1. 2

    GMS 2 Choosing what Audio Group External Audio Is Part Of

    When loading external audio how do you decide what audio group it is part of? Music needs to be in a separate audio group for me to adjust the volume separately.
  2. Hyaena

    telegram chat group for Game Maker

    hello , we have made a chat group for communicating on the Telegram messenger. the idea is chat and discuss about game maker so developers can meet and improving themselves. click on the below link to join the group:
  3. C

    When working on a group project, does everyone need to own GM2?

    Hello, As the title suggests, i want to work on a game with friends. I plan to buy the $99 version of GM2 for use on the project. However, if we were going to publish the game, would they need to have the $99 GM2 as well, or could they work on it with the trial version, and then publish it with...
  4. peteynunchucks

    Synchronizing a group of characters movement

    Hello Gamemaker Community, I am making a twist on the classic pong game that involves each player playing as a group of monkeys on a tree trying to avoid falling debris and also playing a match of pong. What I have trouble with at the moment is getting the Individual monkeys to move as a...
  5. Slyddar

    iOS Leaderboards not working after grouping

    Wondering if anyone has experience in grouping IOS Leaderboards? I created my app as a lite version with ads and a working Leaderboard system. Then later created a full version as a separate purchase, not using IAP (which is probably a mistake in hindsight). Both are the same code, but with...
  6. F

    Making a GameMaker-Users group to create funny games !

    Hello everybody, I was asking that with some GM:S users, we could make a group of game conceptors to create some funny games. I think it could be a good idea. And if you're ok, do not hesitate to tell it to me ^^
  7. pieterator

    GMS 2 audio_play_in_sync_group() doesn't return unique ID

    I'm currently using audio sync groups for multi intensity music in my game. The idea is to have 3 pieces of music play in the sync group, and then cross fade between them as the intensity of the game increases. From the GameMaker Studio 2 help file on audio_play_in_sync_group(): The example...
  8. R

    GMS 2 Parent system GMS2

    Hi guys, I'm writting this because I need help with a project I'm currently working on with GMS 2. I created an object (I call it vehicle) and a turret that i placed on it. Then, in the object editor i set the vehicle as the turret's parent, so when i move the first with arrows the second moves...
  9. PHL

    Legacy GM No function for audio groups?

    No function for audio groups? I need a way to check if a particular sound ( e.g. scream_sound) belongs to a particular audio group ( e.g. Voices), using code. I know that you put sounds into audio groups using the resource section, but do I always need to go there if I want to check which...
  10. Scrydan

    Question - Code [Suggestion] Movable Instance Object layer/group

    I have been looking into this lately and been wrapping my head around the limitation of layer moving. For the past week I have been re-implementing some things in my old project while I looked into this. The layer system is quite cool and can easily in my opinion be used to manipulate whole...
  11. G

    GMC Forums Feedback for feedback

    Hello everyone! So I have been thinking about this idea for awhile now and I think it is about time to make it happen. As a game developer when you are working on your game, one very important factor is to get feedback in order to improve it and stay motivated to go on. There are a lot of games...
  12. D

    Pikmin style following

    So, a question for all of your beautiful people. There's a mechanic that I think would be neato to add to my game. I aim to have four characters travel in a tight party as directed by the player, accept that I do not want them to follow one character in a chain like yee ol' JRPG's. But rather I...
  13. PieBaron

    physics particle group collision event

    Hello, I've made a physics particle group which works great, and its colliding with the rest of the physics objects in my room. I would like to make it so when one of my "projectile" physics objects collide with the particle group, the projectile is destroyed. I tried assigning a name to the...
  14. Otyugra

    The GMC Rad Reviewers [sign up & Discussion]

    The GMC Rad Reviewers is a group of people who all agree to review completed GMC games, as well as give minor feedback to incomplete ones. There are too many great submissions on this forum that get unseen. As such, we are here to help forum-frequenters by recommending games, and to give...