1. trentallain

    GML [solved] Best way to do HD graphics (HUD)

    I currently have HUD sprites that are made for 4K (3840x2160) and I scale them depending on the screen size. So if the display was 1920x1080, the scale would be 0.5. These sprites are basically just 1 to 2 colour shapes and icons (not pixel art) that consist of lines and curves (such as...
  2. alexhinton

    Favorite Era of Console Graphics

    I really like the cruddy look of old ps1 3d games (the 2d games are beautiful). I also like the look of old school arcade games from the early 80s like Joust, Robotron, and Rampage. What about you guys?
  3. E

    Graphics Adding character busts to NPC dialogues

    Hello, does anyone know how to add a character bust to a NPC's text box when they talk? It should look like a visual novel/like this: (I don't own this image) Thank you so much!
  4. ShaunJS

    Asset - Shaders Dissolve/Edge Burn/Disintegrate Shader

    (Currently supports GMS 2.0 and 1.x!) Itch - Marketplace - Patreon Create a real-time dissolve effect that can disintegrate or materialize any sprite using a size-matched black and white dissolve mask. Different colours and masks can create many different effects! Just two scripts and...
  5. LucasTheNewbie

    Team Request Team for Topdown Game

    Hey guys! I'm currently working on a Topdown game in the typical RPG-view. The graphics are based around pixelish and squarish images. The entire graphics will get a complete overhaul later! About the game: What I need: Screenshots: (huge spoiler warning) So this is basically what I...
  6. J

    GMS 2 Surfaces help! Clipping one sprite using another to maker a shadow...

    Hi all, My gms education has been going nicely... until I ran into surfaces, that is! I understand the basics of setting them (I think), but really struggling with this little hurdle. I have a 'plane' object that flies around, and then every now and then it passes 'under' a cloud. I'd like to...
  7. A

    Portfolio - Art Free Art For Your Games

    Hi all, Just wanted to share some of my art that never got used, hope someone finds it useful, you're allowed to use it in anyways you like, commercially or not, no credit is needed, but it is appreciated haha Just made a simple blog where you can download it -...
  8. G

    Discussion SWF vector graphics, what is possible?

    Not so much a programming question. I find nothing in the forums about SWF vector graphics, google can't seem to stay off of the adobe website, and the manual seems a little barren for those who are not intimately familiar with SWF files. What is possible with SWF vector graphics in GMS2, aside...
  9. JAG

    GMS 2 Large png freezes game

    Hi Im trying to put a png "overlay" in my game. It's the size of the full screen, which is 480x270. When I include the png the game boots but immediately freezes. I could definitely break it up into tiles and display it, but for my own information I want to know why the game can't run the full...
  10. JAG

    GMS 2 Prevent shadows from drawing in air

    Hi there Im making a game with a 3/4 perspective (or whatever you call the perspective super bomberman and LttP use). right now Im working on a floating island kind of thing, which the player can fall off. There is a shadow object being drawn under the player on its own layer; does anyone know...
  11. D

    I'm very bad drawing sprites, can someone give tips or something?

    Actually i'm good programming but i can't make a decent sprite PS: I use Aseprite PS²: I don't know how to make a color palette too PS³: Well, i made this sprite a long time ago but i don't know if can say something about my skills,unfortunally (or not, lol) i can't show more pics because i...
  12. K

    GML Fix Pixels Distortion??

    Well, Let's Contextualize... You are creating a game, when you see that the graphics are not like you want, because the option "Interpolate colors between pixels" are marked, So you dismarks, and now the game is like you painted, yep? No, some pixels are larger than other pixels, even if the...
  13. Erayd

    Android Graphical Blinking

    I'm using a blend technique to switch pallets of sprites to make them blink or any number of other things. It's worked great so far, but when I put the code on to an android device instead of just on windows, I'm getting a few graphical issues. On windows everything is perfect, but when I go to...
  14. C

    Windows Weird Screen Tearing With Nearest Neighbor Interpolation

    I've turned off the "Interpolate colors between pixels" in order to allow my game to look retro-esque when setting to full screen mode. I want to keep my pixel art sharp, but I've noticed weird artifacts. Any way to fix this issue? Is there a name for this? I've also checked "Use...
  15. jf_knight

    Legacy GM Perfomance metrics

    Is there any way I can display performance metrics (like the amount of MB of ram or VRAM, the current GPU temps, ect...) currently caused by / used by the application? I already know you can display the real and room fps, and that vague little multicolored bar...
  16. Furkan Karabudak

    Android Texture Pages ?

    Sorry for my bad English I am making Android game. Game is working perfectly on Windows. But objects , backgrounds etc. nothing seems on Android. Something similar to this had already happened before. I fixed the problem from texture pages. I selected 2048x2048 . But there is same problem again...
  17. Posh Indie

    Graphics Graphics Gale is now Freeware

    That's right! Anyone who needs a decent application for pixel art, Graphics Gale has become completely free as of this month. Grab it here: Happy pixeling!
  18. A

    Legacy GM [SOLVED]Game launches with black screen for some people

    Hi there, I recently submitted a game to an game jam and some people reported that they only got a black screen when launching the game. They would still hear sounds so it seem it's only the visuals that's the problem. I've tested this on five different PC's now (Windows 7 and Windows...
  19. S

    Android Landscape Orientation makes graphics worse

    Read title. My sprites on Portrait Orientation look fine but when I turn my android device sideways (Landscape) the size of my sprites looks the same size except they're more pixelated. Not sure what's causing it. My intended graphics are more of an HD look with smoother edges, least amount of...
  20. E

    Portfolio - Art 2D Artist Available for Hire

    Hello Everyone! My name is Emily, and I'm currently available for paid projects of any scale. I specialize in game graphics and illustrations, and I have more than 5 years of experience as a professional artist. Please feel free to contact me if you're interested in us working together...