if I'm the only one who find all the text appear in GMS2 (GUI and Code editor) very uncomfortable and unpleasant to his eyes. after only one hour of working i couldn't keep looking to the screen anymore, it really hurts! i searched for GMS2 screenshots on the internet so I'm really...
  14. jb skaggs

    Discussion When application meets gaming

    most of my programming ideas tend to be a blend of application plus game mechanics. Which turns out to be more difficult for me than you would think. As how do you integrate one into the other? Write the application then add gaming elements? Or vice versa? Would you try and write it all in...
  15. I

    Legacy GM Convert screen position to room position? (or something)

    EDIT : Resolved using this code thanks to user ariak : (1440x900 is my game's resolution.) // DRAW GUI with(self){ draw_text((x-view_xview)*(1440/350),(y-view_yview)*(1440/350),"TEXT") } Basically, I hate how drawing text in the normal draw event makes the text blurry as I zoom in, and...
  16. jb skaggs

    Portfolio - General I can help out on small projects-gui, gml, inventory, design, dialog etc

    Hi Ive been using GM since ver 6 off and on (2004). Im an intermediate gml person with a smattering of python, basic, visual basic, and GAMBAS thrown in. Im not looking for full time work, I actually own a carpentry furniture making shop and I program for fun. Currently Im messing around...
  17. A

    GML GUI Scaling Not Working with sprites

    SO... Here is the issue, I would love to scale my video games for full screen, but the GUI elements will not scale. So say for example, I am drawing a spirit to the screen at a certain position. And the game is scaled to full screen mode. Also if the game is just opened full screen. The GUI...
  18. N

    screen_save just take some part. not full screen.

    Hello, help me. I want to take screenshot. And i use screen_save("screen.png") or bmp. But it works like a foolish. It cuts it self. I can take only some part of screen. I did not use screen_save_part. I think problem is my phone's resoulution is diffrent with my room size. But i don't...
  19. A Random Creator

    Legacy GM [Solved] Get an object's coordinates on the GUI layer

    I have a chest object in my game that shows what is in it when you click on it. The problem is that I want the inventory to be drawn on the GUI layer but still next to the chest. The issue is, I don't know how to find out where on the GUI layer the chest would be. Any help is appreciated! ;)
  20. A

    GML Want text drawn when button pressed and destroyed when pressed again (GUI)

    Ok so what I want is walk up to an object (collision) press vk_up to draw text (and keep it there) and the text destroyed when vk_up is pressed again. At the moment the text only appears if the vk_up is held down and disappears again when I release it. I've been searching web for while now but...