1. J

    GMS 2 help scalling the game.

    Im working on a new game prototype, but i ran on a problem, once i tried the game on another computer, while the game itself scaled down, the gui was acting like it has on the full rsolution, so how do i rescale the gui (making it big or small) to fit on the display? note: the game currently...
  2. W

    GMS 2 Allowing multiple aspect ratios without stretching display

    hi I've been stuck on this one problem for about too long now: adjusting the resolution without stretching/scaling the game. I'm using a view that follows the player and when the aspect ratio is changed i want the view size to change, leaving the GUI and object/sprite sizes the same. Like...
  3. Zek

    Asset - Scripts ZekUI - Windows-like GUI Framework

    GameMaker: Marketplace Price: $4.99 Platforms: Only tested on Windows, but should work on most other ones (Except HTML5). ZekUI is a feature-rich GUI framework for GameMaker: Studio designed to make Windows-like tools and applications. The framework uses surfaces to only redraw widgets that...
  4. MilkMan5x

    Released Sincerely ImNotGUI - Immediate mode GUI

    Sincerely ImNotGUI - Immediate mode GUI Original Idea from Omar Cornut's Dear ImGUI -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- O no another GUI? ImNotGUI is Immediate mode GUI, which means you don't have to set up all those elements...
  5. PlayerOne

    GMS 2 collision not matching object when scrolling?

    There seems to be some sort of odd bug where the collision box and the actual object do not line up on the y position. When the game is running and when I scroll through my merchants inventory with the middle mouse button the inventory objects will scroll up and down on the y position, but the...
  6. H

    GUI sprite appears at a random spot when I enter the room

    Hello! I have encountered a strange issue where one of the GUI HUD elements is drawn both where it's supposed to, in the corner of the screen, but also in the middle of the room at approximately 4 times it's original size. At first I thought this was texture swapping occurring but increasing the...
  7. MIchael PS

    Legacy GM GUI width is going crazy (?)

    Hello, Another small problem here, I have set a view in the room 300 x 300 and its viewport 1200 x 1200. Then inside player's Draw GUI, I said: draw_set_halign(fa_center); draw_sprite_ext(spr_bullet_sign,0,view_wport[0]-200,100,6,6,0,image_blend,1)...
  8. WindCat

    Asset - Scripts WOKET UI v4.0 - Free, Easy, Tree-based UI System

    ( WOKET UI v4.0 ) Marketplace Link : [ Important functions of W.UI ] - Tree design ui - Check which UI the mouse is on. (Top UI) - Automatic drawing order - Coordinate correction according to parent node - Easily designed using layers in...
  9. GDK

    GMS 2 Draw GUI - not working properly?

    Hey guys, I'm having an issue with aligning the GUI to where I want it. I think I know what might be the issue but I'll lay it out here and see what you guys think. So keeping in mind I want a very centralised layout of the GUI: How I've currently tried to achieve a centralised layout...
  10. V

    Portfolio - Art 2D Artist

    Hi! My name is Vikki! I'm a 2d artist. I draw in different styles all that is necessary to create games: illustrations, characters, icons, animation, promo-art, concept art, objects, etc. I have already created all the graphic materials for several games, and I am always ready to cooperate ;)...
  11. PlayerOne

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Drawing an object on screen

    So far this code will position an object on screen (not in the gui) and can be interacted with. This all works as intended. However every-time the player moves the object in question will shift slightly while still staying in place. I checked other forum posts for a solution but the results...
  12. S

    GMS 2 Draw GUI Error [SOLVED]

    I've been stuck on this error for about an hour. I'm getting this error: "trying to index a variable which is not an array" It's being caused by these scripts: draw_text_color(rtx, rty, left_shift+current_array[current_val]+right_shift, c,c,c,c, 1); var circle_pos = ((current_val -...
  13. S

    GMS 2 [SOLVED] Scaling the GUI correctly to different screen sizes

    Everything below works for my screen, including the GUI functions (my screen is 2736x1824). Room Creation Code: view_visible[0] = true; view_enabled = true; // Variable used to change gui ratio and/or gui aspect ratio. if this is changed, this same variable needs to be changed in the Create...
  14. L

    When Changing room, my score GUI resets to 0

    When I change rooms in my cookie-clicker type game to an upgrades room, my score resets to 0 when I change the room (I am using DnD language and have very basic experience with GML). Is there any way to get my score to save when changing rooms? Cheers, Louis.
  15. jobjorgos

    Legacy GM draw_self() causes double sprite

    I have an obj_z_key with spr_z_key in a room with Draw GUI end: draw_self(). Now I have double sprites, while I only want the sprite drawn in the GUI end, and not the object it self. Any way I can disable the sprite of the object itself without also disabling the GUI end drawn sprite?
  16. Fabseven

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Click triggering two actions

    Hello, there I all my projects so far i have a problem i donot know how to manage. Let's say i have an obj_hero , left click = shoot a arrow with a bow Let's say i have an obj_system, in step i check left click + point_in_rectangle to do something. When clicking, both of the actions a...
  17. N

    GUI Question (this one might be a little tough)

    Basically I'm trying to figure out how to make a button, that you can interact with that shows above the GUI draw event and locks perfectly to the screen. The current draft I have the button is below the GUI layer so I need it above The button is functional so thats good The button does not...
  18. Fabseven

    SOLVED towards Gui point

    Hello there, I know there is a function "move_towards_point" witch make the obj move towards a point. So you can , for example, make an homming missile. But if the mouvement is in the GUI layer how can i do this ? Let's say you killed a monster, a score "+1000" is showing top of the monster...
  19. matharoo

    Asset - Objects GUI Pack with Theme Support

    Matharoo presents... GUI Pack with Theme Support GUI Pack with Buttons, Text Fields, Sliders, and More! $ 3.99 ♦ Documentation ♦ ♦ This GUI Pack contains the following: Buttons Panels Text Fields (Single-line) Text Areas (Multi-line) Sliders Checkboxes Radio Buttons ♦ They can be...
  20. G

    GMS 2 [RESOLVED] Particle System making GUI not draw??

    Hello, This is my second post with another glitch I can't figure out on my own or by reading the manual. I am testing out a particle system in my developing game Veins of Light that is supposed to fire off a burst when someone is hit by an attack, like a blood splatter or something similar...