grid snap

  1. Snickerzilla

    GMS 2.3+ Need Help With Placing Objects On The Grid (In Game)

    I'm trying to make it where I can place an object on only certain points of the grid but I just don't have a clue how. I've made it where the object that I'm placing within the game will be snapped to a point but I don't know how to make it where it can't be placed on certain points. Please help!
  2. bodilliam

    GML Grid Code

    Hi guys I am somewhat new to GM, and was wondering if there was a easy way to make a snap to grid. There is on Construct 3 and I was just interested in knowing. Thanks!
  3. RyanC

    GML Issue with instances snapping to same position when exporting level.

    Hi All, I was wondering if anyone can see an issue with this code I am using? My level editor in game has the following code to round and floor all x and y positions so that the level strings are shorter to send to the server etc. The issue is that I am occasionally seeing objects over the...
  4. Corey

    GMS 2 (Fixed)Click + Drag mechanic help

    Hello. I am having an issue trying to set up a "click + drag" type mechanic for an object. Currently, the object is a placeholder and follows the mouse_x and mouse_y position, and it is set to move_snap on a 32 x 32 grid in a step event (the sprite is 32 x 32 pixels as well, and the origin is...
  5. L

    (Nvm) Problems with grid snapping (is there a way to turn it off its so annoying)

    I'm trying to make a tile set where a lot of stuff has to overlap each other, but grid snapping is making it really hard. I've separated most of the sprites into different tile sets but it really isn't working at all, and the preferences menu does nothing. Any help? Or should i just code the...
  6. A

    Mac OSX Twin Viewports Functionality?

    I've been away from development for many years (most recent experience was with UE3) and I'm attempting to jump back in with a simple project to refresh my level design and writing abilities. I've never used GMS2 before, but it seems like the perfect fit for this concept. I'm not a programmer...
  7. E

    Legacy GM RPG-Style Grid-Based Following?

    (Version 1.4.1772) I'm making an RPG game with the standard 4-person-party setup that uses the mp_grid. I want the party members to follow each other in a line, kinda like what you see in some parts of Pokemon games. However, I have no clue how to get this working in a way that the followers...
  8. M

    Game Mechanics troubles with a rogue-like game

    For a school project I'm making a rogue-like game based on the mobile game which is turn/gridbased Unfortunately I'm having some problems with the changing of the turns and I'm wondering if anyone has some tips to make my game work. I've thought of a global variable or something to check if the...
  9. dazza_bo

    Legacy GM [SOLVED]Snapping sprite to isometric grid

    I've been playing around with isometric lately and learning a lot. One thing I haven't been able to figure out though is snapping to an isometric grid. I'm trying to get a sprite to follow my mouse cursor and snap to the iso grid as I move the cursor around. I have tried a few different...
  10. J

    grid snapping within game

    Hello GM community, I am fairly new to Game Maker and am trying to make a fun little game for my students to enjoy exploring their creativity. I have a fairly old copy of GameMaker 8.1 that I am using (since I CAN export to windows/mac with this and do not wish to spend money for upgrading my...