1. K

    Legacy GM Create object everywhere on a grid?

    For example: a 10x10 grid (32px x 32px sprites), how do you create the object 100 times, 1 time for each square of the grid.
  2. L

    Not sure the best way to make this

    I want to set up a world map system for my game. So you can see the character icon on the map, aswell as city icons and other points of interest. When a location is clicked I want the character to move to that location and once there (if a city for example) the player would enter the city...
  3. frozenwisp

    RTS thing

    Ok so I need help with setting up markers for my units to go to. when my units are selected and you right click your units move to there own invisible marker I want the markers when spawned to separate so my idea is. How do i get each marker to move left right up or down based on it positions...