grid collisions

  1. J

    Tile collisions using grid for a large room

    Hi I'm new to GM and would like to clarify if I'm on the right path in how I'm considering creating my game. It's a top down racing game that will be on a very large room/map. Before I design and draw the room I would like to make sure it'll work. Basically there will be sections of road that...
  2. NeZvers

    GML ds_grid collision slopes [SOLVED]

    As a material for tutorials, I wanted to give a challenge for myself and make a platformer with the bitwise calculation (no floats) and ds_grid. I want to avoid any loop and achieve it only with if. Regular block collision work like charm, but I wanted to push it further with slopes and moving...
  3. NeZvers

    GML Grid collision system with slopes (keep ignoring)

    EDIT: Thanks for help!
  4. JDizzle383

    Legacy GM Div used to get sprite an object is located at

    I need to figure out how I would use the div function to check which image_index is in a grid of drawn sprites where an object which is draggable is located. So I have this code, and I know I need to use div by a number to get each individual cell check, but am lost beyond that... _width = 72...
  5. S

    GMS 2 Random Level Generation

    Hey guys, I've been following HeartBeast's tutorial on random level generation. Things have been going alright, but I've been stuck for a few days. Whenever I run the game, the player is able to move about halfway into the walls. I can't figure out if it's the grid that is wrong, or if...