1. fawhxldawg

    Universal GUI/UI

    Hey, This is GML Focused. Also my writing style will be a little loose and light hearted to be a little more entertaining to digest. Don't mistake it for not being serious, just not trying to put people to sleep and to get to the point. (I'll write TL;DRs before big sections of text so you...
  2. D

    (SOLVED) Upscale UI in Pixel art game

    Hello I am making a game based off chemistry when you need to bond atoms together using electron orbitals and bonds, I am making the game in pixel art to make the particle effects look the best because something about 2d particle effects looks amazing particularly when there are thousands of...
  3. D

    SOLVED Translate position in room to position on gui?

    I have a room that is pretty big in size. So naturally I'm using a camera and view. I can pan around, zoom in, zoom out, and resize the window. I've got all that working pretty good. I'm only using view[0] and its default camera. What I'm trying to achieve: This game is grid based and it is...
  4. David Lorenz

    SOLVED Draw Nine Slice Sprite on Scaled up GUI

    Hello, everyone! I'll go straight to the point: I want to draw a textbox sprite that uses nine slice on the GUI layer, but it appears tiny because my GUI is scaled up. Got any suggestion? Thank you!
  5. JeanSwamp

    Calculate offset from real object position and object drawing to a surface

    Hello, I am drawing a set of objects to a surface, and then I basically scroll that surface. I want to be able to click those objects, but the visual reference you have is the surface being drawn, not the actual objects position. So I am using a global tap event as such position_x =...
  6. M

    GMS 2.3+ Creating an Ultima/Stone Soup inspired GUI

    Hello all. I'm a new user to GameMaker slowly working their way through tutorials. I am looking to create an RPG game similar to the old Ultima series games. How would I create a GUI system similar to that used by Dungeon Crawler Stone Soup, and how would it carry on in between rooms? Here is a...
  7. Gamerev147

    GMS 2.3+ GUI Window System Not Working

    I have a controller object for my GUI which creates a global list and draws the objects in the list from last to first. The objects are essentially windows that simply add their ID to the list. It goes as follows: obj_WindowController - Create globalvar WINDOWS; WINDOWS = ds_list_create()...
  8. samspade

    GMS 2.3+ Sequence Limitation Questions

    Two quick questions about sequences. 1) it seems like there is no way to make a sequence persistent - so you can't have them cross between rooms. Is this right or have I missed something? 2) It seems like there is no way to draw a sequence on the GUI layer directly. Is this right or have I...
  9. D

    Asset - Scripts Free Easy GUI Creator Script

    Hello, guys! I've just released my Easy GUI Creator script. The idea behind this script was to make it easy to create and customize the GUI for my projects. I made it for myself, but since I really enjoyed it, I'm now releasing it for free. Marketplace link...
  10. RyanC

    GMS 2.3+ Game looks blurry & pixelated when drawing application surface to GUI Layer

    Hi Guys, Does anyone know why my game looks extemely poor when drawing the application suface to the GUI layer. The gui layer is set to the same width and height as the application surface. I'm using application_surface_draw_enable(false) then drawing it at 0,0 in GUI begin. When running the...
  11. RyanC

    GMS 2.3+ Application Surface Blurry Compared to GUI

    Hi Guys, I recently noticed that my game looks really terrible on low resolution however, by chance I noticed another menu that looked fine because it was drawn to the GUI. I checked both surface sizes and they are exactly the same, as the gui is scaled to application width. This makes me want...
  12. Rezonator Tools

    Asset - Scripts Typing Text Input Box for GMS 2.3

    Hello GM Community! We have just released a new keyboard input text system with plenty of text-editor-inspired goodies to add to your next project. The GUI is adaptable and able to be positioned & moved anywhere around the camera. The text will scroll along horizontally as typed, meaning there...
  13. W

    Sizing sprite box around items is a bit off and not sure why [Menu System].

    Here is image of result. I post all code below. I wan't to use a sprite as box using using Nine Slice so I can make fancy boxes with animated backgrounds and such. Anyway I try to scale sprite around items in menu and I got a decent result but its a bit off. Not sure why. Items have padding for...
  14. ImagMeh

    Need to make the kill button like in among us

    Hello everyone, I need to make the kill button like in among us. The button can be pressed when there is an enemy nearby, I made the variable true and false. When the player approaches the enemy, the variable is true, when he is far from him, then false. But it doesn't work. The button just...
  15. C

    Portfolio - Art [For Hire] UI/UX Designer looking for Projects/Works

    Hi, I am here on to help you in your project and design a UI and UX for your mobile game (Android and iOS) and also for console Switch, PlayStation Portable, Game Boy Advance, Xbox One X, PlayStation 4 Pro, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Switch and PC. I can provide UX or User Experience wirefrmes, UI...
  16. Evan Kinsler

    GMS 2.3+ Where's the best place to learn GUI Design?

    Please reply to this post with the best videos for beginners to learn about GUI Design in Gamemaker Studio 2.3. Even though I will try and look for some myself, I will still enjoy it if I heard other people's opinions on where to start.
  17. M

    GMS 2.3+ I want to know how to exempt draw_surface for GUI or Obj

    My problem is my GUI and Portrait is always dark when i used surface or shader (Image is below) I want GUI and Portrait always set default color please help (are there any function or ways to solve this?) GUI and surface they are already different instance layer (GUI is above surface)
  18. GGJuanPabon

    Graphics GUI/UI/UX Improvements coming OP?

    Dear Opera, 1 year ago I put gamemaker aside as a game development engine for mobile devices, and concentrated on Unity. I have done very well, but I only make 2D games and I think GameMaker is the perfect one. Although not for mobile. A change is necessary in the way of programming and...
  19. hans

    Mapping Room coordinates to Gui Layer

    I've been working on this game in which I want the mouse to be on the gui layer but be able to click on things in the instance layer. My issue is that to do that I need to know the coordinates of the mouse in the instance layer while it's in the gui layer. The gui layer and the space the camera...
  20. RipRoarinBoogerBenis

    drawing particles to the GUI layer

    I've attempted a few methods, but have had no luck. Currently I just use a very lower depth draw to get the same effect; does anyone know if there's a layer ID for the GUI "layer" that I could insert into part_system_create_layer ? Or should I make a surface, draw to it / capture it in the...