1. ReikonMage

    GMS 2.3+ Font Size Troubles

    Hey, So I'm working on an RPG that has a base resolution of [4:3] (right now it's 220:198 because I'm still playing around with it). I decided to make the font myself. I created a strip image in Aseprite with each letter being an 8x8 tile. I did this because I wanted to make special characters...
  2. D

    Windows Image Quality in the Workspace 1 Tab

    All windows are adequately displayed, taking the desired extension. And one is not. Please tell me why and how to fix it?
  3. VincentHellberg

    HTML5 Graphics does not show up in safari using HTML5 export

    Hello everyone! I have this strange issue where my graphics does not show up i Safari. Works great on every other browser. Just not safari. Tried googling to see if this was a common issue but couldn't find anything :S You can still interact with the game. But the graphics are entirely blue...
  4. Hypotakt

    Legacy GM Game graphic is suddenly weird and wrong displayed?

    Hey guys, I changed some stuff ( a bit of code, loaded some sprites and created a few objects ) and from the sudden my game looks very weird now when I run it. Most of the sprites look a bit offsetted and my character menu, which is drawn by surface, is now cutted off (but the surface size is...
  5. J

    Design Unsure how to create a "Circular" background, if possible

    This might be tough to explain, but here it goes! I have a 2D game I'm working on, and I want to have rooms that let the character pan across the room, just simple use of the cameras. However, I'm designing the backgrounds in Blender as 3D models, and rendering them as an image which is then...
  6. Zakarum

    Bad vector render

    Hi gamemakers, I created some logos with Illustrator, exported in .swf and mported as sprites into GMS2. I read more than a time, that vector is adaptive to the screen resolution (so easily to handle and manage), but the vector one looks bad respect the rasterized one. Why I get this (vector...
  7. M

    Job Offer - Artist Graphic Designer for RTS Game

    Hello, I have a big request I need fulfilling. Essentially, I have no artistic skills, and I need to make several pieces of art for my rts strategy game. Some items that I need draw are: -sprites based of the NATO army symbols and animations for them -a drawn map of western and central Europe...
  8. lukbebalduke

    Question - IDE Interpolate colors between pixels - Change color

    Hey there! So, I have a question: I can remember older versions of game maker where it was possible to change the color used by the option "interpolate colors between pixels". I can see that by default the color is black, but how can I change it?

    Job Offer - Artist [Hiring] Sprite, Animation, Tiles, Menus, and Backdrop work

    I'm looking to hire a 2D sprite artist for a sci-fi platformer I'm working on. It will be for html5 browser game. It will be alot of robots, sci-fi, dark, and ghost themed. Must be great at animation, and affordable. A lot of work available! Please share animations, sample work, and...
  10. T

    Drawing out of bounds

    Hello everyone! I have such issue. I have black bars for screen resolution that don't match with my resolution. But drawing stuff for some reason sometimes can be drawned in this bars but it shouldn't be. I use shaders on full screen and turn off deawing of application suface. Instead of this I...
  11. zendraw

    HTML5 Bizzare graphical artefacts

    Hi, so im experiencing some very strange resaults when running a game on HTML5. this is the strange thing the bottom yellow buttons can be pressed and dragged, and when i drag it, the black triangle and line deform as if they are in a 3d space if you knwo what i mean. this doesnt happen on a...
  12. D

    Legacy GM Automatic Tiles and Scaling

    Hi everybody, I managed to get my tiles set automatically at the start of the game. The problem is that i had to "cut" them in a sprite and then make an object that decides wich tile is the correct one, and by doing so i "lost" my tile's clamping, so now i have again some annoying lines between...
  13. T

    Reflection in Game Maker 2

    Hello guys! Can someone help with the question. How can I make a reflection in the Game Maker 2, as in the picture? Reflection of everything, except that the main character is on one side of reflection and the enemy is on the other?
  14. S

    Legacy GM Side Scrolling Surfaces.

    Hi! So lately I've been working on a (I think) cool game that's like a Metroid fan game. It's been a great learning experience for me as I've figured out all kinds of stuff about how to make a stable platformer, aiming guns, using particles, and drawing sprites at different angles in order to...
  15. T

    Optimization for render

    Hello again! And again the question of optimization :) Can you tell me what methods for optimizing rendering in graphics there is in Game Maker 2? I found this video , but here is a rather high cost for CPU method. In this example all objects are listed manually. Can there be others?
  16. U

    I have a problem with graphic (GMS2)

    Use latest version GMS2 About a week i'm trying to understand how gamemaker works with sprite graphic. What i want. I want that gamemaker "leave my graphic alone". Dont scale or stretch it. If i draw image 4x4 pixels let it be 4x4 forever. In all resolutions. In all monitors. How can I do it...
  17. mikix

    Beta Miki's Resource Shop

    I am making a resource shop with my own creative ideas and art. Story planning with 50 pages and art to go along with it is the planned package you can get for a sum of money invested in my work. Or you can pay individually. I am currently doing an IndieGoGo campaign until I start my own...
  18. U

    GMS 2 A few questions about graphics

    Could you explain me some questions about graphics and animation? Thank you in advance. 1) In my project i use the following settings - all rooms 1366 x 786 (like my monitor resolution). - all images - raster. - Windows->Graphics. I checked Start Fullscreen, Allow Fullscreen Swiching...
  19. U

    GMS 2 What is the problem with the image (compress)?

    I add image (1366x768 .png 547 kbytes) to my game. But when i start my game, this image has low quality. Strips become squares - like this image was compressed (see GMS2 (game)). Image look good in windows explorer and in GMS2 editor (see PNG or JPG), but in game it look like compressed. What...
  20. Nikky Oryzano

    Portfolio - Art Hi, I'am a 2D Graphic Design Artist (Cartoon) for hire ($14/hour)

    Hi, My name is Nikky. I'm a 31 year old 2D graphic designer (vector) with years of experience, available full time for freelance work. I also had experience on making my own games for 2 years. I can do characters, items, animations, backgrounds, re-skinning, UI design, game cover, icons, logos...