1. A

    Graphical Problem

    I'm running my game in 1280X720 and if I use window_set_fullscreen my character jitters. I'm using hand drawn art and assumed that maybe that was the reason but I inserted some pixel art too and it jitters too. The pixels are messing up in an odd way. Also if I get rid of window_set_fullscreen...
  2. T


    I'm confused does GameMaker Studio use OpenGL SL or not? It says it does but when I tried to implement an openGL line of code (glReadPixels) it threw an error saying overloaded function not specified? and yet all the shader syntax and code is written useing the openGL SL?? If so which version of...
  3. RyanC

    Android Setting graphics - based on device hardware spec.

    Hi all, I'm currently in the process of coding an auto graphics optimization script for my game and was wondering if anyone knows how to go about this. For example: On the Galaxy Tab S2, the game needs to run at a smaller resolution than the devices resolution to prevent lag. This is also true...
  4. Ferrettomato

    Legacy GM [SOLVED] Sprites are sometimes offset by one pixel?

    My game has its application surface resized to match the view (the view is 192x192, and the application surface is also 192x192). Sprites appear properly for the most part without needing any custom drawing, but occasionally objects that the view isn't centered on are sort of shifted by one...
  5. 6

    Adding effects on a circle

    Hello Everyone! I'm making a game where you can use a bomb, which radius grows really fast and destroy everything in it's way. I've managed to do this, it's working really nice with collosion_circle, but for the display all i have is a draw_circle which is not so nice. Can you please tell me how...
  6. jb skaggs

    Discussion When application meets gaming

    most of my programming ideas tend to be a blend of application plus game mechanics. Which turns out to be more difficult for me than you would think. As how do you integrate one into the other? Write the application then add gaming elements? Or vice versa? Would you try and write it all in...
  7. B

    Graphics High-Resolution sprites.

    Hello there. Just joined the forums and purchased Game-Maker. Awesome thing, I have to say! But I am a little stuck with the sprites. I am pretty sure a big part of the community have hearded about ''High-Res/Vector sprites". But I have trouble with making them. I arleady have them as a...
  8. Zuurix

    Legacy GM Fullscreen scaling

    Hey guys, I use window_set_fullscreen() in my game and currently, I am using aspect ratio scaling. I think the game looks better that way, but some of my players would like that there would be no black bars, that appear if using aspect ratio scaling. In global game settings, you can choose...
  9. Master Maker

    New Topic-Game Design Document Ghost Writer

    I was wondering what the best way, in code, to spruce up images, make them look nicer, etc. I was also wondering about 2d lighting and materials - how to go about creating them, implementing them, etc.
  10. zendraw

    Windows Flickerin line

    Hi, so ive had this issue other times also but now i decided to ask if you guys know why is it happening. so i draw a healthbar with draw_rectangle and sometimes some line doesnt know its position and when i move the view it flickers like this > this happens constantly when moving the view...
  11. J

    *noob alert* How to use high res images because they get compressed?

    Hi, im trying to use high resolution images, but i have always used pixel art in my games. But my nooby brain does not understand this: with pixel art the screen is quickly filled up with "art" in for instance 32x32. But when i try to use for instance 128x128 images and make the room 4 times...
  12. C

    Windows Automatically Disable Display Scaling on High DPI Displays

    In the Properties of a Windows .exe file (at least on Windows 10), in the "Settings" section of the "Compatibility" tab, there is an option called "Disable Display Scaling on High DPI Displays". Long story short, having this box checked makes my game display how I want it to, and having it...
  13. Gamerev147

    Question - IDE Texture Interpolation Equivalent?

    I was looking at the new functions and testing almost all of the gpu_blahblah functions, but I can't really find anything similar to texture_set_interpolation(linear). Obviously texture_set_interpolation was removed so does anyone know what is basically the same as this?
  14. E

    My graphics are getting distorted?

    For some reason all of my sprites look fine in the sprite editor, but they get distorted whenever I start the game. The attached image shows the room editor on top and the game running on the bottom. Interpolate colors between pixels is checked off btw, It helped get rid of some weird white...
  15. D

    [SOLVED] Weird sprites and tiles stuttering / jiggling

    [SOLVED] THANKS GUYS!! I AM WRITING IN CAPS, BECAUSE I AM SO EXCITED! The problem really was my wrong zooming in.. To make it more clear : my base resolution of game is 640x360 . When zoomed, it was 448x252.. Somehow I thought that if I keep the same aspect ratio, nothing bad could happen. Oh...
  16. G

    Graphics Help with removing blurry sprite effect

    I'm currently making a platformer game. I noticed that when the character sprite moves, there's a blurry effect that follows through. How do i remove that blurry effect and make the animation smoother? Search online and every posts suggests disabling interpolation, but it doesn't help. Refer...
  17. RyanC

    Android Strange Graphics Bug - Mobile

    Hi everyone, check this out! When I load my game on mobile via wifi, this is what I see before the game crashes shortly after. Any ideas what is causing this?
  18. Bingdom

     Current Game UI

    Hello, I'm getting closer to release my third mobile game, but I need some feedback for some of the designs on the UI. Please tell me what you think of it so far. 1) During gameplay Note: The '4x' flashes different colours, and gradually gets bigger the higher combo you have. 2) Homescreen...
  19. S

    [RESOLVED] 3d doom sprite space time distortion graphical error thingy

    Hello world! (moslty gamemaker forums) im using the old fps tutorial mark overmars wrote to make a short 3d adventure game, but pretty much every graphic is just that sprite-on-a-wall-facing-the-camera trick, aka doom sprites. iv done this in earlier versions of gm and it worked, but theres...
  20. G

    Updating graphics with external tools?

    Hi. I'm completely new to GM and I am wondering what is the best approach to use when updating graphics like sprites and backgrounds that have been created with external tools. I have watched a few tutorials and people seem to edit images in for example Photoshop and then go into the resource...