1. P

    Mac OSX Getting ripples on screen when game runs

    Hi, Recently when testing my top down game I'm getting horizontal ripples across the screen when it's running. It can make the game quite hard to look at and wondering how I can stop it. Any help would be appreciated! Here's a link to video showing whats happening...
  2. Cartoon Nickname

    Graphics Sprite sizing thoughts.

    So, I'm still new to GMS 2. I've made a few sprites now and I'm having issues on deciding the sizing of them. You see, for the game idea I had, there's two groups of sprites. Adults and child. for adults I made the sprites in a 64x64 grid, for the kids, I did 32x32. Now its hard for me to...
  3. nesrocks

    Windows NES Assets Workshop (NAW). A graphics editor for windows made in GMS2.

    NAW is available in early access! The NES Assets Workshop tool aims to aid with the creation of graphical assets ready to use with NES development. It is meant for artists and technical artists, and it automatically imposes all NES limitations and gives you a WISIWYG workflow. The tool is 100%...
  4. gotad

    Shaders Simple shading shader help

    Hey guys! I've been trying to get my simple character shading shader working properly for my game, but I know nothing about building said shaders myself. Here's what I'm dealing with: varying vec2 v_vTexcoord; varying vec4 v_vColour; void main() { vec2 offset = vec2(0.005,0.0); vec3...
  5. Dreary

    GMS 2.3+ 3D Effect for RPG Battles

    I'm wanting to create something similar to the effects found in Small Saga, where the backgrounds seem to be dynamically drawing to a horizon line or something. You can see the effects in their trailer below. I'm especially curious how to achieve the look of their battle system. Any...
  6. A

    SOLVED Instances not showing up in my game

    I recently began a new gms2 project. I did the beginning stuff (made basic sprites, a player object, etc.) but when I went to run the game, nothing showed up. I made a game object to draw a gui and that worked fine (and removing that didn't fix anything), but the player doesn't appear. Using...
  7. M

    generate new graphics from photo's

    Hi I was making my projects and I came up against the same problem over and over, the problem was I did not have new art and graphics, so I made an app to create graphics from photo's because photo's are limitless. I made the app free for all versions of windows. I hope I can post the link here...
  8. jf_knight

    GMS 2.3+ Any way to turn synchronization and interpolation on/off in game?

    I know they can be switched on and off in GM2 in the Game Options - Windows -> Graphics settings, but are there ways to toggle synchronization and interpolation on and off (with GML) while a game is running?
  9. jobjorgos

    GMS 2.3+ Will graphics be pixel perfect scaled, if an image gets scaled DOWN by an integer?

    I know that scaling graphics up in a game should always be done by multiplying it with an integer number such as 2 and not a number such as 1.43 or 2.5 to keep the quality. But now I wonder, how does this work when scaling graphics DOWN by an integer? I have a 1920x1080 room background that I...
  10. N

    Graphics Vector Graphics for GMS 2

    Hello. I’m making a video game that’s near completion in terms of programming. It’s a 2D side scroller. My grandma is a graphic designer and says she’ll make the graphics for free. The thing is, she would prefer the game have Vectors instead of the more conventional Pixel graphics. She’s...
  11. N

    Asset - Project Lucid Engine - Pseudo 3D for GMS2

    Asset Store Link Overview Lucid is for making 3d worlds using 2d art in GMS2. The project includes a variety of scripts intended to simplify the development experience and hide away the rendering logic, so that devs can focus...
  12. VincentHellberg

    Graphics does not show up in safari using HTML5 export

    Hello everyone! I have this strange issue where my graphics does not show up i Safari. Works great on every other browser. Just not safari. Tried googling to see if this was a common issue but couldn't find anything :S You can still interact with the game. But the graphics are entirely blue...
  13. C

    Graphics Inquiry about Sprites

    Hello! I've just recently got into learning game development and part of that is acquainting myself with the lingo. So along the way, I came across the term "sprite(s)" and I have some questions about it. Is the term "sprite" the industry standard used when referring to the visual...
  14. D

    DrawGUI in relation to object coordinates with rotating camera

    Basically I want to draw a line from a GUI element to an objects position in the room. I adapted the following from an old forum topic [solved-translate-gui-to-game-view-coordinates.27101]. The object in the room updates its GUI translated coordinates each step: //get camera position...
  15. zendraw

    Graphics Graphics size and scaling

    i have a problem im not sure how to handle, i want to make a more hi res sprites for a game butif i scale them down thru view port theyr quality gets destroyed. basicly its 8x8 plane where each tile i want to make 256x256 so it ends up 2048x2048, yeah but when i squeeze that in a view quality...
  16. FoxyOfJungle

    Graphics Pixel-Art: In your opinion are they good?

    Hello, I have a problem. My friend and I are making a platform game about business for Android and Windows, a game where you need to build a wild mall (all 2d). I am the programmer who makes all the logic of the game, and my friend makes the art of the game, I told him that he can do it any way...
  17. I

    Windows Prevent layer from updating until: "x"

    So I read the guidelines and it said I could ask for help getting the most out of this product but I'm new here and this is my first post, so, I'm hoping it's in the right place. Here goes: in a game I used to play on the gamecube abbreviated as: "SAB2" the main protagonist in it created a blue...
  18. Joe Ellis

    GM Community DLL Collection/Discussion

    Hi everyone, I've started this thread as a way for people to share and discuss dll's they've made with everyone. I started the thread a couple of weeks ago to share my anisotropic filtering and external texture loader dll, but I've changed the title as I wanted it to be a more general thread...
  19. mar_cuz

    Design What Games Use This Projection

    Hi guys, What other games use this type of projection? I know earthbound, divine divinity and even the cool looking sock sock goes pop pop on this forum use this angle. Also, some platformers also use this style though I am looking for top down rpg style games that use it. Thanks
  20. 1up Indie

    Graphics A quick overview what shaders are - No coding!

    GM Version: GMS2 Target Platform: All Summary: This video tutorial shows you very illustrative what shaders are in gamemaker studio. It covers only the vertex and fragment/pixel -shader because these are the ones that can be accessed in gamemaker studio. There is only one decend youtube channel...