1. C

    GUI Text Size Remaining The Same On Multiple Resolutions

    Hello everybody! I'll get right to the problem I am having, that the internet cannot fix as far as I can find. This problem is that from the switch from 720p to 1080p, the text size remains the same size in pixels, instead of maintaining it's initial ratio to the screen. I considered just...
  2. C

    Legacy GM Fitting the SAME sprite to multiple resolutions.

    The problem is with the draw GUI. Hello! I've never posted here before because I don't want to waste anybody's time with petty questions, so for my first game (as seen above) I tried to solve all issues I had by learning through other sources. However, this one I cannot figure out for the life...
  3. N

    Legacy GM Changing resolution?

    I have all of my buttons and layout drawn in Draw GUI. I am trying to give the player the option to change the resolution of the game in the "settings" menu, but I want to keep everything scaled properly. Any suggestions?
  4. Imperial

    Legacy GM GUI Buttons Positions

    I have a button with this Script //Draw Event x = view_xview[view_current] + 32; y = view_yview[view_current] + view_hport[view_current] - sprite_height * 1.25; draw_self(); the problem Is when I scale up the view using this Script if(view_wview[view_current] > 800) { if mouse_wheel_up()...
  5. N

    Need help making a UI

    I've been drawing my UI using the Draw GUI event. I've made multiple buttons in my game which work perfectly. Sometimes it's a pain to get drawn sprites working the way they should, but so far I haven't really had any problems. My question is ... should I keep using Draw GUI for the layout of...
  6. Zerb Games

    GMOM Engine: GameMaker Options Menu | 0.4

    GMOM: GameMaker Options Menu GM Version: GMS Target Platform: All, however hasn't been tested on anything but windows. Downloads: EXE Source Website: What is it? Screenshots: Changelog:
  7. N

    Legacy GM Question regarding button using Draw GUI

    This is my button drawn under the Draw GUI event. Fairly simple. It draws a rectangle and the text "New Game" on it. When the mouse hovers over it, it lights up. When you click it, the graphic changes. It's a good button. The problem occurs when I enter the area of the button while...
  8. ParodyKnaveBob

    Suggestion feasible helpful GMC additions using custom BB Code

    Howdy, Great to see this place alive and kicking. $:^ ] As the topic title goes, I'd like this thread to present suggestions for feasible helpful additions to the GMC using XenForo's own built-in ability for admins to create custom BB Code. If mods believe this topic is too broad and should be...
  9. Murr_

    When Drawing text to GUI (Draw GUI Event)

    I have a few questions about the Draw GUI Event, and how it works. 1. When you have a object that draws text the the Draw GUI Event and has a color value, will it effect a OTHER object's text properties when its drawn to the Draw GUI Event. 2. How would you separate the two, from the Draw GUI...
  10. Shadowblitz16

    Legacy GM difference between coordinates

    does anybody know the difference between the draw gui event coordinates and the draw event coordinates? is there a way to convert between them? is there a way to make myself a statement that automatically converts between them depending on the view?
  11. clee2005

    Legacy GM Sprite from Surface doesn't include GUI

    Hey all! I'm using sprite_create_from_surface in the create event of my pause object, but it doesn't include my GUI layer elements. I imagine this is by design (GMS design or limitation), but my question is how can I get a snapshot of everything on the screen? I need the GUI elements...
  12. L

    Camera movement and GUI problems

    so I'm creating a game right now and I've come across a slight problem with the camera movement. the code I'm using which is this seems to not work very well: ///Camera Movement view_xview[0] += ((x-(view_wview[0]/2)) - view_xview[0]) * 0.5; view_yview[0] += ((y-(view_hview[0]/2)) -...
  13. Erayd

    Android Really weird GUI distortion

    So I'm setting up buttons that render on the GUI layer in the bottom two corners of the screen. I set the GUI width and height to not exceed the black bars around the game screen. Basically the whole button is just a rendering of a sprite at a spot on the GUI layer which looks nice. Everything...
  14. Homunculus

    Asset - Graphics JadeUI

    Jade UI is a simple but crisp UI for your desktop or mobile games. Features Complete set of crisp UI elements Based on a 64x64 grid, with elements ranging from 32px to 64px (if you need a 2x version, drop me a note) Everything is drawn to be tileable, from buttons and textfields to panels and...