1. josyanf1

    Problems with the Shader

    Hi! I would like the GUI to be below the shader. If I change the depth the shader hides the elements of the GUI. How do I fix this? Thanks in advance.
  2. P

    GMS 2 health disappeared after adding menu

    After adding menu, pretty much same as here: health of my character doesn't show anymore. By what is it caused and how to fix this? Do you have got any ideas? O_HEALTH DRAW GUI EVENT ///draw hearth depth= -1000 var zwidth = (display_get_gui_width()) - (display_get_gui_width()/1.65) var zxx =...
  3. jb skaggs

    Graphics What are guidelines to making GUI?

    I read as many articles as I can on making GUI, and I understand even big companies like FB fail sometimes. I also understand when possible reuse. But I also know that BAD GUI will kill a game, ruin a mood, etc. Here is my question: Is there a resource that discusses how gui affects the...
  4. jobjorgos

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] easy way to make Draw GUI with clickable buttons

    I made the User interface above in draw GUI of obj_draw I made all the buttons working, by making for each of them an invisible object, with the same button size and position. It cost alot of effort because I have to do like 100 tests to see if every invisible is fitting right with the GUI...
  5. T

    GMS 2 Help with DRAW GUI event creating object instances

    Hi All, This is my first post and first of all sorry for my english it is not my mother tongue so I will explain myself as better as I can (and of course thanks for reading this). I am creating a tower defense game but I am facing some strange behaviours that I could find neither internet or...
  6. Y

    Legacy GM can't tap virtual key

    so I made 2 virtual keys shown in the following code: if(global.Pausing && !global.In_Store){ draw_set_alpha(0.5) draw_rectangle_colour(0, 0, view_xview + view_wview, view_yview + view_hview,c_gray,c_gray,c_gray,c_gray,false) draw_set_alpha(1) draw_sprite(Spr_BMain, 0...
  7. Consuming Octorocks

    GML Need some help with signposts and text windows!

    I'm super new to Gamemaker 2 but I've figured out enough to get by. OK so my view port is super zoomed to 480x270 pretty much all the time and I have made an signpost object. I set a variable called "message" to a string (what I want the sign to say) in the creation code of the sign in the room...
  8. C


    Greetings, I decided I could use a GUI for GMS2 and maybe so could others. I haven't been working on it for too long, but a dev log sounds like fun, right? :) LATEST PROGRESS I just updated to version 0.4.0, scroll down a bit to see the accompanying post. This project may not be updated too...
  9. Dmi7ry

    Portfolio - Programming Experienced programmer for hire

    Current status: BUSY Hi. I'm a programmer with more than 20 years of experience (6+ years of GM/GMS). Programming service: Any 2D games Game prototypes Game engines GUI and HUD systems Dialog systems Editors (maps/levels, GUI/HUD, etc) Tools (converters, loaders, generators, etc) Any...
  10. Dmi7ry

    KinGUIru (KindGUI)

    KinGUIru (aka KindGUI) is a GUI system for GMS (GMS1.x, GMS2; all platforms). First release is planned before the end of the current year (as paid asset). A few words about its features. Nice-looking (I hope) default design. Themes are supported (you can customize the default theme, like...
  11. N

    Android Resizing GUI elements in accordance with screen size

    Hi everyone! I was testing my game on an android emulator that has the following diemensions: 720X1280 and noticed that the virtual buttons and text that I draw in the Draw GUI event appear way too big and overlap each other, I tried using display_set_gui_size() and display_set_gui_maximise()...
  12. Erayd

    Design When/where/how to draw your game?

    I want to start a discussion about drawing in game. I want to hear everyone's opinions on this. Where do you draw all of your objects? Do you use surfaces for everything? If you use surfaces, what would you say are the reasons why surfaces are better than simply using each draw event? Do...
  13. M

    Setting a Position Relative to the Screen View?

    I want to keep an object at a specified position on the screen at any given time. This is the simplified script I have for a test object at the moment: x=view_xview[0]+1000; y=view_yview[0]+100; This works fine until the view in the room in extended. Here is the location of the object before...
  14. A

    GMS 2 Black/White Alpha/Clipping Masks to COMBINE Surfaces??

    Hi I've been researching alot about using black and white images as alphas to designate which areas of an entire surface that's drawn, is to be shown, AND the EXACT OPPOSITE for another surface to be drawn. meaning... my current example: for one scene, I am using a gaussian blur shader to...
  15. I

    Legacy GM Draw GUI

    DISCLAIMER: English is not my first language, so I might have English grammar mistakes, so I wanna apologize for that in advanced. So my problem is, I need to draw a vignette effect over my screen, and when I press and R button, from black vignette it needs to switch into orange. I am trying to...
  16. I

    Draw GUI Background

    DISCLAIMER: English is not my first language, so I might have English grammar mistakes, so I wanna apologize for that in advanced. So my problem is, I need to draw a vignette effect over my screen, and when I press and R button, from black vignette it needs to switch into orange. I am trying to...
  17. B

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Mouse Pressed Event for gui

    My question is, if a button is drawn on the gui, how do you make it register a mouse press?
  18. M

    Mouse Over not working with Draw GUI??

    I am trying to make a simple mouse over and have tried both the Event option as well as the GML option and I just cant get it to get to work. I have not posted any code just in case these is a simple explanation I was unaware of like "It does not work using the Draw GUI or the like... If this...
  19. M

    GMS 2 creating an instance within the camera view

    hey guys, i'm trying to get a sprite to appear at a fixed position to the screen space... this is what I tried: instance_create_depth(camera_get_view_x(0) + 200 ,camera_get_view_y(0) + 200 , -y-100 ,obj_face) this is in the draw GUI event where i also draw a textbox (i want a face sprite to...
  20. ArtCode

    GML Display a lot of different strings using only one obj

    Hello! I'm making a little survival/adventure game and I think I will need to display a lot of different phrases... they will be displayed when the player TRIGGERS a certain position or moment. But I dont want to create a lot of objects for evey string I need to display. What is easiest and...