1. Gamerev147

    Legacy GM [Help!] Graphics Options

    Hello! Does anyone know if a simple graphics engine I can implement into my game. I want the user to be able to select Low, Medium, and High graphics settings. Does anyone know an easy way to do this? Thanks, Gamerev
  2. Luke Pierson

    Full screen issue

    Hello GMC! I come to you with another problem I'm having. I want my game in fullscreen, but while in fullscreen, a sparks effect that occurs when hitting enemies causes the black edges of the screen (since my view in game is smaller than my screen size I guess?) flash really bright and...
  3. S

    Windows Question about Game Resolution Scaling.

    Hey guys, I've been using GML for quite some years, so I have some good experience with GML, but I joined the forums just now to ask you guys a question. This is not a programming question, this is an theoretical question about game design. I found the whole game resolution thing a pain in the...
  4. G

    Portfolio - General Game Artist (UI, Environment, FX)

    Hi there! I'm editing this post because it's outdated, and reopening. Examples of my full 3D renders are available here. Examples of my general (and more game-oriented) work is in an Imgur album here. I do animations as well as stills, but I don't do characters well. Environment/UI/special...
  5. S

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Sprites: Onion Skin

    Recently picked up the Humble Bundle GM Studio, really excited to make some games, though I've hit a roadblock, I'm not the best at this, and in particular I'm having a lot of trouble because there's no onion skin. Is Onion Skin a feature? if so how do I enable it? if not tips on how to keep...
  6. Dijkstra

    Question about animation...

    Hello everybody! I'm trying to make a racing game in GM: Studio... I use pseudo - 3D method (car consists of several layers, lined up in y-axis, something like that):confused:. For this, I use script - draw3d: ////at future i'll use 'for' loops for that sprite_amount = argument4 if...
  7. W

    Is there a function to get the color pallet of a sprite?

    Hi, so I looked in the manual but didn't see anything on extracting color pallets, what I'm trying to do is if the user loads a pencil art drawing (or single color pen), I'm going to use a hue altering based shader to turn the sprite into color, I figure if I can get the grayscale color...
  8. Paul Green

    Where do I start? [Yeah, I know... I'm being Vague]

    Hey All, Finally the forums are back for me (I've been on hiatus for a few months and only just come back to searching for them)..... So, as to my Subject Title 'Where do I start?" let me explain. I'm 43 years of age, with a full time life, family, job, etc, etc.. But I still love...
  9. R

    Graphics Some weird graphical glitches!

    Hello, I drawed some test tiles for my project.... but there are some issues with the tiles, graphical glitches. Any idea how I get rid of this? .... And yes, my graphic card is up to date.(Nvidia Geforce GTX 960) ... And yes, I let enough room between each tile. Image: The tileset I created:
  10. G

    Design How much does shaders improve the graphics?

    I have read about shaders in the manual but have not used it yet, is it something that is necessary in order to make great graphic? It seems to use some other language than GML but I dont understand why you would need it and what difference it makes in how your game looks. So it would be nice...
  11. J

    Asset - Service Logo and App Icon design services

    Hey GMS community, I am exited to announce that my design service is up and ready to go. link:
  12. zendraw

    HIgh contrast/ 8bit visuals

    Hi does any1 know a shader that makes the graphics either with high contrast (pixelating them) or 8 bit? preferebly 8 bit.
  13. P

    How can I access the physics fixtures in order to draw them?

    I asked this question at StackOverflow, but realized I probably should have asked here. Feel free to answer at SO to claim the bounty. ---- I'm new to Game Maker. I've created...
  14. Dragon47

    Asset - Project Above 3D - Multidimensional Visualization (free)

    Above 3D is a multidimensional visualizer for the curious and math interested people. Inside the program you can choose how many dimensions you want to see, and whether you want perspective and fog enabled. You can interact and affect what's visualized by rotating the shapes in every dimension...
  15. Dragon47

    Asset - Demo 3D Fireworks (free)

    Download executable: http://www.mediafire...D Fireworks.exe Marketplace link: This demo contains a set of different types of fireworks which uses vertex texture fetching and point sprites to efficiently render more than 100,000 particles at once. The logic of the...
  16. Dragon47

    Asset - Shaders 3D Mirrors

    Download demo: This asset lets you easily implement 3D mirrors into your game. The code is written in GML, but an extra (optional) DLL is used for optimization on windows targets. The mirrors have a customizable reflection depth...
  17. E

    Legacy GM Draw sprite in trapeze?

    Hi everyone, I'm just finishing the game I've been working on for a long time and I'm organizing a lot of ideas I would like to make my new game with. I was wondering if it was possible to draw a sprite in a trapeze. When a sprite is drawn on screen it can be recognized as in a rectangle, even...
  18. T

    Vectorial graphics on a non-budget?

    I saw GMS only takes .swf files and spine for its vectorials. I wanted to ask, what's the best way to make .swf files? As I understand it currently only Adobe Animator can make .swf files. However, the only free version available is a 1-week trial. While theoretically I could subscribe for...
  19. D

    Team Request 2D Animator needed for a topdown zombie shooter game

    A 2D animator is needed for my game that I'm making. The game is about a lonely survivor that just woke up in the hospital and tries to understand what has happened and so on and so on. You will be animating top down persons, zombies, items, environment indoors & outdoors. The game does not...
  20. csanyk

    draw alpha gradient

    I can't figure out how to achieve the following drawing effect: For an arbitrary rectangular region (could be a drawing of text, could be a sprite, could be a surface; basically I'm looking for a general purpose solution): Draw it at full opacity at the top half. Make the bottom half...