1. V

    Is this Game Design possible with GameMaker?

    Hello, I´m new here and I am looking for a possibility to develop an easy hands on prototype for my game idea. It´s a football manager and as I have no experience in coding I thought visual scripting would be nice. The thing is, a football manager consist basically of interaction with UI...
  2. Antikore

    Graphics I want to make an 16-bit styled game but I have problems with aspect ratio

    Hello, I'm new here, I'm Antikore and English is not my main language so my text can contain some errors. I've used GameMaker Studio from years to now and I'm happy with it. However, I never completed a full game and I'm becoming more strict on details. My problem is that I want to make a...
  3. Tofu Heavy Industries

    Legacy GM Screen glitching and "Tearing" after resize

    My game is at 256x240 resolution, running in Windows 7 in a resizeable window. If I run the game and resize the window, (using the mouse) it will start to 'tear' and white almost polygonal flashes will appear on the screen as im moving my character. At one time, I was in a small room, and it...
  4. L

    Mac OSX how do i fix screen tearing

    Ok so pretty much everything in my whole game causes screen tearing really badly whenever it moves. Also, sometimes, certain pixels end up not being exactly square, and it makes everything look weird (idk if that's the same thing or not). I checked the box in settings that says "use...
  5. Crepe

    Free Snowman Ops [Pre-rendered Graphics/Experiment]

    I wanted to make an old skool low res hunting/shooting game, or at least a basic framework. I made a landscape in 3D, and then added the animated elf/santa guy on the snow mobile, which was admittedly quite tedious. Then, I had to do a lot of Photoshop work, followed by some PNG optimization...
  6. Dandysius

    Team Request [PAID] Looking for graphics artist!

    I'm offering up to 1500 USD (depending on quality) for creating "realistic looking" graphics for me. Your goal will be to create realistic looking environment with some extra sprites like trench and couple of props (like trees and ground patches etc.) Message me for more info! :) Soldiers will...
  7. S

    Smoother Graphics like The Minish Cap

    I am currently working on a game with an art style similar to The Legend Of Zelda: The Minish Cap. After creating player sprites in the same style, I noticed that in the actual game the graphics look less pixelated and much smoother. I have been looking around the Internet to find a filter or...
  8. R

     I do not know if it's worth continuing this game, Need advice.

    HIi everyone. i started making this game a year ago just for fun, the idea was to make a platform game that requires thinking to pass the levels, like a puzzle game. I am at a point where I find it a bit boring to keep making it, I need sincere opinions, if someone seems a good idea or can...
  9. P

    GMS 2 Redrawing Application Surface causes Lag upon Resizing Window

    The game I'm currently developing requires a camera system where the graphics never scale up, and resizing the window increases the amount of the room you can see instead of the size of the graphics [it's a top-down single-player puzzle game, justifying this sort of camera]. I have already made...
  10. L

    GMS 2 Roll animation continues during a collision if I'm moving

    So I'm following HeartBeast's youtube tutorial for the Hack n' Slash game in GMS2 and I've run into a problem with the roll animation. It works perfectly unless I start the roll outside of a collision and roll into something. If I hold down the right key it just loops the roll animation...
  11. P

    Legacy GM Vertex Buffers only drawing below the map [SOLVED]

    This is sort of a follow-up to another thread I posted. However, another issue popped up. Screenshots displayed at the link: The only things I can think of is that, somehow, I defined the "up"...
  12. yvodlyn

    Released Sokoban

    Hello everyone, I'm actually making a Sokoban game. The game will have simple graphics because I don't know how to draw. And, I use glow effects and neon effects to increase the beauty of my basic arts. Here some images about the games. let me know if these graphics are good. Thxt!
  13. C

    Graphics Reduce size of graphics file (SOLVED)

    Hi there, I am (as a GML beginner) building a 2D game with 40 1920x1080 static background pictures (mostly jpg, some png) and I like to reduce the volume burden these files will cause in the installation package. I am willing to lose some quality. But what option will serve my goal, using GMS2...
  14. V

    That's a lot of questions

    Hello everyone, I'm new at GMS, and i'm trying to make a 3D puzzle horror game based on I'M SCARED and DO NOT BELIEVE IN HIS LIES. i'm seeing that is really challenging, specially because its 3D and GMS its made specially for 2D games, so i have some questions and i think you guys can solve...
  15. IGameArt

    Portfolio - Art Logo artist with low rates

    Do you need a logo for your game or dev studio? With low rates and high quality, why not hire me? I can even design your mascot! My rates are as follows: 2D text based logos = 20$ 2D Logos with Frames = 35$ 3D rendered logos or 2D logos featuring non text symbols = 50$ Logos that require...
  16. Jorg Gjer

    Windows Paste transparent image

    Hi. If i have a transparent image and paste it into image editor , there is no more transparrent. Is there a way to paste transparent images , or load them with transparent? Is it possible at all ? Greeting
  17. T

    Design Animation Help.

    My character's animation for squating only once when I press (ord("S")). Why does it not do it all the time?
  18. Khao

    Design Frame-by-frame animation and alternate character colors

    Hey. So I'm making a multiplayer game with frame-by-frame animation. Characters are super simplistic, but with complex, detailed animations with a large amount of frames. Despite using simple characters, it's an HD game, with high-resolution sprites, basicaly, I want the game to feel like a...
  19. Wile94

    GMS 1.4 - Some questions for experienced GML programmers (Platformers)

    Hello, first of all I'm not an english native speaker so I apologize in advance if something doesn't make sense. Lately I'm being pretty much concerned about how to manage performance in GM because I'm making a pretty big fighting/action/roguelike platformer pixel art project: I'm still...
  20. Dandysius

    Team Request Need help with pixel graphics

    Hey guys, I'm currently working on a Android/iOS game that is 90% done. But it's just still missing some graphics to make it perfect. As it is an RPG game, I want the world in the game look more beautiful by adding some rocks and stuff like this. Maybe some new tilesets? More houses in towns...