1. NimNom1234

    Would I get sued if I used modified assets from zelda 2?

    I would like to modify some assets from zelda 2, as thats about all I can do with pixel art, but I was wondering if I would get into legal trouble. Most people I ask say I shouldn't risk it, but I've seen lots of pixel art based off of nintendo ip's, such as the main character from Axiom Verge...
  2. R

    Legacy GM Some help with scaling/sprite stretching

    Hi again everyone! I was wondering if anyone had any advice for how to 'scale' up a game's display (i.e make its port on a window/desktop bigger than the room itself) without the sprites stretching. I've tried doing it using views, using the window_set_size() function, and a couple of others...
  3. S

    Graphics Vector Images/SWF Editors

    Lately I've been working on a game that involves a lot of scaling, so I thought it would be better to use Vector sprites than Bitmap. So I downloaded Inkscape, thinking I could use it to make vector sprites for gamemaker. I made my sprites, only to find out game maker only supports .swf, and...
  4. M

    Invisible Tiles?

    Is there a way to make tiles invisible (ground tiles)? I saw reference to tile_set_alpha but it looks like that function no longer exists?
  5. G

    GMS 2 Any experience with capes/cloaks?

    I have wanted to create a cape/cloak that would be anchored to my character, and move with physics, as the character moves. My game already uses physics, but I can't seem to find any tutorial regarding creating a cloak in game maker. My question is if any of you guys have any experience with...
  6. P

    Graphics Problem, Low quality vector images

    Having a huge problem. Basically after creating artwork in adobe Illustrator and transferring it to gamemaker studio to use as my sprites, background, etc. it seems no matter what file format I use, when they are in gamemaker the quality drops. The edges are very square and not at all smooth and...
  7. mar_cuz

    Graphics How Can I Improve This Art

    Hi Guys, Currently making a sports game and trying to do the art myself. Just needing any advice on how I could improve this art and animation. Here are the images in normal size and scaled up. what do you guys think?
  8. P

    How to size tilesets in PhotoShop for GMS 2

    Hi, I'm fairly new to Gamemaker Studio 2, and I have been trying to make my own graphics instead of using other people's art. I was trying to make my own tilesets (paths and walls) but I could not get sprite with my tileset to fit in the tileset object. Everything would be slightly off. If...
  9. A

    game maker pixel art resolution

    in my project.... I want my graphics to use pixel art. but it doesn't look so good, sometimes the pixels don't even appear, and when i reduce the view size to zoom in ,it appears to be smudged. i use 32x32 sprite resolution and i remember this didn't used to happen in my previous game maker...
  10. S

    Windows Sprites tearing

    Hello, I have got problem with moving objects. Sprite is lagging or tearing... Look on this video: Do you see that? Or this is normal? In settings i checked "Use synchronization ..." I think I have this issue in Unity too. Maybe it is problem with hardware?! My Computer: Two Monitors Samsung...
  11. Brenden

    3D Projection of a cube

    My goal is to draw a 3D cube made out of primitives, for each face, and have the perspective of the cube to be off centered to look toward the top left corner a bit. The one problem is that I want the front face to be perfectly 1 to 1; That means that it should look as if you were to draw the...
  12. M

    Camera B

    Hey this is my first time using a Camera, and I have this long room which Im having the player fly through but everything seems to be blur including the player, fonts and backgrounds. Uploaded a photo with the camera settings. I turned off interpolate between pixels in settings, and I don't...
  13. C

    Best Quality Graphics.

    Hello All, I was wondering if anyone had some insight on their techniques to get high quality graphics into their game. Do most people use the in house editor? Photoshop? Spine? Thanks, Coleman
  14. D

    Legacy GM Tiles scaling glitch

    Hi everybody, i tried to add tiles to my game but i'm having a weird glitch: between some tiles there are some "transparent" gaps. From what i have understood this might be caused by the tiles not being scaled properly, but i can't figure out how to solve it. My view is 960 x 540 ported on a...
  15. M

    Graphics Terrain from Photoshop

    Preface - I'm new to this. Issue - I'm attempting to create terrain in Photoshop to use in my game (not pixel art). Quick example: When I pull it into my room it looks fine. When I play the game it looks decent until I move and this crazy ghosting effect starts to happen. I exported from...
  16. N

    Game Maker 8.1 blur and screen tear problems

    Hi, I use game maker 8.1 and I've just got a new ASUS 7770 2gb graphics card and my drivers are up to date but since the swap over the graphics have completely messed up. All the tiles are showing spaces between them and everything is bubbly and round instead of edged squares which I preffer...
  17. G

    Graphics how to make a good walk cycle?

    hi! i am almost finished with the animations for the player in my game. except one, the walking animation! i have tried for hours to make one that looks good, but i am still an amature at pixel art! if anybody can help me out that will be highly appreciated, i will credit you in the games credits.
  18. O

    Icons, Format Factory

    When you're testing or publishing your game it's nice to have your own high quality icon. I found a decent program called Format Factory 4.2.0 that allows me to take an image I made with the sprite editor and convert it to an icon file. *Edit I have used some free online converters on websites...
  19. trentallain

    GML [solved] Best way to do HD graphics (HUD)

    I currently have HUD sprites that are made for 4K (3840x2160) and I scale them depending on the screen size. So if the display was 1920x1080, the scale would be 0.5. These sprites are basically just 1 to 2 colour shapes and icons (not pixel art) that consist of lines and curves (such as...
  20. alexhinton

    Favorite Era of Console Graphics

    I really like the cruddy look of old ps1 3d games (the 2d games are beautiful). I also like the look of old school arcade games from the early 80s like Joust, Robotron, and Rampage. What about you guys?