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  1. Bart

    GML Using DS Grids For Calculations

    GM Version: ALL (the code makes use of ds_grid accessors but that is not a requirement) Target Platform: ALL Download: N/A Links: N/A Summary This tutorial series shows how certain calculations can be done using ds_grids. Each tutorial focuses on a specific calculation or algorithm. Tutorial...
  2. zendraw

    GMS 2 tiles & depth

    how do you apply depth to tiles so that player can go behind them when his bottom is above theyr bottom? and infront when his bottom is below theyr bottom. basicly adding the -y depth thing, or similar. only way i see is making diffrence betwean layer`s depths the same as the grid and making as...
  3. N

    ds_grid_sort does literally nothing?

    So I'm making a 2d grid, and I populate the first column with an array (node coordinates). The second column is the distance between the origin node and whatever node I'm examining from the list of node coordinates. That part of the code works flawlessly. My issue is that, you'll see I print the...
  4. C

    Legacy GM Need help with making a grid from slanted perspective.

    I want to build a 2D Grid from a 3D perspective that looks like this. I want to have control over every tile, so I have considered making each tile into a separate object. But the thing is, performance is very important in my game. And that, of course, is not very efficient. Is there any...
  5. P

    Isometric grid with Tilemap got inaccurate

    Well, I don't think you got what I mean from the title so I will explain a little bit: I am trying to learn how to make isometric game, I used Shaun Spaldings tutorials and even added the object moving to grid working properly BUT my grid, made with tilemap works strangely because it marks the...
  6. TyGamess


    So there is a add instance to a grid but what about remove? Like I add in a new set of walls but when the “Roaming Villager” steps in a button I can then pass through those instances once again as he was able to do before. I’m bad at wording but yea
  7. A Random Creator

    Optimizing drawing a grid

    Hello everyone! I have a relatively simple issue. I'm currently creating a rts style game, and I have a "Fog of War" which is stored in a grid. It works fine currently, however I'm having a major issue with the lag. Drawing the fog on screen is pretty simple, I just have to draw the few squares...
  8. Oliver Melroy

    GML Game Starts Lagging Greatly

    I have been using GMS2 for about a year now, and I have come across a problem I cannot seem to fix. My game starts lagging a lot after about 10 seconds after running the game, and I think that the problem is the grid around the blocks being drawn every frame, but idk. Thanks! Video: Grid...
  9. T

    Legacy GM Check grid cell distance

    I was wanting to know if was any way I could check to see how many grid cells one object is away from another. I just have a very basic grid, that I have each cell set to 32x32. I have the player at once position in the grid, and was wanting to store the number of cells that are inbetween the...
  10. Z

    (SOLVED) Lag-free depth system

    Hi everyone. I've been using a depth system that works quite nice. The way it works, is it stores all the objects in the current room in a grid, using each individual object's x and y value. The grid is sorted each frame according to these values. When the player moves, each frame, the entire...
  11. S

    Top Down Cover Finding( warning computationally expensive)

    GM Version:1.4.1763 Target Platform: Any Download: <N/A> Links: https://spoonsinbunnies.itch.io/topdowncoverexample a quick example(mouse to add delete a to toggle extra draw) Summary: Lets be fair top down shooters don't get a lot of love, so if you've ever wanted your enemies to find cover...
  12. tagwolf

    How to code a match 3 game and backtracking algorithm basics.

    GM Version: GameMaker Studio 2.2.3 Target Platform: Windows / All Download: N/A (TBD) Links: https://www.raywenderlich.com/55-how-to-make-a-game-like-candy-crush-with-spritekit-and-swift-part-1 (I used this initially when I was struggling for base logic, but ultimately this is a backtracking...
  13. B

    Circular loop through 2D array

    While I'm worried this is above me, for reasons regarding depth I would like to loop through a 2D array starting at a given position and "spiraling" out from that point. The most helpful thing I found online was this https://stackoverflow.com/questions/398299/looping-in-a-spiral?rq=1, however it...
  14. B

    GML Distance to closest Cell with a certain value

    So in a grid with 0's and 1's, for every 1 I want to find the closest cell containing a 0, storing that distance (in cells) in an additional grid. This only needs to be executed once to establish all the distances, so performance should not be an issue, however how could I find the distance to a...
  15. DarthTenebris

    Windows Enemy AI

    Hello everybody, I am currently trying to make my game's enemies, and I thought I'd start from the most basic enemy, a simple kamikaze enemy. Unfortunately it turns out it isn't as simple as I thought, particularly when it comes to their behavior. The circles are the enemies, the box on the...
  16. JesterOC

    Job Offer - Programmer [Completed] Hiring 2D Programmer for Open World Chunk Autotiling

    Hey there, I'm having a problem with my open world chunks and autotiling via code I was hoping you could help me... I'm using this for auto tiling at the moment: https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/6312/essential-autowall-2 but the edges of my chunks don't auto tile...Here's a Pic...
  17. Pretorg

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Problem with grid and clearing cells, it won't work

    Hello! after a long abscense i am back trying to finish my first projec, it is a 2d topdown game set in space and one of the enemies is supposed to be able to navigate towards the player without hitting anything in the way (pathfinding) because both the player and the enemy ships get damaged if...
  18. Daniel Mallett

    Asset - Graphics 2D Grid utility

    I have posted my first Gamemaker marketplace utility. It's a 2D grid with a whole number of a features. I am selling this for$1.99 but I am willing to give the first three copies away for free. https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/8239/grid-utility Please contact me on support@avivo.biz...
  19. R

    Grid Enemy movement

    How would I make my enemy follow the player once the player is in a certain range but make the enemy move on a 16x16 grid. I already know how to make it so the enemy will move towards the player but I want the enemy to move in a grid style to the player.
  20. J4mie

    Asset - Scripts 2048 Game Engine

    This is a full game engine. With just 3 lines of code you can be running the entire 2048 game. Support for custom images and styles. New update (22-Mar-2019). In this updated I completely re-coded the game engine. Taking advantage of ds_maps for data storage. Shouldn’t be too hard to update...